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30th Birthday Party Ideas and Photos submitted by:
Leah Juarez from Albuquerque, NM


My husband was turning 30, and we had never had a party for him.

He is a Computer programmer, so that gave me the idea of throwing him a party with a theme...A Nerd Party!

Nerd Birthday Party Invitation

The 30th birthday party invitations were computer themed of course, and I decided it was going to be a costume party, and whomever was voted as having the best, "Nerd Attire" received a $20 gift card.(Only catch was that it was a gift card to staples!)

30th Birthday Party Invitation

Nerd Party Decorations

The table tops were covered in personalized pencils saying "Happy 30th Rey" and Nerd glasses, with tape around the nose and all!

30th Birthday Party Table


Happy 30th Table Setting

I made a large collage poster with photos of my husband of the past 30 years, using cork board, paper clips, index cards, computer keys, and other office type items.

Nerd Birthday Party Ideas For Foods

The menu consisted of sandwiches, chips and queso, snack trays filled with - veggies, cheese, crackers - Ect.

30th Birthday Food

I bought an old keyboard at the thrift store and took all of the keys of it, in order to use them for the snack trays. I glued on computer keys to the corners of the snack trays and I made cheese picks with toothpicks and the keys again.

Here it is...

Snack Tray Made From Keyboard

I also had clipboards with looseleaf paper so everyone could write Rey a message for his birthday.

Nerd Birthday Party Games

We also played a few birthday party games.

One of the 30th birthday party theme ideas was, who could make the longest paper clip chain in a minute. I also got some highlighters, transparent tape, and white out from the dollar store, and we played Highlighter and tape spinning, where whomever wrapped the whole thing of tape around the highlighter first was the winner! The whiteout was for whomever covered the black piece of paper first was the winner.

We also had Trivia.

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

And of course with games...you need prizes!

We had everything from, pocket protectors, to staplers, dictionary's, crossword books, and Rubik's cubes to give away!

30th Birthday Game Prize

It was a blast and people are still talking about it...and The photos and the memories are hilarious!!

Just look at the "Little Engineer" blowing away the candles...

30th Birthday Party Cake

Nerd Birthday Party Supplies

You don't have to browse forever the best deal on nerd party, these adult birthday supplies cover pretty much everything you need:

Your 30th Birthday Party Ideas

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