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These 16th birthday party games help to celebrate this milestone in a big way!

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Dream Car

Sweet 16 Birthday GiftsMost teens look forward to their 16th birthday because it often comes with driving privileges as I mentioned in sweet 16 birthday gifts. Whether your teen will soon tout a license or not, there's no doubt that he or she has been dreaming of that first car. This choice of 16th birthday party games will have a little fun with what that dream car might be!

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Before the party, make a list of vehicles options. Try not to let the birthday boy or girl in on the details! Include a few funny choices. For example:

  • Make of car: Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Mack Truck, Tonka
  • Type of car: 2-door, 4-door, truck, school bus, garbage truck, tractor
  • Color: red, blue, green, polka dot, stripes, rust
  • Sound System: CDs, cassettes, 8 tracks (you might have to explain what that is)
  • Windows: automatic, manual, broken, missing, clear plastic

Once you've completed several lists, cut out each choice and put it in a hat or small box. Keep each category separate (you won't want to mix the color choices with the different makes, for example).

Next, print or make a fill-in sheet for each party guest that includes every category heading ("make of car") and a blank line after each one. If you just used the categories listed in the example above, you'd have five items in your list with five corresponding blanks. Pass these papers out at the party when you're ready to start the game.

To play, party guests take turns drawing a slip of paper from each category, writing the word(s) on the blank before returning it to the pile. Once every line has been filled in, the fun begins!

Go around the room and have guests read the characteristics of this would-be dream car. Is it a green 2-door Tonka truck with a CD player and no windows? Or perhaps a rusty Ford school bus with an 8 track player and broken windows? The results are sure to be hilarious! Just for kicks, have the birthday boy or girl choose the winning combination. If you want 16th birthday party games that will get guests involved and laughing, you can't beat this one!

Name that Slogan

Kids are constantly barraged with media advertisements, from radio, television, online, and print sources. Have fun with some of this over-exposure with this idea for 16th birthday party games about cars!

You might want to get your friends or family involved in the organization. The goal is to collect a few lines from advertisements of various types – both new and old. Here are a few examples of slogans:

  • Ford: Drive One; Have You Driven a Ford Lately?
  • Chevy: An American Revolution; Like a Rock
  • Subaru: The Beauty of All Wheel Drive
  • Nissan: Shift
  • Kia: The Power to Surprise
  • Dodge: Grab Life by the Horns

Compile the list, then print two copies. Keep one for yourself as an answer key and cut the second set of slogans into strips, leaving the answers off. Put them into a hat or box and have guests pass it around and randomly draw a slogan. Have everyone take turns reading the slogans out loud and watch the fun begin as they try to remember or guess the manufacturer behind each one. The guest who answers the most correctly wins.

One Big Surprise

If your teen happens to be the recipient of his or her own car for their 16th birthday, this choice of teenage birthday party games will be an unforgettable one.

If you live in a neighborhood that allows street parking or in a building near a parking garage, move the party outside and provide guests with the license plate number of the new car and absolutely no other identifying details. Make sure that you've parked it randomly; needless to say, your own driveway won't prove to be much of a challenge. Make sure the teens know to stay off of private property, then send them off as groups or individuals to find the biggest birthday gift of all: the new car!

Choosing 16th birthday party games for teens becomes much easier when there's something exciting in store for them. Help make it a day they'll never forget with some of these fun party games!



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