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Who says 40 isn't fabulous? You'll look forward to this milestone event when these 40th birthday party games are part of the guest list!

Guess the Decade

Look back over four great decades with this choice of adult birthday party games that is completely personalized for the guest of honor! This game is sure to bring on laughter and camaraderie, and it couldn't be easier to play.

Before the party, make a list of a few dozen trends and fads from each decade of the celebrant's life. Here are a few examples:

  • 2000s: Reality TV, Atkins, Big Mouth Billy Bass, Thongs
  • 1990s: Cell Phones, Spandex, Trapper Keepers, Spuds MacKenzie
  • 1980s: Leg Warmers, Big Hair, Atari, Jelly Shoes
  • 1970s: Pop Rocks, Lava Lamps, Mood Rings, Pet Rocks
  • 1960s: Woodstock, the Twist, Barbie, Afros, Hip Huggers

Keep a master list and make a second copy to cut up. Drop the individual slips into a box, making sure that the dates are not included.

Famous CouplesTo play, pass the box around to guests. One at a time, each guest will draw a fad out of the box. The job of the rest of the group is to guess the correct decade. Divide players up into teams or play quiz-style where each guest writes down his or her answer and the player with the most correct at the end of the game wins.

Here is the printable version of Famous Couples.

The Celebrity Age Game

Celebrities rarely look their age, and that makes this one of the most entertaining 40th birthday party games you'll ever play! All you need is internet access and a printer or a celebrity scoop magazine to get started.

To set up, print or cut out several photos of celebrities, politicians, or other famous faces. You want some who are older than the birthday celebrant, some younger, and a whole lot who are near the same age – or at least look to be! Write the name of each person on the photo. On a separate piece of paper, write down the name, age, and birth date of each celebrity but keep this information to yourself.

To play the game, gather the guests in a group and hold up the pictures one by one. Challenge party-goers to state whether each famous person is older or younger than the guest of honor; some of the answers may be surprising! Make it a competition by awarding a prize to the guest who gets the most right or just enjoy the fun of finding out how old those famous folks really are!

Age is Irrelevant Bible TriviaYou will also love the game of Age is Irrelevant Bible Trivia.

POP! Goes the Birthday Balloon

If there won't be small children at the party, here's one way to wake up your guests! This is one of those 40th birthday party games that will have you all feeling like kids again!

To set up, determine how many teams you'll have. To keep the game from being too easy, no more than five guests per team is ideal; fewer will make it a bigger challenge!

You'll need 40 balloons per team. Use a different color of latex balloon for each team; for example, if you have three teams you'd need 40 red, 40 white, and 40 green balloons. Blow up all of the balloons (or, make it a party activity in itself!) and toss them randomly throughout the room. When the game begins, teams race to pop their own balloons … by sitting on them!

The first team to pop all of their balloons or the team which pops the most balloons within a designated period of time wins the game.

These party ideas are sure to be the hit of your next fabulous-at-forty birthday bash! For a truly unique party, these 40th birthday party games are just where you should look.

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