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Throw an amazing milestone celebration with these adult birthday party games. They're sure to bring the Old birthday boy or girl straight back to those good old days!

You can either scroll down this page and read all the printable adult party game ideas or choose the adult party ideas below:

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Adult Birthday Party Games - The Price is Right …or Not

This idea for 50th birthday party games is an instant attention grabber. In fact, it's sure to spark conversation, laughter, and – in the case of younger guests – amazement. You'll need to do a bit of prep work ahead of time, however, so plan accordingly.

Before the party, look up the price of a few dozen commonly used items from the year or the decade that the celebrant was born. You should be able to find them easily by searching "(year) prices" online. Write or print the list ahead of time for use during the party, but don't tell anyone what you're up to!

When you're ready to play, divide guests up into teams (for larger parties) or pairs (for smaller gatherings). Intimate groups may want to play solo. Give each group, team, or individual a pad of paper and a marker and instruct them not to let anyone else see what they write until it's time to reveal their answers.

To play, simply read the name of an item on the list. Guests should guess the price of the item in the year or decade in question and write their answer down on the paper. Once everyone has answered, it's time for the big reveal! If anyone guesses exactly right, award them five points. If no one guesses correctly, then the closest guess wins a point. At the end of the game, the guest or team with the most points wins.


Printable 50th Birthday Games

Another fun game idea is you might be older than dirt.You Might Be Older Than Dirt



More info: You might be older than dirt.



Adult Birthday Party Games - Say What?

This game is particularly fun for a more "mature" crowd of guests. To play, put out slips of paper and pencils and announce that guests should write down the wildest thing they've ever done (that they're willing to admit to, anyway). They should NOT sign their names or leave any identifying information on the paper.

To play, have someone read the papers, one at a time, while the party guests try to guess who wrote each one. Some may be predictable, others will be hysterical, and still others may be completely unbelievable! What a great way to learn more about the friends and family members that you only thought you knew!



Adult Birthday Party Games - Here's to You!

This next idea is really two 50th birthday party games in one. Choose your favorite based on the personality of the guest of honor, but don't be surprised to see the game naturally gravitate toward a little bit of both!

If the celebrant has a sense of humor, then plan a milestone birthday party roast. A roast is when guests share funny stories or jokes about the person in question, and – in true comedic roasting style – virtually nothing is off limits. From the funny to the embarrassing, a roast is about sharing it all in a series of good-natured jabs that will leave guests roaring with laughter.

If, on the other hand, the guest of honor is unlikely to be amused by the airing of dirty laundry that a traditional roast entails, ask guests to share fond or funny memories instead. Avoid the insults and stick to heartwarming tributes and loving gestures for a truly unforgettable party game and what will likely be one of the best gifts of the night.

Speaking of great gifts, be sure to have the video camera on hand for this one. There's no doubt that you'll want to remember the thoughts that friends and family members share at this milestone birthday party event.

This is a big day, and these 50th birthday party games will add meaning and create memories to make it even better. Is there any better way to celebrate?


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