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Army Birthday Party Ideas and Photos submitted by:
Sarah Collins' from Coastal, VA


Army Birthday Party Decoration

I planned an army party for Wallace's 5th birthday.

Army Party Photo

Most people around us live in subdivisions - small yards, none of our "toys". This is a theme park for those kids!


Most of the "kids" are adults.

Adults at Army Party

When we do an outside army birthday party, the draw of the four wheelers, the horse, the dirt bikes, the big mud trucks, go-karts, pool table, and all of our other "toys" is bigger than the usual party stuff. When we have to be inside due to weather, I'm more theme-minded.

When I have more kids I do a lot more theme-wise, but we're scaling back this year. We had a small kids birthday party.

Army Birthday Cake

Here's a shot of our cake.

Tank Cake

The "W5" is short for "W"allace's "5"th birthday. It's about 12" front to back and 7" wide. It's four layers tall. The cake inside is camoflauge. I dyed yellow cake batter green and then piped in splotches of chocolate batter, so it's green and brown in there.

The canon/gun thing will stand on it's own without falling, but I didn't want to leave it that way overnight, so the cup is under it. Most people don't realize how easy it is to decorate cakes and won't try.

Army Birthday Games

We had the water balloon combat during the birthday party.

We didn't have a bunch of kids so we didn't do a full blown theme. Balloons, table cloth, burgers, and the stuff that goes with them.

These are the two forts for the water balloon fight.

Water Balloon Fight Forts

We started with water balloons behind each side and then put more in middle.

Water Balloon Fight

We had 200 balloons, and then my husband pulled the hose out and got us all. Some of the kids ended up in the horse's water trough!

Slip and Slide Party Game

More Slip and Slide Birthday Game

After the water balloon fight for the army birthday party, we threw the football around while some of the kids played on the slip-n-slide.

Eventually some of them ended up on the horse, then my husband fired up one of his trucks to entertain the kids. (He built a real monster truck for our son's Gravedigger monster truck birthday party last year and took the kids on rides through the pasture and into the pond in the truck).

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Party Supplies for Army Birthday

You don't have to browse forever the best deal on army party, these kid birthday supplies cover pretty much everything you need:

Army Man Pinata

Army Man Pinata
Price: $12.99 kit

Silver with Black Army Symbol 11 Balloons (6 count)

Silver with Black Army Symbol 11" Balloons
Price: $2.49

Army Thank You Cards (8 count)

Army Thank You Cards (8 count)
Price: $0.49

Special Forces Deluxe Party Pack

Special Forces Deluxe Party Pack
Price: $0.94 each

Special Forces Officer Child Costume

Special Forces Officer Child Costume
Price: $0.94 each

Your Army Birthday Party Ideas

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