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A 3 year old birthday party with Toy Story theme is a very special one indeed! Though much attention is paid to the first two years of a child’s life, when they turn three something magical happens. All of a sudden they start to just get it, they start to really understand what birthdays and celebrations are all about. Therefore you want to make this a really big one and be sure to include all of their favorite things.

This is also the year that you are likely to start inviting friends and family alike. So to pull this off, get a bit of input from your three year old on the things that they love. They are more than willing to share this with you and then you can create the party of their dreams.

Before we start boarding 3 year old birthday party, here are the coolest Toy Story party packs and party supply items:

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Toy Story Party Invitation

Since you are going to focus this very special 3 year old birthday party around all of their favorite things, you want to go with a theme of sorts. You can pick something such as Toy Story as that’s a favorite amongst this age group. You can make your little star the center of the party and send out invitations in that manner. There are many different things you can do to make this special from the start, and the invitations are a big part of that.

  • If you go with a popular theme like Toy Story then you are sure to find plenty of great invitation options. Try for one that keeps with the Toy Story theme such as this: Toy Story 3 Invitations . What’s so great about this is that kids get excited as soon as they open the envelope and that excitement carries through until the party itself!
  • You can center it around the artwork that your 3 year old inevitably makes for you. Have them create some of their masterpieces and then use this as the background for the invitation itself. Glue it to a harder back piece of paper and then put all of the party details on there to make it very sentimental and all about your child.
  • You can also use a favorite picture of your little one as the centerpiece of the invitation itself. Take a favorite picture and then print it off on a hard back piece of paper where you can input all of the party details. Guests will love to get a cute picture of the guest of honor and it works so perfectly for an invitation.

Don't forget to check the following 3 year old birthday party invitation cards:

Toy Story 3 Invitations

Toy Story 3 Invitations(8)
Price: $ 3.59

Toy Story 3 Invitations

Toy Story 3 Invitations
Price: $3.59

Toy Story Party Foods

When it comes to food for a 3 year old birthday party, you want to opt for your child’s favorites. This is truly the first birthday where you can celebrate them so be sure to make the party all about them, down to every last detail. The food should be full of favorites and yet inviting to the guests as well. Have a nice balance of foods that are indulgent (as that’s sure to be what they pick) and foods that are somewhat nutritious as well. If you go for a theme such as Toy Story, then it takes some of the guesswork out of it.

  • Try going for a Toy Story themed meal such as Mr. Potato Head baked potatoes. This was a favorite character from the movie and it will work well as a feast for your kids. Each child gets their very own baked potato and then you set up a baked potato bar. You put out all the toppings that you can possibly imagine including ham, turkey, broccoli, several different types of cheeses, sour cream, tomatoes, chives, and anything else that the kids might like.
  • Tacos are always a hit with the three year old crowd! This is easy to pull off and likely to be one of the favorite meals of your little toddler. You can set this up as a taco bar with hard and soft shell tortillas, ground meat, chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, olives, and salsa. They make their own tacos which will be just as much fun as eating them!
  • An ice cream bar meets the needs of any three year old! There is not a 3 year old out there that doesn’t love ice cream so if you want the perfect food for this party, go for a sweet treat such as this. Put out favorite kinds of ice cream such as vanilla, chocolate, and superman. Then put out hot fudge, caramel sauce, strawberries, marshmallow, chopped nuts, and of course cherry. Yum!

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

The decorations are another key part of a 3 year old birthday party. If you are going with a specific theme then you want to use that to guide you in decorating your home or party venue. If you aren’t, then let your 3 year old birthday party be the star of this show. You can either feature some of their favorite things, items that they have created, or just nice reminders of the wonderful kids they are!

  • If you are in fact going for a Toy Story theme, then you want the decorations to really make the party special. Go for something unique and personalized such as Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner because this will help you to drive home the theme, get a perfect decoration, and feature the guest of honor in a special and personal way. The kids will love it and you will really win out by marrying the theme with the special kid!
  • Put out pictures of your three year old through the years as the decorations. Since this is a special 3 year old birthday party you can put a bunch of pictures in frames and use that as the decorations. Cut out pictures in special shapes, put them in different size and shape frames, and even create a cute poster board of your child from birth to present day. Since they are in fact the star of the show, this is a fun and sentimental decoration that works just great!
  • Put out special items that your little one has created through the years. You can take out artwork, special projects, and sentimental items such as favorite pieces of clothing or toys. Use these fun little things to decorate your space and celebrate your little one. This will tell everyone from the start that you are celebrating something and someone special and it will really help to personalize the space featuring everything about them.

Checkout the following 3 year old birthday party decorating kits :

Toy Trucks - Hello Little One For Tiny Prints

Toy Story 3 Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $ 14.99

Toy Cars - Migi

Toy Story Edible Icing Decorations Pkg/12
Price: $2.49

Toy Story 3 Balloon Bouquet

Toy Story 3 Balloon

Price: $15.99

Toy Story 3 Sticker Sheets

Toy Story 3 Sticker

Price: $ 1.99

Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner Large

Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner Large
Price: $2.49

Toy Story Gang 18

Toy Story Gang 18” Foil Balloon”
Price: $2.99

Toy Story Toddler Costumes

If you are going for a Toy Story theme then the costume is very easy. Have the kids dress up as their favorite character and then you will have a fun little collection at the party. They can opt to dress as Barbie or Ken in fancy clothes with lots of glitter, as Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head in all brown with cute little features, or as Buzz Lightyear or Woody.

You can even get in on the act by putting on your own costume as an adult. You can either dress up in a costume yourself or hire somebody to come in as Buzz Lightyear or Woody. This is a surefire hit because the kids will feel like their favorite characters came to life! It’s easy enough to put on that white space suit with green and purple accents for a Buzz costume, or just simply dress up as a cowboy for the Woody look!

If you aren’t going with a theme then have the guests dress up in your little one’s favorite colors. You can ask guests to come dressed up in purple, pink, red, blue, or whatever your child happens to love for a special touch!

Don't forget to check the following Toy Story costume for toddlers:

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Infant Costume

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Infant Costume
Price: $ 21.99

Toy Story - Woody Infant Costume

Toy Story - Woody Infant Costume
Price: $21.99

Toy Story - Alien Classic Toddler/Child Costume

Toy Story - Alien Classic Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $ 26.99

Toy Story Bo Peep Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume

Toy Story Bo Peep Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $44.99

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Classic Toddler/Child Costume

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Classic Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $ 24.99

Toy Story Birthday Party Favors

The party favors are such a fun part of any celebration, and the nice part is you don’t have to go overboard to make them special. A theme makes it easier certainly but you can go for something that the three year old crowd is bound to love. Consider a few simple but effective ideas such as:

  • Send each little one home with a specially decorated cupcake. When it comes to three year olds, they love their sweet treats and this ranks top of their list. You can either send it home in a box or just wrapped up special. Put a little tag on it that says ”Thanks for coming to Faith’s 3rd birthday party!“. The kids will love to eat it when they get home and remember what a special party it was.
  • If you are going with a Toy Story theme, then by all means use some of the best party favors that you can find. You could go for something like this Buzz Lightyear Funtime Tumbler and it serves as being both functional and cool. Each and every time that the child drinks out of their tumbler, they will remember the party and get all excited to have their own little Buzz Lightyear.
  • You can go for something cute like a picture frame, but add a special twist. Get a picture of each little guest at the party and then quickly print it off or go for a Polaroid. Then they get to take the frame home with their very own picture. Personalize the frame with each guest’s name and then watch how excited they get to take it home! Three year olds are at a very special point in their life and if you can celebrate this fun stage, they will love the party and so will you!

Checkout the following 3 year old birthday party favors:

Toy Story 3 Party Favor Box

Toy Story 3 Party Favor Box
Price: $ 4.99

Toy Story 3 Empty Favor Boxes (4)

3 Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $4.99

Classic Toys Favor Set

Classic Toys Favor Set
Price: $ 5.69

Toy Story 3 Favor Set

Toy Story 3 Favor Set
Price: $ 5.29



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