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Once you become a grown-up, birthdays can sometimes just be a reminder that we are getting older.

However, they can also be a good excuse to celebrate with family and friends. Gathering everyone together for the event may be the easy part.

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Keeping them entertained can be a bit more challenging unless you know some fun adult birthday party games.

Breaking the Ice

Although the birthday boy or girl will certainly know all of the guests at the party, not all of them will know each other. A good party host knows everyone needs to mingle for the event to be a success and that's where icebreakers enter the picture.

Nice to Meet You Bingo

Nice to Meet You Bingo is one good example. Each guest receives a printed sheet containing phrases that describe someone, such as “plays a musical instrument” or “someone who has gone camping.”

Then guests compete to see who can “bingo” by finding others who meet those descriptions. As you can imagine, the game gets people up and moving and is a fun way to start off the party. Plus, you can even begin before the guest of honor shows up.

Here's another idea for an icebreaker: the M & M reveal. Place large bowls of M & Ms or similar candy on the tables. In each bowl, place a scooper and tell guests to take as many of the candies as they want but not to start eating them until everyone has theirs. Once they do, go around the room and ask each guest to share one thing about themselves for each candy they took. The game is a tasty and fun way to start off the party.

Do you know of any great icebreakers that would work for adult birthday party games? We would love to hear your ideas as well.


Friendly Competition

Have you ever wondered which of your friends or family members knew the most about you? Did you ever wish you could put them on a game show to find out? Well, if you are the birthday guest of honor you can do exactly that with the It's All About the Birthday Star game.

With this game, you and the party host create a list of 17 questions about your life. Then at the party, each guest receives a copy of the questions and must answer them to the best of their knowledge.

Go through the answers afterward and have all the guests shout out their responses to hear some of the hilarious wrong answers. Be careful about the questions you ask though. You might not want your parents or siblings to hear some of the answers!

A fun variation of this kind of trivia game could also test how much the birthday boy or girl knows about the guests. Ask each guest to write down a fact about themselves. Make sure they write their name on the card. Then put the guest of honor on the hot seat by asking him or her to match the facts with the guests.

Riddle Me This

If you want to steer clear of personal information, you can always test the guests' logical abilities. Riddle Me This, for example, is one of the adult birthday party games that is fun and makes guests think – a particularly entertainment combination if some of the guests have been drinking alcohol.

With this game, guests must answer questions, such as “Why did the birthday boy put a clock in the safe?” or “How does the birthday girl spell mousetrap?” We won't reveal the answers here, but your guests will come up with some memorable responses.

If you have some funny examples from your party experience, we'd love to hear them and share them so other party hosts will know what they are in for with this game.

While these are a few examples of adult birthday party games, you can always choose others. Use your imagination and think about what will keep the guests laughing. That's the best way to ensure a great evening for everyone.




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