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These adult halloween party invitations are easy to make! Here's what you need to know.

If you're looking for the Halloween party invitations that perfect to celebrate without having to deal with empty calories or a cheesy cat costume, check it out here!

Gentleman Caller Adult Halloween Party

This frightfully formal gentleman caller is just what you need to invite ghoulish guests to your adult Halloween party in style!

Gentleman Caller Halloween Party Invitation You don't need to be an artist to pull this one off -- just follow these steps!

  • Determine the dimensions of your invitation. A simple 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" size works well.
  • To create the old parchment look, lay the paper out on a tray or plastic tablecloth. Use a wide paintbrush to lightly coat the paper with unsweetened tea. (Microwave one tea bag in a cup of water for a minute and allow to cool for quick and easy stain for this project.)
  • Allow the paper to dry completely.
  • Use a piece of charcoal to rub the edges, allowing them to darken or even tear lightly.
  • Write the address of the party in the top corner as shown.
  • For the skull, you can draw it if you are artistic. If not, simply print or copy a picture of a skull. If your invitation is 6" across, you want your skull to be about 2" wide.
  • Cut the skull out and place it on the invitation as shown. Glue or tape it down.
  • Use black construction paper to cut out the shape of the top hat. Place it on the skull, allowing it to overlap as shown. Glue or tape in place.
  • Use chalk for a slight cobweb effect on the edges of the hat.
  • For the stick, start with a wooden popsicle stick. Coat one side with glue, then immediately wrap a thin ribbon around it as shown. Allow to dry.
  • Using the same ribbon, tie a small bow and attach it to the top of the stick at the base of the skull using a hot glue gun.
  • Glue the stick to the paper in the position shown with hot glue.
  • Draw spiders on the invitation, or simply use stickers to decorate.
  • Write down party details on a second sheet of paper or cardstock and attach it to the back.

Your adult halloween party invitations are ready to be hand delivered!

Caught Up In A Web

These adult halloween party invitations are a wickedly easy way to welcome visitors to your web! You'll be finished with these in minutes!

Web Halloween Party Invite

  • Start with white cards, or make your own by cutting cardstock to size. For 4" x 6" cards, trim your paper to 4" x 12" and fold in half.
  • Use a ruler or straight edge to draw the border around the front of the folded card, approximately 1/8" from the edges, with a dark pen or fine-tipped marker.
  • Use the same straight edge and pen or marker to draw a swirl, starting at a central point and gradually looping further away from the center, as shown.
  • Starting from the center of your swirl, use the straight edge to draw lines bisecting the spiral pattern.
  • Draw a dot at each point of intersection as shown.
  • Draw a thin line with a spider dangling from it. Color in a circle for the body, add a smaller head, and then add legs as shown.
  • Write "happy Halloween" down the length of one strand of webbing.
  • Open the card up to add the time, date, and location of your party, and these easy adult halloween party invitations are ready to mail!

With just a few basic craft supplies and these easy ideas, anyone can create unique invitations for an adult Halloween party!



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