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Hit the beach at your next birthday blast with these indoor adult beach party ideas!

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Adult Beach Party Invitations

Be ready for a crowd! No one will pass up your beach theme birthday party when you send out one of these exciting invitations!

  • Have a ball – literally! If you can hand deliver invitations, write the party information directly on an inflated beach balladult beach party ideas. Guests will immediately know that this is no ordinary birthday party!
  • You'll need sunscreen for this next brilliant invitation! Cut a large circle out of bright yellow cardstock to make the face of the sun. Add a pair of dark sunglasses cut from black construction paper and arrange orange or metallic gold rays around the perimeter. Write "Beach Party!" on the front, with the remaining information on the back: "This is HOT! Join us to celebrate (name)'s birthday party on (date) at (time, location) for a beach blast!"
  • Purchase a collection of postcards featuring pictures of the beach on the front. After addressing one to each of your guests, write "You'll wish you were here!" on the back, along with your party details. "(Name) is celebrating the big (age) with a beach party!" is a great way to announce it. Follow that up with the time, date, and location of the party.

Don't forget to check out these creative invitations for Adult beach party ideas:

Beach Bash : Sky
Price: $0.94 each

Beach Umbrella : Tropical
Price: $1.09 each

Adult Beach Party Decorations

Hang a palm tree photo muraladult beach party ideas to dramatically transform any room. If you prefer an intimate sunset setting, then the sea at sunset photo muraladult beach party ideas is just what you're looking for. Each stunning mural will make guests feel like they're right there on the beach -- there's no better way to set the scene for your big day!

Set up a Totally Tiki baradult beach party ideas to add some life to your party! Made from real bamboo, this island beach bar makes the perfect drink station for your beach theme birthday party!

Accent your decor by "planting" a few palm trees throughout your beach scene! Making it possible for guests to mingle among the trees is a fantastic way to bring your adult beach party ideas to the third dimension!

String lighted round lanternsadult beach party ideas through the "tree tops" to set a low-key, laid back island mood. Dim the lights and use these lanterns to emit a soft glow over your party, or use them to add more light to a bright room for a brilliant sunny-day feel!

It wouldn't be a party without balloons, and this amazing collection of Hawaiian beach balloons offers everything you need to make them an integral part of your indoor adult beach party ideas! Choose from fish, shell, flamingo, or seaweed styles to fit your mood!

A favorite beach party game is the limbo, and this authentic bamboo limbo kitadult beach party ideas is just what you need to get folks in the spirit of the game! Get wild when you add beach party musicadult beach party ideas and take advantage of the great beach party photos that are inevitable with this great pairing of fun and games!

For more great beach party photos, add a Totem Pole stand inadult beach party ideas! Guests will really get their heads into the beach party spirit when they add their faces to this traditional island folk art. Perfect for couples … or a couple of friends!

Set the perfect beach party tableadult beach party ideas with a great collection of tableware, including skirting, shells, candles, leis, and more. Then invite guests in to a great Oceanside beach theme birthday party dining experience with Tiki Lounge tablewareadult beach party ideas. This lively collection of plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups will provide everything you need for a fabulous table setting!

Here are some cool adult beach party items that you will love to use:

Beach Party Personalized Banner
Price: $14.79 each

Beach Sign Cutouts
Price: $2.99

Beach Ball Foil Balloon
Price: $1.99

30' Blue Sky & Ocean Beach Backdrop
Price: $11.99

Adult Beach Party Costumes

Dress like a beach bum or ready to kick up some sand! Homemade costume ideas are easy to plan for and create using the very things that you would wear to the beach. Ask guests to come dressed in their beach best including bathing suits, cover ups, sundresses, shorts, tanks, and of course water shoes. Then you supply some fun beach accessories including leis, flowers for the women's hair, sunscreen, and some fun sunglasses that all can wear. Not only does this get people in the right frame of mind, but it ensures that your beach party is in full swing. Guests that don't feel comfortable coming in a bathing suit can go for something more conservative-just be sure to tell guests in advance to come in what they would wear to the beach. No matter what time of year this party happens, beach wear always puts people in a good mood!

No matter what the outdoor temperature, with these indoor adult beach party ideas it's sure to be hot at your place! Ask guests to wear their favorite beach gear – from bikinis to board shorts – to instantly create a party atmosphere. A more modest crowd can live it up in Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. Provide everyone with traditional party leisadult beach party ideas – the perfect beach theme party accessory!

Here are two beach costumes that you can encourage your guests to wear:

Beach Mullet Wig - 60's Costume Accessory
Price: $16.99

Harry Beach Bum Adult Costume-Medium
Price: $16.99

Beach Party Icebreaker Activities

Adult beach party icebreaker activities can really help to make your party feel like a day at the beach! This is such a fun type of party to plan, and the beauty is that you can plan it year round. If you throw it in the warm summer months then you can play it up around a pool and hold it outside. If however you throw it in the middle of winter, it's a great way to break up the blahs and cabin fever. There are some simple but effective ways to turn your party into a beach party bonanza.

Pool Party for All

One of the best types of adult beach party icebreaker activities is to have a pool party. It doesn't matter if it's the middle of winter or if you even have a pool, you can make this happen. Ask guests to come in their beach wear like bathing suits, cover ups, water shoes, and all the accessories. Then set up baby pools in the house or the yard depending on the time of year. If you have the space for it, bring in some sand that you can set up for sand castle building and just playing around in it. When guests see others playing around in the sand in their bathing suits, they can't help but join the fun!

Bring Your Favorite Beach Accessory

What's a day at the beach without all the right accessories? You set up the beach scene and then let the guests bring their favorite beach toy or accessory. This is a fun adult beach party icebreaker and an excellent way to get everyone involved and having fun. Have some people bring beach balls, sand pails, or toys to play in the sand. Have somebody else bring some snacks for a picnic at the park, or even an umbrella to get under. Crank the music and let everyone mingle so that every guest gets to play with all the fun toys before them!

Mix Up the Island Drinks

Everyone has their favorite adult cocktail that they like to enjoy in a beach chair in the sand. Ask your guests to supply you with the recipe or ingredients beforehand and then mix them up at your fun beach party. This adult beach party icebreaker is fun because you get to try other people's favorite drinks and then it inevitably ensures that guests start talking about their favorite beach vacations. You can have a couple of non-alcoholic options, but the fun drinks with umbrellas and tropical feel will get people in the beach mood and get your party going strong.

Adult Beach Party Foods

Nothing says beach party like a bar-be-que, and you can easily bring the taste of a good bar-be-que indoors with these great adult beach party ideas for an incredible buffet!

The sun and the sand will make you thirsty in a hurry, so try one of these island favorites to soothe parched palates!

  • Smoothies – Smoothies are quick and delicious! Try this easy recipe for an instant classic: blend one frozen banana (cut into chunks), 8 ounces of crushed pineapple, an 8 ounce container of vanilla yogurt, and one cup of orange juice. Serve cold!
  • Lemonade – Serve cool, refreshing lemonade over ice.
  • Soda and water – Provide cans of soft drinks and bottled water in ice-packed coolers for a real beach experience!

Food always tastes better on the beach, and one of these menu items is sure to hit the spot! Serve with piles of chips for easy snacking.

  • Bar-be-que – A steaming pan of bar-be-que with coleslaw and buns is an ideal party food!
  • Burgers – Serve hot burgers with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise for the ultimate beach grill experience!
  • Hot dogs – Another summer favorite, hot dogs are fast and easy! Serve with buns, ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, chili, cheese, and add some kick with jalapenos on the side.
  • Sandwich platter – Guests can put together sandwiches when you provide a full deli platter from which to choose! Thinly sliced ham, turkey, or beef is great for piling high on soft bread with fresh veggies. For a healthy alternative, forego the bread and provide wraps instead.

You can't have a beach birthday party without cake, so put together one of these adult beach party ideas!

  • The Beach Ball – Assemble four layers or 12" or 14" round cake in a single stack, icing generously between each one. Use a large knife to carefully trim the top to create the rounded shape of a beach ball. Divide the ball into six equal wedges and ice so that touching portions are in different colors like a beach ball.
  • Writing in the Sand – Cover a sheet cake with white icing. Pipe in a "shoreline" along one edge that is just wide enough to add a bit of blue to accent the sand. To create sand on the rest of the cake, sprinkle brown sugar generously across the top. Finally, place a clean plastic bag over one fingertip and gently write "Happy Birthday (Name)!" in the "sand."
  • You are my Sunshine – Layer two 12" or 14" round cakes on a serving platter before coating them in bright yellow icing. Pipe alternating bands of orange and red on the sides to make the rays of the sun, and then draw a face on the top. Don't forget the shades over the eyes!

Beach Birthday Party Favors

In addition to their leis, send guests home with their own Tiki Time goblet adult beach party ideas. It will look great on display next to the photos of them in the Totem Pole stand inadult beach party ideas or in any other party antics that were caught on film!

I also recommend these cute party favors for Adult beach party ideas:

Beach Umbrella Personalized Mint Tins
Price: $2.50 for palm size.

Hand Painted Beach Pail Keepsake Boxes
Price: $6.00 each.

Hand Painted Beach Keepsake Boxes
Price: $6.00 each.

Beach Lobster Wedding Mint Tins
Price: $2.50 for palm size.

Beach Ultimate Favor Set
Price: $12.29

Mini Beach Ball
Price: $1.29

Adult's Beach Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Beach Party Thank You Notes

With so many sensational adult beach party ideas, decorations and activities, you'll have plenty of fodder for candid photographs! Send copies of your best beach party photos to guests along with a generous thank you for being part of the best indoor beach theme party your town has ever seen!

Here is a cute beach party thank you card design:

Beach Stripes: Cranberry
Price: $1.19 each

Your Adult Beach Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their adult beach party ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own Adult beach party ideas & photos.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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