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Coolest Adult Valentine Party Games

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Throw a party this Valentine's Day that is sure to be fun for the whole gang! By incorporating some games for valentines party, you are sure to create a whole lot of fun and some great memories.

Personally, I recommend:

* Famous Pairs Word Scramble

* Left in Love

* Two Become One Oxymoron

Fun for the Whole Group

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and it need not be just for kids! Throwing an "adults only" Valentine's party can be so much fun, particularly if you incorporate some adult valentine party games. You can create a party that is sure to please everyone from the couple that's madly in love and even a few single friends. Your status need not matter, just your ability to have fun.

One of the greatest adult valentine party games is called the paper dance. In this game, a couple is selected at random and asked to dance on a piece of paper. The paper starts out rather large as the couple begins dancing on it. Every two minutes, the paper is folded in half and the couple has to continue dancing on it until they can't do it anymore. Of course the couple gets closer and closer, and as this is one of the more humorous of the games for a valentines party you can really get the crowd going. No pressure in this game, just a lot of fun!

Let Them Eat Cake GameYou can also do a fun play on "pass the item" game. In this version that truly makes it one of the more upbeat of the adult valentine party games you pick an item that will be passed from women to men throughout.

You can pick an orange, or to make it even more festive you can pick a smaller heart shaped item. Each person has to use their chin rather than their hands to pass off and carry the item. As each guest passes and receives the item using only their chin, this game can get silly and cause a whole lot of laughter. Sure to be fun for everyone!

And if you want to have some extra fun with your cakes, try this Let Them Eat Cake.


New Twists on Old Favorites

If you are having only couples at your Valentine's Day party then you can adjust the games a bit. Be sure to remember to adjust accordingly depending on the guests and their status that will be attending your big party. You want to make it fun and keep it comfortable for everyone invited. If you are however having all couples, then you can have some fun games pertaining to how well you know your partner.

Heart to Heart IdiomsA romantic and "adults only" version of the newlywed game can be fun for the couples and the observers. In this version of one of the most interesting adult valentine party games each member of a couple is giving a set of questions about their significant other.

You can develop this list ahead of time and really have fun with it! As this is one of a few games for a valentines party that you are likely to play, you want to really play up the holiday itself. Asking questions like where the couple's first kiss was, when Cupid struck them with the love arrow, and where they first said they loved each other can be fun for everyone. Seeing how the answers vary from each other can cause some great laughter!

You can also try this printable Heart-to-Heart Idioms.

An updated version of the word scramble can be a rather entertaining selection in the adult valentine party games. Be sure to throw in words associated with the holiday such as "Cupid" and "valentine", but then throw in some fun ones like "kiss", "hug" and "romantic". Seeing how everyone has to think through some of the most basic words can be fun and if you throw in some adult prizes like a bottle of wine, you are sure to create a party that everyone will want to come back to year after year.

More color and fun Valentine party games.


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