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Whether you're having the biggest party on the block or a simple gathering of close friends, these adult Halloween party ideas will keep your party out of the dead zone!

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Adult Halloween Party Invitations

What could be more gracious than setting up one of these grave markers for each of your guests?

Grave Welcome Adult Halloween Party IdeasUse strips of black paper or black painter's tape to mimic the wrought iron bars of the cemetery fence as a backdrop to these creepy cement fixtures.

To make the headstones, cut pieces of foam sheeting to size and paint them gray before writing on them with a large black marker. Another option is to simply cut the shapes from cardboard, paint them gray, and use paint or marker to add names.

If your party is too large for individual grave markers for each guest, then try this fun alternative.

Skip the names and turn them into superlatives, much in the spirit of your high-school year book. Best costume, most original, scariest, silliest, and even most unrecognizable are great headstone categories, and guests can write down their favorites as the night progresses. Here are more adult halloween party invitations that you can learn from.

Don't forget to check the spookiest & printed invitations for adult Halloween party ideas:

Halloween Night : Black
Price: $ 1.04

Homemade Halloween : Bright Green
Price: $0.59

Hello Kitty: Halloween Treat : Black

Hello Kitty: Halloween Treat : Black
Price: $1.04

Halloween Badges : Black

Halloween Badges : Black
Price: $ 0.69

Adult Halloween Party Decorations

Here are some adult Halloween party ideas that are guaranteed to scare up some fun!

  • Screaming spirit platters are great serving platters, but you can do so much more! Use them as wall hangings or to cover existing décor that doesn't fit into your Halloween scheme. Hang them in front of mirrors for a spooky surprise, especially in bathrooms where guests will find themselves alone with one very unpleasant face!
  • Spiderweb tablecovers aren't just for tables! Use them as wall hangings or to block windows. Not only will they dim the light inside if the sun is still up, the orange will cast an eerie glow around the stark black lines of the web.
  • Place slimy hands in unexpected spots such as the underside of door handles. This involuntary handshake will have guests shrieking! You can also use them in other high profile spots such as cooler handles, faucets, and windows.
  • Freeze Glow-in-the-dark eyeballs into ice cubes and offer them to guests or float them in the punch bowl.
  • You can't have a Halloween party without spider webs! Use realistic webs available from stores, or get creative with black streamers. Hang them from your ceiling so that they create a spider web pattern, or set a giant web up against one wall. Dangle large black spiders from their recesses.
  • Cover condiments with spooky bottle stickers before putting them on your buffet. Guests will love putting Rat Poison or Zombie Virus on their foods! Great for bottled beverages, too! If condiments aren't on the menu, you can still have fun with these gruesome labels. Simply remove the labels and wash out any containers that you used in the party preparations – such as the cans from canned goods – and apply the new labels. For more visual interest, dent the cans before laying them on your food table. Spoon some of the contents of your buffet into each one for the "just spilled" look.

Also check are more decoratios for adult Halloween party ideas:

Halloween Ultimate Outdoor Decorating Set

Halloween Ultimate Outdoor Decorating Set
Price: $ 14.99

Midnight Dreary Halloween Serving Platter

Midnight Dreary Halloween Serving Platter
Price: $7.99

Gruesome Halloween 11-inch Black Latex Balloons

Gruesome Halloween 11" Black Latex Balloons
Price: $ 1.49

Halloween Party Plastic Tablecover

Halloween Party Plastic Tablecover
Price: $2.99

Halloween Hanging Swirl Decorations

Halloween Hanging Swirl Decorations
Price: $9.99

10' Happy Halloween Banner

10' Happy Halloween Banner
Price: $7.99

Adult Halloween Party Ideas for Costumes

Dressing up has never been so fun for an adult! The best part of Halloween aside from the candy of course has to be the costumes! This is a great time of year to look around your house and create a homemade costume idea. You can dress up like a gypsy simply by playing some scarves around your head and dressing in bright and flowing clothes. You can dress up like a rocker with some ripped up jeans or a short skirt, sunglasses, and some crazy hair. You don't have to get crazy but you just have to have some fun. You are bound to have some perfect household items around that you can use for your costume and then add a touch of makeup-you can turn anything into a fun Halloween costume with a bit of imagination!

Adult Halloween Icebreaker Activities

Adult Halloween icebreaker ideas are what help to turn an ordinary Halloween party into extraordinary. This is a great way to get people in costume talking and ensure that your party is a hit. There are so many great parties at this fun and festive time of year, but the activities that you plan will really help to set yours apart from the rest. You don't have to get too crazy, but with a little planning you will have the Halloween party that everybody remembers!

Partner Up at the Party

This is one of the adult Halloween icebreaker ideas that requires a bit of planning, but it's really fun when it plays out. You assign costume ideas to each of your guests. Then you partner them up with somebody else that is attending the party. So for example you ask one guest to dress up like a jar of peanut butter and then you ask another guest to dress up like jelly. Keep the ideas simple but then the trick is for each guest to find their partner at the party. This works best for a party full of singles but you can make it work no matter what type of group you are planning for. It's a great way to get people talking and laughing as they search for their partner.

Act Your Part

This is one of those adult Halloween icebreaker ideas that lets people really get in touch with their fun side. You have each guest tell you in advance what they are going to dress up as and then they have to act out the part. If they are dressed as a pirate then they may only talk in a pirate voice. If they are dressed up as a bird, then they must squawk as they walk around the party. No matter what they are dressed as, they need to act the part and this really makes for a ton of fun for all of the guests. This can really challenge guests to get in touch with their acting side and have some fun in the meantime.

Pick a Theme

One of the best adult Halloween icebreaker ideas is to pick a theme and then challenge guests to dress for it. If you are going for a vampire theme then tell guests this in advance and then have them dress up in their best vampire attire. If you are having a rock and roll theme, then have guests come in their best rock and roll costumes. This is fun because people can really get excited about participating and then show off what they came up with. You then have an automatic theme for your party so that you can plan the menu and decorations to match up with it. Guests will have a blast and so will you as you watch all the fun costumes come in through the door.

Adult Halloween Party Foods

When you're planning your adult Halloween party ideas, don't overlook the cake. Even busy hosts can quickly put this cake together! Here's how:

Creepy Halloween Party Cake

  1. Start with baked 8" or 9" rounds of devil's food cake (of course!)
  2. Slice them in half horizontally for thinner layers with more icing, or create a lavish decadence with one towering cake.
  3. The next step involves orange icing. You can buy it seasonally in stores, or simple dye store-bought white icing orange with cake decorator's orange coloring, available in party or cake stores. Mix well before use.
  4. Spread the orange icing generously on top of the first layer, allowing it to spill over the sides naturally. Continue to layer the cake until you get to the top layer.
  5. On top, pile the icing on just as you did with the other layers. Then use black icing in a decorator's bag and a small round tip (such as Wilton #3) to pipe circles on top of the cake. It should look like a bulls eye when you finish. (Hint: If you don't have cake decorating supplies on hand, snip the corner off the edge of a sandwich bag to make a small hole through which you can easily apply the icing).
  6. Once the circles are there, pull a butter knife lightly through the icing from the center to the outside edge, working your way around the entire top surface.
  7. Finally, place a large plastic spider in the center of the web. You're ready to serve!

Halloween Party Favors

No assortment of adult Halloween party ideas would be complete without party favors! Try one of these tricky treats!

Pumpkin carving tool kits are exciting, practical party favors that are seething in holiday spirit!

If your party is too large to give one to each guest, then consider using them as prizes for tombstone superlatives or party games. These party favors are simple to put together but look amazing! To recreate your own, you'll need plastic cups, a hot glue gun, Halloween ribbon in assorted prints, leaves (buy fake ones unless you've got some really good real ones in your yard), and small stuffer ideas.

Halloween Candy Party Favor

Need more suggestions?

Halloween candy and plastic spiders are always in season! Halloween votives or tea lights will also make great gifts – they're inexpensive and they fit easily into the cups.

To begin, cut a length of wide ribbon, such as the black with stars print shown, so that it wraps completely around the cup. Use just a dab of hot glue to hold it in place (too much will melt the plastic cup). Next, tie a bow with a longer piece of thin ribbon and tack it on with hot glue.

The next part is the fun part! Fill each cup with Halloween goodies, placing decorative items such as spiders at the top so they're visible. Once the cups have been filled, tuck a few leaves down through the spaces between items so that they stay put.

These adult Halloween party ideas will have you well on your way to throwing the best Halloween bash ever!

Check out these following favors for adult Halloween party ideas:

Personalized Halloween Candy Tin

Personalized Halloween Candy Tin
Price: $ 2.50

Halloween Pen and Sticky Notes Favors

Halloween Pen and Sticky Notes Favors
Price: $5.25

Halloween Swirl Lollipops

Halloween Swirl Lollipops
Price: $0.99

Adult Halloween Party Ideas For Games

Use these creative adult halloween games to entertain your guests.

Here's an excellent selection of printable Halloween games you can buy and print out right away:

Your Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Adult Halloween Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own adult halloween party photo and ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!




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