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Why let kids have all the fun?

Here's a great selection of Halloween party games that adults can really get wrapped up in!

Ice Breakers

Is there a chill in the room? Get the party started with one of these adult Halloween games!

Guess My If You Dare

Guess Me, If You Dare! This is a simple matching game with a hilarious, horrifying twist!

Match some of Halloween's most infamous goblins and ghouls with their descriptions in this printable game with lots of variations for play. Rather than having guests work individually, divide them into teams. Then challenge teams to finish first, or call out items off the list to see which team can put the answer together before the others. Alternatively, keep the clues to yourself. Instead of passing them out, read the descriptions and let guests try to answer from memory. It's a sure way to liven things up!

Draw the Pumpkin is a fast-paced dice game that allows as many players as you can bring to the table. Each guest takes a turn at the dice and has to draw the pumpkin part that corresponds to the number he or she rolled. You can't finish drawing the pumpkin until you've rolled each of the numbers.

For play variation that is especially effective in large groups, write down facts on strips of paper and draw one paper for each roll of the dice. For example, if you roll a six and the paper says "blue eyes" then everyone with blue eyes gets to draw the pumpkin part that corresponds to the number six. Need Halloween clues? Stay in the holiday spirit with "bleeding fake blood" or "wearing a wig." The first person to draw the entire pumpkin wins!

Rockin' Around the Haunted House will have guests in stitches! Test their knowledge of Halloween music favorites … they may know the words, but can they name the artist? Sure to be a rowdy crowd pleaser, this game may even inspire a bit of impromptu karaoke as guests start to sing along! Once the songs start ringing out, competition is sure to follow.

Who can sing the most of the song? Does anyone know how it begins? What about that elusive second verse? This is a great game on paper, but the potential for drawing guests into the party spirit makes this one of the best adult Halloween games you can grab to get things off to a monstrous start!

The Monster Bash

Once you've gotten things rolling, keep them alive and kicking with these adult Halloween games!

The Graveyard Smash!

Kickball Adult Halloween Games

What better fun than to hit the dirt with a game of kickball in costume?

You'll have a howling good time no matter what your sport of choice when you dress it up Halloween-style! Make it zombies (ugly) versus princesses (pretty) or ghouls (girls) versus goblins (guys) – there's no limit to the ways to play this one out! It'll be just as much fun to watch as it will be to play, so even guests who sit this one out will have a great time!

Return of the Mummy

Mummy Halloween Party Game

Pairs guests up and have duos race to see which team can mummify one of their members the fastest. Use toilet paper as an inexpensive mummification tool.

Want to spice it up? Make a relay race of it. Teams of three or more can compete to wrap and unwrap one another like this: At the starting line, one player wraps up another one. The mummy must then shuffle to the second player, who unwraps the first one carefully. The rescued player then uses the same paper to wrap the third player up, who must then return to the start line. Players are tested not only on speed, but on mummification skills as they try not to rip apart fragile toilet paper sheets in their haste. Award prizes to the first team to finish and for the best mummy at the end of the race.

Heads will Bob

Head will Bob Halloween Game

Bobbing for apples is a classic party game, and it's a great addition to your roster of adult Halloween games.

Stick to the basic version, or throw in a twist. In addition to the apples, include a few fun surprises such as small pumpkins, knobby gourds, or even bottled drinks!

Toss in a few red ice cubes (use food coloring or freeze kool-aid) for a grisly surprise that will grow worse and the evening wears on (and the ice melts).

Clashing Cleavers

Carving Pumpkin Party GameWhat says "Halloween" better than carving pumpkins?

Ask each guest to bring a pumpkin and have a few extras on hand. Turn it into one of the best adult Halloween games ever by creating carving categories such as "ugliest face" or "spookiest scene." Set a time limit and guests will race to make the best jack-o-lantern for each theme.

You can allow them to choose a category or, to make it more interesting, have them randomly draw one out of a hat. Award prizes to the best for each category and the overall crowd favorite.

Who was that Masked Man? – Print out a copy of Super Secret Identities for this next amazing Halloween party game. To play the game as the directions dictate, guests will match super heroes to their secret identities. To make add a jolt of Halloween fun, try this instead. Write the super hero names down on slips of paper and let your guests draw one and act out the character charades-style. Use the corresponding clues as props.

If your guests arrive in costume, this game takes on a whole new level of entertainment as the crowd gets to watch Frankenstein pretend to be Superman or any number of other combinations of hapless and horrifying meets hometown hero!

Haunted Happenings – This game is a great one to randomly spring on guests! Periodically go up to someone and ask them quietly to leave the room. Get everyone's attention and ask them to figure out who is missing, and once they do, haunt them with this Midnight Mystery game. A series of ten questions leads guests to recall what the person was wearing. This game takes on a whole new level of excitement when guests are required to remember details about costumes!

Invite these easy and exciting adult Halloween games to your next big bash and everyone is sure to have a howling good time!



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