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Looking for 1st birthday party ideas? For a unique, yet traditional spin on your child's first birthday, you can't beat a Noah's Ark party! When it's time to celebrate your baby's first year, try some of these 1st birthday party ideas and first birthday party game ideas.

Before we start boarding the Ark, here are the coolest Noah's Ark party packs and animal party supply items:

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Noah's Ark Party Invitations

These unique Noah's Ark party invitation ideas will be irresistible to guests!

  • Cut out or draw a few animal pairs and attach to the front of a card. On the outside, write "The animals came in twos." On the inside, put a picture of the birthday boy and add the caption "but there's only one of me! Beat the flood and join us for a first birthday bash!" Invite guests to help you celebrate by adding date, time, and location of party.
  • cuddly lion costumeFor a darling keepsake invitation, print or copy a color drawing of an ark. Arrange four pictures of the birthday kid on the front, against the body of the ship. Photos of the baby as a newborn and at three, six, and nine months of age are perfect! Arrange it all on cardstock, and then open the card and add a recent picture of the big birthday kid wearing a party hat. Write "Watch me grow! Bring the whole herd over to celebrate 365 days and 365 nights of sunshine!" Add party details.
  • Take a picture of your baby in a cuddly lion costume to put on the front of the invitation. Inside, write "We'll have a roaring good time! (Name) is turning one, and we hope you'll be part of the fun!" Follow up with date, time, and location.

Don't forget to check following cute first birthday party invitations:

Noah's Ark 1st Invitations

Noah's Ark 1st Invitations
Price: $ 0.99

Noah's Ark 1st Invitations

Whimsical Ark Invitation
Price: $4.99

Baby Animals 1st Birthday Boy

Baby Animals 1st Birthday
Price: $ 0.99

Safari Animals : Nutmeg

Safari Animals
Price: $0.99

You will also love these first birthday party invitations with lots of monkey!

Noah's Ark Birthday Party Decorations

Delight guests as they arrive at your Noah's Ark birthday party with these fun 1st birthday party ideas. Draw a bevy of animal footprints leading them right to the door. Add whimsy to the usual bear claws and lion paws by including something offbeat, such as large chicken footprints.

Once inside, arrange a large ark as the focal point of one wall.

Use several sheets of poster board or craft paper to assemble an impressive boat. Draw in details, such as plank board sides and windows, with a marker. Ask guests to bring photos of themselves as children or baby pictures of their own children. Give each picture a place of honor on the ark, placing them randomly in pairs. This will be a wonderful conversation piece as everyone tries to figure out which picture belongs to whom. Be sure to take a picture of the whole composite before guests leave with their pictures!

Bring Noah's Ark 1st birthday party ideas to life with a living sky. Even small children love balloons, but they are not safe for the younger partygoers. Hang them close to the ceiling, out of the reach of tiny hands. Bunches of white balloons will look like puffy, white clouds. Groups of blue balloons create a bright blue sky. And, of course, a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue will be the perfect addition to your Noah's Ark party!

Your baby is sure to have a lot of stuffed animals plush toys, so invite those familiar friends to his birthday party! Set them around the room in small groups. Leave any favorites that he is unlikely to want to share well hidden to avoid a meltdown when another guest wants to take a turn. One of the best 1st birthday party ideas is to have plenty of toys for small guests to enjoy and share.

Set out a balloon signature plate for guest to sign. You can later bake this plate to create a permanent keepsake of your child's first big day.

Invite the king of the jungle to watch over the party! The Lion Jumbo Mylar Balloon is a whimsical addition to the party. He's far too cute to be ferocious! Tie him so that he floats over the table – you'll love the pictures of the birthday kid gazing up at this unfamiliar guest!

For the table, start with the Noah's Ark 1st Birthday Classic Pack. (The deluxe Pack for 16 is also available). The set comes with table settings for each guest, along with streamers, balloons, cone birthday hats, and a centerpiece. If you're expecting a crowd, additional supplies are available.

Also check out the following Noah's Ark first birthday decoration:

Noah's Ark 1st Birthday Centerpiece

Noah's Ark Centerpiece
Price: $2.49

Noah's Ark Standee

Noah's Ark Standee
Price: $45.99

Jungle Animal Wall Decorations

Jungle Animal Decorations
Price: $15.99

Whimsical Ark Centerpiece

Noah's Ark Centerpiece
Price: $6.99

Whimsical Ark Tablecover

Whimsical Ark Tablecover
Price: $5.99

Noah's Ark Birthday Costume

Dress like an animal and make it gggggrrrreat! Kids love to play dress up and a Noah's Ark party is the perfect way to let them to just that.

Let the kids and the parents know ahead of time that it is a Noah's Ark party and therefore very focused on animals. Then be sure to tell them that they can come dressed as any animal that they want. You can have fun supplies on hand to accentuate their costumes such as bunny ears, stripes that they can put on, animal print items, or even actual animal outfits. As long as they come with the basis, you can help them to dress it up in a simple but super fun way!

Costumes don't have to be elaborate as it is a first birthday party, but focusing on animals is a great way to get everybody dressing up and in on the act.

Noah's Ark Icebreaker Activities

Noah's Ark icebreaker activities can really help to make your party special. This works as the perfect 1st birthday party ideas because it's all centered on animals and kids love them. So once you have selected this perfect theme and created an amazing ambiance with all the decorations, it's time to create some fun activities for kids of all ages.

Create Your Own Ark Animal

Noah's Ark icebreaker activities are all about the animals and this is the perfect way to bring in kids of all ages at your party. Have a craft table set up with all sorts of animals that you cut out beforehand. Be sure that there are plenty of animals to choose from like elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, and all sizes and types. Then set up various items to decorate them with such as glitter, markers, feathers, and anything else you can think of. It's simple enough that most kids can handle or ask for an adult's help, and yet each kid will get to create their own Noah's Ark animal.

Ride on Noah's Ark

What kid doesn't love to have some 1st birthday party ideas that is both interactive and fun? One of the best Noah's Ark icebreaker activities involves the party guests reenacting the ark with all of the animals firsthand. You set up a big "boat" before the party - this can be something as simple as a big cardboard cutout of a boat in the backyard or a makeshift boat made out of something like the couch. It's just important to use your imagination and be sure that it feels like all guests are climbing aboard this big boat. Then have every type of animal you can imagine - this is easy to make up with stuffed animals, cardboard cutouts, and even big stickers. Have every guest or kid pick an animal that they can sit by and then they get to ride Noah's Ark together!

You Are an Animal

Every kid or guest that arrives at the party gets to be a particular animal. Since this is a first birthday party it may just be that they get to wear a nametag with their animal featured on it. If however there are older kids or guests, you can turn it into a guessing game whereby you give clues about what type of animal you are and guests take turns at trying to figure it out. Either way you go, this is one of the most fun 1st birthday party ideas because everybody gets to be an animal and play a part in the party. Make sure that you create fun name tags featuring each animal and any fun accessories that could go along with it.

Noah's Ark Party Foods

When it comes to food, 1st birthday party ideas may lean more toward the grownups. Babies and toddlers tend to be more limited in what they can eat, but with a little bit of creative thinking, you can still devise a menu that they can be a part of.

Drinks – When you're serving drinks to the sippy-cup crowd, familiarity is often better than creativity. Consider familiar standbys such as apple juice, white grape juice, or water. Light colors are less likely to stain party clothes – or your carpets!

Food – Try some of these fun snack ideas for toddlers that the adults will love, too!

  • Animal crackers – the timeless favorite fits right in with the Noah's Ark party!
  • Fruit tray – Soft fruits, such as strawberries or melons, are perfect for small children. Their parents will love them because they are healthy and delicious - even to grownups!
  • Cheerios – Healthy and safe for young babies, this is the perfect zoo "snack food" for your party animals!
  • Cheeses – Another healthy option, cheeses are childhood favorites. Use a cookie cutter to cut animal shapes from cheese slices. Shred the castoff pieces and use them to top small, soft crackers such as Ritz.
Noah's Ark Party Cake

Noah Ark 1st Birthday CakeCupcakes are great 1st birthday party ideas. For an easy match to your Noah's Ark theme, ice each one and pipe a rainbow on top, or create a rainbow by arranging colored candies, such as Skittles, on the icing.

To celebrate baby's first birthday, bake a sheet cake and cut the number "1" out. Cover with icing and write your child's name and birth date on it. Use the part that you cut off to create a smash cake for the birthday kid. You should have enough cake left over to make a miniature version of the larger cake.

Bake a sheet cake or a layered round cake and decorate with green grass. Then simply add Jungle Animal cake toppers to the top for an easy variation to the Noah's Ark party theme.

Noah's Ark Party Favors

Your young guests may be overwhelmed by a traditional favor box, so consider giving each one a safari animal bean bags. Safe for all ages, these little guys are sure to help them remember this big day!

I also recommend these 1st birthday gift ideas and Noah's Ark party favors:

Farm Animals Favor Set

Farm Animals Favor Set
Price: $5.59

Jungle Animal Favor Box

Jungle Animal Favor Box
Price: $1.59

Noah's Ark Birthday Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the 1st birthday party ideas and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here are some great pinatas that fit for a Noah's Ark party:

Horse 20 Pinata

Horse 20" Pinata
Price: $17.99

Giraffe 21 Pull-String Pinata

Giraffe 21" Pull-String Pinata
Price: $17.99

Noah's Ark Birthday Thank You Notes

Take pictures of each guest with a 1st birthday camera. Once developed, one of six first birthday sayings appears on the photo. Include a picture with thank you notes for a wonderful way to commemorate this milestone in your baby's life. Your show of gratitude is sure to be treasured by friends and loved ones.

Don't forget to check these Noah's ark thank you notes:

Whimsical Ark Thank You Notes

Whimsical Ark Thank You Notes
Price: $4.99

Animal Jungle Thank You Notes

Animal Thank You Notes
Price: $0.99



Coolest Animal 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Animal Parties Collection


There's no getting around it. At any animal parties that you plan to host, everyone there should expect a roaring good time, with lots of energy, playing, and of course, noise!

It's the natural thing that happens in out in the wild, and whether you are planning a jungle birthday party theme, a Disney Jungle Book groove party, or a zoo party, a fantastic time can be had by all with the right décor, the right games, and of course, the best 1st birthday party ideas for putting on an animal theme without a hitch. Read more about our coolest animal birthday party ideas!




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