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Welcome the next decade with these 40th birthday party ideas worth celebrating!

For party planner who want to be creative in planning 40th birthday celebration, we've compared all the products sold online and these are the best items that can save your centuries of time.

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Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Over the Hill party ideas to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own Over The Hill theme party ideas. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Over the Hill Party Invitations

Everyone will know not to miss your big birthday bash when you send out one of these invitations!

  • Make a play on the Grim Reaper theme by cutting the curved blade of the sickle from gray or silver cardstock. Use a bold black marker to write "It's the big 4-0 for (name)" along with the time, date, and location of the party. Next, carefully fold a length of streamer that measures four to five feet in length and tuck it into the envelope. When the recipient takes the invitation out, the streamer will fall to make the shaft of the sickle for an unforgettable beckoning!
  • Scan a baby picture of the guest of honor into a computer, and then add text through a digital photo processor. The invitation should include all of your party details -- including time, date, and location – and a greeting such as "Look who's all grown up!"
  • Use green cardstock and cut it into the shape of a hill. If you have a wicked sense of humor, add a tiny grave marker near the top. Draw in tiny tick marks for blades of grass and include a greeting such as "Over the Hill but on Top of the World!" and then "Help us dig up some fun with (name) at a 40th birthday bash!" Include the time, date, and location of the party.

Also check out more Over the Hill invitation cards for 40th Birthday Party Ideas:

Over the Hill Logo Vertical Invitations

Over the Hill Logo Vertical Invitations
Price: $ 1.29

Over the Hill Cake Vertical Invitations

Over the Hill Cake Vertical Invitations
Price: $1.29

Squiggle Shaped Birthday Party Invitations
Price: $ 1.79

Over the Hill Party Decorations

Whether your take on this theme is over the hill or under it, you'll have a lot of fun with these "old" party favorites! Consider these 40th birthday party ideas when you're planning your big event.

Line the sidewalk or driveway with faux grave markers. You can make them from cardboard coated with poster board or construction paper, or opt to go all out with Styrofoam models that have been painted gray and lettered in black. Simple markings such as "40" or "RIP" are perfect for these mini headstones.

Inside, hang a Fabulous at 40 birthday bannerbirthday party ideas, which arrives fully personalized with the text and photo of your choice. Display it alongside black and silver permanent markers so that guests can sign it with birthday greetings to create a one-of-a-kind memento of the big day!

It's not a party without balloons, and this party wouldn't be complete without at least 40 black ones! To brighten things up a bit, create 40 bunches of balloons instead. Include black, white, and silver in each balloon bouquet and place them around the party for an eye-popping display.

Hang streamers in hues of black, white, and gray to keep with the theme without allowing your party to be overcome with the dull and dreary. Even dark streamers will add to the festive atmosphere, so position them so that they twist and twirl across the ceiling and down the walls for a great effect.

When it's time to set the table, black plastic tableware is one of the best 40th birthday party ideas! This collection of black plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and table covers offers everything you need to serve up a delicious selection of party food. Have fun with grem reaper honeycomb centerpiece. Create a laugh riot on your buffet table with a few sets of false teeth and a bottle of prune juice – for decoration only, of course!

Wth all of these ideas just keep in mind your Over The Hill theme so your decorations, invitations, and other party elements will stay consistent:

Here some great Over the Hill Party Decoration Kits for 40th Birthday party ideas:

Over the Hill Confetti 18" Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

5' Look Who's Over the Hill Banner
Price: $5.99

Over the Hill Decorating Kit
Price: $ 12.99

Over the Hill Sign Cutout Kit
Price: $4.99

Fun Stix Magnetic Deco Over The Hill Set
Price: $14.99

Over the Hill Bones Cake Personalized Vertical Banner
Price: $14.79

Over the Hill Party Costumes

Dressing your age has never been so fun! You can put together some really simple but yet really cute costume ideas for this special fortieth birthday party! The perfect way to get some over the hill icebreaker activities going is to ask guests to come dressed in costume. They can really have fun with this as you can have them dressed as “Father Time” or other aging references.

You can have all the supplies on hand if that works better to get the over the hill reference going strong. Have all black cloaks, hats, boas, capes, and other fun dress up items on hand. You can even just ask guests to come dressed in all black and then have them pick their items to adorn themselves when they arrive at the party. This works well as a homemade costume but is sure to get the party motif carried out in the most enjoyable way possible.

Something as simple as an all black costume and them works quite well so just have items such as black sashes, black hats, black capes, or black necklaces on hand to create a homemade and yet fun costume for this fortieth birthday party.

If you really want to play up the Grim Reaper theme, invite guests to wear so-called funeral outfits to bring new meaning to "Over the Hill." If you want it to feel like a party, however, then casual is key! Comfortable guests will have fun and make this party one you won't soon forget!

Check out the following creative Over the Hill Costumes for 40th Birthday party ideas:

Grim Reaper Deluxe Adult Costume

Grim Reaper Deluxe Adult Costume
Price: $39.99

Grim Reaper Child Costume

Grim Raper Child Costume
Price: Price: $19.99

Over The Hill Theme Icebreaker Activities

Over the hill icebreaker activities are a must if you are throwing a fortieth birthday party. This fun milestone is as much for the guests as for the guest of honor. It’s likely that you are going to have plenty of guests who may not know each other at such a party and therefore icebreaker activities can come in handy and really get the party going.

Create Your Own Gravestone

Every over the hill party is sure to have its fair share of gravestone or cemetery references. This is just the age that the jokes about aging come about and therefore this makes for a perfect theme and icebreaker activity for all to partake in. Before the guest of honor arrives, have each guest come to the activity table to create their own gravestone. This will help to line the way as the guest of honor walks through the door and can make for some fun decorations that they can take home with them. Have all the supplies such as large cardboard figures cut into the shape of a gravestone. Be sure to have plenty of black glitter, construction paper, markers, and other decorations that guests can use to adorn their own gravestone.

Aging Product Fun Game

Another fun way to get guests mingling and the party in full swing is to ask them to bring a gag gift with them. You create a little grab bag of senior citizen or over the hill items that the guest of honor pulls out to do a bit of show and tell with later on in the party. Each guest will be asked to bring something to show off the over the hill theme such as adult diapers, denture cream, or prune juice. Half the fun is pulling the items together and the guests will be laughing it up as they place their items in the bag and see what other partygoers brought with them.

Back in Black

Over the hill icebreaker activities don’t have to be elaborate to be fun. A fun way to get the guests mingling is to do everything in black. Have them come in black, dressed for the occasion of the aging guest of honor. Then go to work setting up the venue in all black—black drapes, black carpeting, and every single decoration in black. Then challenge your guests to bring an item that is of course black. This can really allow them to use their imaginations and ensure some fun as you gather them altogether. You are sure to get everything from blackberries to black underwear! Your guest of honor will have some cute items to remember the special day and your party guests will have something fun to chat about!

Over the Hill Party Food

Fill your food tables with choices from these 40th birthday party ideas! Wake guests up with these party beverage favorites:

  • You can't go wrong with soft drinks. Offer a selection of regular and diet colas plus lemon-lime flavors and bottled water for guests who prefer them.
  • Coffee may not seem like party fare, but many guests will appreciate the option. If you have or can borrow a cappuccino machine, you can whip up a favorite of crowds both young and old. Offer cream, sugar, and flavored syrups to go along with coffee, or serve it cold over ice for a twist on the original.
  • "Mocktails" are the non-alcoholic versions of happy hour favorites. Search online for a virgin recipe for your favorites, or whip up the real thing for an adults-only party.

These 40th birthday party ideas will fill up your buffet, but the food will disappear fast!

  • Allow guests to create their own sandwiches with a hearty deli platter! Serve fresh loaves of crusty bread and sandwich wraps along with thinly sliced meats and cheeses. Include lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mustard on the side.
  • Feel like a kid again with these childhood favorites that adults love to dig into! Thick, juicy burgers piled high with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise will be just right with fries piled on the side!
  • For an elegant touch, you can't go wrong with shrimp. Make your own cocktail sauce by mixing ketchup and horseradish; chill before serving.
  • Add some heart healthy fare for the "elder" guests by preparing a tray of fresh fruit. Melons, apples, pears, strawberries, and kiwi are amazing with a simple dip made from seven ounces of marshmallow cream and eight ounces of cream cheese. Blend the ingredients well and chill before serving.
  • Try something different by hosting a baked potato bar! Allow guests to dress their own potatoes with their choice of butter, sour cream, real bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, chives, salt, and pepper.

There's always room for dessert! Try one of these 40th birthday party ideas for cake!

  • Make it easy on yourself by covering the cake in black icing before topping it with over the hill toothpick candlesbirthday party ideas. The set of 11 candles will light up the whole room until you blow them out!
  • Have fun with the theme by turning the cake into a tombstone. Gray icing and black letters will be nicely offset by tufts of bright green grass at the base. Writing something like "Here's lies (name), over the hill!" and "Happy 40th!"
  • A big and bold "40" on top of your cake will add a burst of excitement to your party! Ice a sheet or layer cake with the color of your choice, and then use a decorator's tip to pipe the outline of the numbers four and zero. Use a star tip to fill the areas with color, then add a birthday greeting. One idea is to write "Happy" over the 40 and "(Name)!" beneath it.

Over the Hill Party Favors

Raise a toast to the 40th birthday celebrant in personalized frosted glassware, then send a glass home with each of your guests as a favor. These glasses are fully personalized with text and an imprint, which is a great way for you to savor the memories and send guests home with a great memento.

 I also recommend these unique over the hill party favors for 40th Birthday party ideas:

Over the Hill Tombstone Boppers Headband

Boppers Headband
Price: $4.99

Over the Hill 2 oz. Black Shot Glass

Black Shot Glass
Price: $2.99

Over-The-Hill Topper

Over-The-Hill Topper

Oversized Over the Hill Birthday Glasses

Birthday Glasses
Price: $12.99

Over the Hill Cake Candle

Cake Candle
Price: $2.49 each

Over the Hill Jumbo Inflatable Cane

Jumbo Inflatable Cane

Over the Hill Party Games

Put the fabulous back into forty with these 40th birthday party games for a slightly more mature guest list!

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Over the Hill Thank You Cards

Take photos with each of your guests during the party, and send the best ones along in your thank you notes as a way of showing your appreciation helping to make the party a great one!

Here some cute and printable thank you cards for 40th birthday party ideas :

Over the Hill Logo Vertical Thank You Cards

Over the Hill Logo Vertical Thank You Cards
Price: $1.29 each

Holiday thank you cards ยท Snowy Hills

Holiday thank you cards :Snowy Hills
Price: $0.84 each

Your Over The Hill Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Over the Hill Party ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your over the hill party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete 40th birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!




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