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Coolest Animal Parties CollectionThere's no getting around it. At any animal parties that you plan to host, everyone there should expect a roaring good time, with lots of energy, playing, and of course, noise! It's the natural thing that happens in out in the wild, and whether you are planning a jungle birthday party theme, a Disney Jungle Book groove party, or a zoo party, a fantastic time can be had by all with the right décor, the right games, and of course, the best tips for putting on an animal theme party without a hitch.

We've already collected the most creative ideas that you can use:


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Here are some that I found that were just awesome and that make planning a animal party as momentous as your next event!


Honey Food for Animal Themed Party

Coolest Animal Parties Honey Animal Parties

Honey Food for Animal Themed Party by

Honey is a very primal food and it's an easy addition to an animal themed party. Bears love honey and bees make honey! A couple of cool jungle classroom party tips include making a dish with your students that includes foods found out in the tropics like the ingredients found in the Coconut Loaf with Passion fruit sauce, or use the party as a way to teach about science by baking this delicious Honey Loaf. It will be very cool and yummy, too!

Cow Birthday Cakes

Farm Animal Party

Cow Birthday Cakes by

Some of the most fun animal parties are those involving farm animals. What's more fun than the sound of a mooing cow?? This Cow birthday cake makes a wonderful compliment for those farm animal parties that need a hint of whimsy to really make the guests feel like you've brought the whole farm to them! You could turn the cake into a cute game by requesting that every time someone passes the Cow Cake, they have to "moo"! That's sure to add great fun. Instead of buying all of your farm animal party supplies, you can make some things pretty easily like using a white sheet and black marker or patches of black fabric to make a cow tablecloth!

Monkey Theme 1st Birthday Party

Jungle Theme Safari Party

Monkey Theme 1st Birthday Party by

Whether the monkey chases the weasel or not, your next jungle safari party decorations will make a wild impression on your guests if you follow some of the money themed ideas from this jungle safari birthday party! Kids love to giggle just like little monkeys. So, this is sure to be a winning theme for a party for a small child. I think adding in a more childish color to the overall palette would have brought more pop to the overall décor. Animal parties for kids should always incorporate fun colors, even if they wouldn't naturally occur in a safari. Color matters! But, I do really like the cupcakes with those cute monkey sticks in them.

Bennetts 1st Birthday

Jungle Theme Party Jungle Animal Party

Bennetts 1st Birthday by

The décor for this party is exactly as it should be for animal parties…bright and fun! Guests will go bananas for this cute cupcake tree featuring "real" monkeys and bananas. The realism of the bananas make you want to take a bite! I love the use of the red confetti! The only thing that is missing is MORE MONKEYS! This jungle party theme seems a little understated, but nice nonetheless! An element of wildness is totally fine for animal parties, so don't be afraid to experiment with food and color.

Jungle Animal Theme for a Baby Shower

Jungle Party Supplies

Jungle Animal Theme for a Baby Shower by

When you pull these little jungle clutches out at your jungle safari party, your guests will either roar with laughter with this flashy piece or be struck with one of those "Awwww" moments. I could just imagine pulling these out as favors at a jungle themed baby shower or even a "cougar" bridal shower! To really give it a cool twist, the jungle safari party should definitely have a jungle party tiki hut for these funky favors and as an awesome place for an animal birthday party game!

Monkey Theme Baby Shower

Jungle Safari Party Decorations

Monkey Theme Baby Shower by

You will be able to take "monkey bars" to a new level with these jungle theme party ideas that include wrapping little candy bars with the cutest pictures of a sweet money you've ever seen. Some of think of animal parties as only for children, but the reality is that you can have animal parties for adults also, and the idea works especially well for baby showers.

The blue and green that are used for these jungle safari party decorations have an adorably calming feel to them. I like that…especially when the guest of honor is about to have a baby. She may need all of the serenity that she can be before her bundle of joy arrives! I would consider turning the baby shower into an animal stuffing party and present the mommy-to-be wit all of the little jungle animals that the party guests create! You could even provide each with an animal costume. Party scrapbook ideas include adding pictures of each guest with their stuffed animal creation and a picture of the expectant mom with all of the stuffed animal gifts!

Animal Theme party Ideas

Animal kids Birthday Party Animal Kids Safari Party

Animal Theme party Ideas by

Kids love animal crackers! When you include animal crackers at animal parties, the young attendants will have a ferociously good time! Turn an animal kids birthday party into a menagerie of activities by including different stations for the kids to explore. These little animal masks work great as a dress up station for farm animal parties or for an animal costume party.

Party Animal Baby Shower

Animal Themed Party

Party Animal Baby Shower by

If that cute little coffee bean nose on the koala doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will! This is one of the sweetest jungle party themed baby showers you could ever have the pleasure of encountering. I absolutely love the animal napkin rings! The jungle theme party ideas that the hostess employed were simple yet captivating. I would have played more with the carousel by coming up with a baby shower game that was centered around it.

Animal Theme Food Party

Buzz Junior Jungle Party

Animal Theme Food Party by

You probably didn't know that tigers drive around the jungle…and that they drive CUCUMBERS! This is a perfect example of going beyond typical animal parties and the normal jungle safari party decorations, and thinking way out of the box! Food art makes for a very tactile and interactive experience for your guests, no matter whether the event is a Buzz Junior jungle party or if the main look is forest animal party décor, adding in lots of food art will make the event awesome! Take the food art idea further by using other foods as animal cars such as a banana with grapes for wheels and a monkey driver, or a giraffe riding on a celery skateboard!

Puppy Dog Theme Party

Animal House Party

Dog Theme Birthday Party by

Animal parties don't always have to be about exotic jungle animals. They can be centered around man's best friend. Dog themed parties will always make for a howling time for kids! If you decide on an animal house party instead of going for a more formal venue, then, you can also keep the menu and food basic but fun. I couldn't get enough of the paw cake that is presented here. It was so easy to assemble, yet it has a real appeal that makes you want to keep looking at it! I would have multiple paw cakes around the party, and other paw shaped foods for the kids to nibble on.

Dog Theme Birthday Party

Dog Theme Birthday Party

Dog Theme Birthday Party by

OK. Cookies that look like dog biscuits!?? Be careful not to invite any real dogs to the animal parties that feature these goodies. I'm not so sure I would use this for a group of little kids because they could get confused if they were around actual dog biscuits and want to take bite out of them, thinking they're cookies. But, I do like the brightly colored cookie dough used here. If you didn't want the entire party to be dog themed, readers should consider farm animal parties where dogs can be easily incorporated into the overall theme. Consider having a "doggy-oke" singing or barking contest where the guests have to sing like a dog would to real pop songs! That would be a blast!

Monkeying Around Invitation

Jungle Class Room Animal Party

Monkeying Around Invitation by

These invitations will be worth "hanging" on to! Foamies take this invitation to a cool 3-D level that makes it even more inviting for little party-goers. Not only could this be a great invitation for an animal kids birthday party, but it would make an awesome jungle classroom party activity. Instead of just the white paper piece, use foam letters and it could easily make a fabulous frame or wall plaque.

Animal Party Ideas

Animal Theme Party Groundhog Animal Party

Animal Party Ideas by

Worms in dirt, groundhogs in dirt, and lots of crumbs to clean up after the guests enjoy a yummy animal theme party. I like how these two cupcake ideas seem to bring attention to the not-so-normal animals like the groundhog and worm! Who would have thought to put them on cake?? These two cupcakes have a unique quality about them that kids will just want to eat up. For the worm cupcakes, I would have them positioned on a brown cookie crumb platter of "dirt"! I would even give kids edible clay dough to make mud balls!



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