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Unique, Fun Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

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Your costume is sure to be an original when you make it yourself!

Scare up some fun with these adult Halloween costume ideas for your next big event.

For hard-core party planners, here are more creative adult costume ideas for halloween, have fun with them!

Decaf? Now That's Scary!

Unique Halloween Costume IdeasPour up a cup of the good stuff with this oversized beverage container! There are many ways to recreate this costume, so get creative with materials, or following these simple directions.

The first step is to decide how you're going to make the cup. Here are a couple of options.

A large, lightweight trash can is the perfect shape for this project! You'll want a new one, of course. To get the container ready to use, carefully trim away the bottom, creating a cylinder with two open ends. Then paint the container and the lid white and allow them to dry before continuing.

Another alternative for these adult Halloween costume ideas is to make your own form.

Use a hula hoop for the large end (or shape a piece of lightweight metal tubing around a large round object) and shape wire into a circle for the bottom. Connect several pieces of white poster board with clear packing tape to create one large piece. You'll need rows at least two high and three wide, for a total of six sheets – although you may need more, depending on the diameter of your cup. Then tape the assembled poster board around the hula hoop so that it forms a circle. Next, attach the smaller loop for the bottom of the cup, making sure that there's ample room for walking. (You may want to step into the form before deciding the length). Once the bottom loop has been attached, trim underneath the wire so that it's level.

Once you've got the cup ready, the decorations are easy!

Cut a plain white paper plate in half to make the eyes. Use marker to mark the pupils with black, leaving the white as shown in the picture. For the mouth, draw the expression on a piece of white poster board then trim around it with scissors. Use clear packing tape to secure it to the cup. Cut the hand shapes out of yellow poster board and position them on the cup as shown, securing them with clear packing tape.

Use straps or rope to bridge the center of the cup, leaving room for your head between them. Don't spread them too far or they will tend to slip off of your shoulders. Secure them with a heavy stapler, looping or tying them around the hula hoop if possible.

Finally, make the hat. If you used a garbage can, the lid makes a great hat. Otherwise, make your own. Paint a large circle of cardboard white and allow it to dry before attaching a 3" circle of poster board around the outside edges with clear packing tape. Use duct tape to attach the inside of the lid to a bicycle helmet. (Note: You may want to attempt this with the helmet on for a balanced and proper fit).

The straw is the finishing touch. Use red plastic cups, taping them end to end. To make the fold in the middle, snip wedges out of a few with scissors and fold the edges together before securing them with clear packing tape.

These instructions will create a basic white cup, but you can easily create your own adult Halloween costume ideas by decorating the cup in the style of your favorite beverage!

In Tune With Halloween

Cue The Band Adult Halloween CostumeThese fun adult Halloween costume ideas look good enough to play! All you need to get started is some heavy cardboard, white paint, a black marker, and some tape. Cue the band!

1. Start by cutting four large circles from cardboard, approximately 2 ½ feet in diameter, for each costume.

2. Measure the circumference (or distance around) the circle, then cut two 2-3" strips of cardboard to match that length.

3. Paint the four circles and two strips of cardboard white and allow them to dry.

4. Meanwhile, work on the neck of the banjo. Measure 12-18" of brown cardboard (depending on how long you want the neck to be) and cut it to a width of 10". Score the cardboard with a knife from top to bottom (cutting it partly -- but not completely -- through) so that you can make vertical folds at 2" from the side, then another 4" from that mark, and finally 2" from the second mark. This should leave 4" in the final section.

5. Fold the cardboard to create a rectangle that measures 2" x 4" and tape it securely with clear packing tape.

6. Repeat steps four and five to create a second instrument neck for the back of the costume.

7. Use the same method as described in step four to create the top portion for the hat. Use a strip of cardboard approximately 2" wide to make a band for your head, taping it with packing tape once you have it adjusted for the right fit. Use cardboard to make the string adjusters, taping them in place.

8. Assemble the round part of the banjo by laying one circle flat. Take the strip of cardboard and lay it on edge around the perimeter of the circle, taping it in place. Finally, add the second circle to the top and secure it with packing tape. Repeat the process for the back half.

9. Draw the strings on with a marker.

10. The final step is to connect the front and back with straps that will go over your shoulders, much like a sandwich board. Use rope, belts, elastic, or anything else you have on hand.

11. Put your hat on, and you're ready to play these adult Halloween costume ideas!

The Hulk Next Door

Hulk Halloween CostumeThis is one of the easier adult Halloween costume ideas to pull together. All you really need is a lot of green face and body paint and a white t-shirt!

Find or purchase a white shirt that's on the small side. (You want it to look like you've burst out of it because it was too tight.) Use scissors to cut the shirt or rip it. The best spots to cause damage? The sleeves and lower torso.

Try the shirt on so you'll know where you have to be green, and then remove it and apply green face and body paint on everything from the waist up. You may need a helper for this step!

Finally, put the white shirt back on. The Incredible Hulk strikes again!

This Clown Is "IT"

This clown face, reminiscent of Stephen King's "It" character, is easily one of the creepiest homemade adult Halloween costume ideas you can put together.

Clown Face Adult CostumeTo recreate this look, all you really need is a great wig (or a creative hair stylist!), a round red clown nose, and face paint.

Use black face paint heavily under your eyes, adding a ring around the top to complete the circle. Paint your lips black and draw the outline for the green marks on your forehead and around the mouth. Fill the green in on the forehead and mouth. Paint the rest of the face, neck, and even ears white. You may need to touch up some areas if the colors accidentally blend.

Attach the clown nose, and accent with red face paint to give it a fuller look. For the hair, you can find a similar wig or style almost any "clown" wig into the wicked look you see in the picture. If the hair is already "puffy", simply twist it into two points at opposite sides of the head to mimic the look. Use a stiff hairspray to make it hold if necessary.

To complete the picture, put together any outfit that fits your mood. Even something as simple as a bathrobe will pull this look off!

When it's that easy to put together your own costume, why not try something different this year? Any one of these homemade adult Halloween costume ideas will make you the hit of the party!

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