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15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at

Who says that Halloween is just for the kids?

The truth is that the Arabian Princess costume will make you feel beautiful and glamorous and it’s just for the adult set.

There are so many costume ideas out there geared towards kids, but this is something that the adult woman and mom will adore. Sure every little girl wants to dress up like a princess, but the Arab princess costume is very sexy, very frilly, and meant for the adult woman who wants her own little escape.

So get in touch with your inner Cleopatra and get ready for a Halloween adventure?

This is All About Luxury

When we saw a princess like Jasmine come to life in the movie Aladdin we watched in wonder at just how beautiful she was. Now you can become Princess Jasmine through the Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Costume and feel like a glamorous figure!

As women so many of us spend our time catering to our little ones and that leaves very little “me time” on the schedule. This Halloween make it all about you and your need to feel feminine and stylish. Arabian Princess costumes are the perfect way of celebrating your femininity and feeling pampered all at the same time. The fitted turquoise top with the little slit of tummy showing, the flowing silky turquoise pants, the matching crown, and the gorgeous white silk overlay—this all spells out the perfect Arab princess costume and you will feel luxurious in it immediately. Add a gorgeous pair of shoes like this the Star Gold Adult Shoe and you are all set! This is one costume that does not disappoint and that puts mom first for a change!

Although this princess costume has everything you need, but still you can take it up a notch with some of the accessories. Consider the Cheyene Adult Wig for example which is sure to set you in the right frame of mind instantly. Just let your imagination fly and try to add your own accessories to really make it fun.

You Can Find Your Prince

It’s not enough to just dress up in the Arabian princess costume, you want to find your prince too. You can have your man dress up in the very rugged and very handsome Aladdin Prestige Adult Costume because it transforms any frog into a prince. This is not your usual prince costume as it’s all about the white silk look from head to toe.
Your man will love dressing up in this as it’s comfortable and he will fit the part of a princess to match your Arab princess costume. With this look he gets the all-white outfit, the purple cape, the matching whit headpiece, and that’s it—simple and yet so elegant!

If you want to add up the masculinity notch just a bit, you can let him carry his very own Arabian Dagger to make him feel rough and ready to protect you.

There are so many fun things you can do with the Arabian princess costume and it’s fit for royalty. No matter how old you are, you always want to get in touch with your inner princess. This is a fun way of dressing up mom for a change and letting her feel a bit pampered, gorgeous, and ready to take on the world. Make this Halloween special and be the adult princess this year—the Arabian princess costume is the perfect way to do so!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at



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