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What would be a hit party for your kids' 1st birthday? A baby einstein birthday party of course! Having that brainy league of animals at your kid's birthday party guarantees fun and learning.

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Baby Einstein Birthday Invitations

If your child is celebrating the great old age of one, include in your first birthday party plans the baby einstein 1st birthday invitations. A pack contains eight printable invitations with envelopes included. The birthday celebrant can sport on his special day the white 1st birthday bib trimmed in red with yellow polka dots. It is made of soft fabric and has colorful embroidery. Top it off with the baby einstein 1st birthday party cone hat made of soft, colorful felt embellished with a playful caterpillar appliqué, a tassel and elastic chin straps and you are good to go! Is your kid past one year old?

There are also baby einstein invitations available in sets of 8 (including envelopes) for your Baby Einstein birthday party theme.

You may also want to make your own invitation to add a more personal touch. How about if you make them in the shape of your kid's favorite animal - a simple outline of a frog, a cat, a dog or even a fish? You can also do different animal shapes and have a zoo kind of invitation. Just don't forget to include RSVP and to double check the printed details of the party.

Here is a cute Baby Einstein birthday invitation design:

Baby Einstein 1st Printable Invitations

Baby Einstein 1st Printable Invitations
Price: $ 1.99

Baby Einstein Birthday Decorations

Outdoor Decoration

If you are holding the Baby Einstein birthday party at your house, direct the guests to the party by putting up arrow signs from the street to the front door of the house. You can also add balloons to help them along the way.

Another great way to welcome the guests is to install a baby einstein personalized birthday banner. It is printed using High Definition technology measuring 18 inches x 61 inches and is made of sturdy vinyl material. It also has metal grommets to allow for easy hanging whether outdoors or even indoors as well. This banner is of outstanding quality and yet at a very affordable price.


 Indoor Decoration

A Baby Einstein birthday party is very easy to organize using simple yet fun ways.

  • First of all, balloons should be in primary colors (red, blue, green and yellow will be fine). Spread them all throughout the party place. As accents, place baby einstein mylar balloons in strategic places such as the birthday celebrant's chair and the cake table. The bright Mylar balloon measures 17 inches in diameter and has both sides printed so it will be sure to catch everybody's attention.
  • Cover the cake table with the baby einstein tablecover measuring 21 inches x 102 inches and it is made of plastic material. You can cover the other tables with solid colored tablecloths and place a colorfully printed baby einstein centerpiece in the middle to give it more oomph. First birthday party decorations can also be the same as the regular Baby Einstein birthday party decor.

Don't forget to check out these creative Baby Einstein indoor decoration kits:

Baby Einstein Centerpiece

Baby Einstein Centerpiece

Baby Einstein Scroll with White Frame

Baby Einstein Scroll with White Frame
Price: $ 12.99

Baby Einstein Birthday Costumes

Well color me beautiful and let me play! Baby Einstein is all about learning experiences and it starts from early on in a baby's development and carries through their years. A homemade costume idea is quite easy to implement because it can be as simple as focusing on a color.

Assign each child coming to the party a different color and then ask them to dress only in that color. This can be fun when all the kids come together in a rainbow, and the parents will love it because it's very easy to create. You can let the kids dress up as their favorite animal and then when they all come together they create a big beautiful zoo! Let your imagination run wild because the Baby Einstein videos create many themes, and the costumes can be quite simple and utilize what you have in the house already!

Don't forget to check super unique Little Baby Einstein birthday costumes:

Little Einsteins - Rocket Child Costume

Little Einsteins - Rocket Child Costume
Price: $34.99

Baby Einstein Cone Hats

Baby Einstein Cone Hats
Price: $1.49

Baby Einstein Birthday Icebreaker Activities

A Baby Einstein party icebreaker is a relatively easy thing to implement. The reality is that most kids that enjoy these products and this theme are usually on the younger side. Therefore anytime that you can institute any play time or even socialization for the younger set, it's a positive experience for both parents and child. A Baby Einstein birthday party is really fun to throw and quite easy as the products lend themselves perfectly to a theme. So break out your DVD's and get everything ready for a fun and educational birthday party.

Embrace Your Inner Mozart

One of the most notable Baby Einstein videos and activities is of course the classical music themed types. These are not only educational, but a lot of fun. They also work quite well as a Baby Einstein party icebreaker so many parents are using this as a backdrop. You can set up all types of instruments for kids to play with and explore with, and almost create stations out of them. Set up little tambourines, drums, xylophones, and any other little instruments you can get your hands on. Then you can provide instruction or just let the kids have fun exploring, it really depends on the age of them. This is a great way to teach kids to embrace music and also works well for an activity at this type of party.

Animals, Animals Everywhere

Another notable aspect of the Baby Einstein universe is of course animals. These are a very identifiable part of this theme, but yet you can approach this from a different vantage point than that of a zoo theme or something related. Depending on the age of the children, you can set up a really fun Baby Einstein party icebreaker that all can participate in. You can hide small animals throughout the house or venue and create an animal safari for all of the kids to participate in. You can also play games of having the kids guess what the animal is based on the sounds that they make or the pictures that you show. All kids adore animals and since this is such an important part of a Baby Einstein birthday party, you can really have fun with it as an overall theme.

A World Full of Colors

So many kids learn their colors and how to associate them with things in the real world by watching these videos. If you want a notable Baby Einstein party icebreaker then center things on colors. You can let kids go crazy using paints, crayons, and markers to create their own colorful masterpiece. You can put items around the house in different colors to create a rainbow that they can discover, even using one room for each color. Letting the kids get interactive with the use of color can teach them a lot and make things fun for them as they celebrate a big birthday!

Baby Einstein Birthday Party Foods

Food can be kept simple but still very appealing to the kids by having fruit juices, cookies, mini peanut butter and jelly (make it in assorted flavors) sandwiches, animal crackers, hotdogs and corndogs. The birthday cake is the main attraction of a birthday party (aside from the birthday boy/girl of course) and having it in the shape of an animal would really be terrific. For example, you can make several small, round cakes and arrange them side by side in a wavy fashion to mimic the shape of a caterpillar.

Or you can have a plain frosted chiffon or chocolate cake shaped anyway you want it and top it off with the baby einstein cake topper. This is a great cake decor as it features the bright yellow smiley face of a very cut caterpillar four inches high and also a Baby Einstein plastic logo that you can put either on the side of the cake or on top of the cake giving it a very polished look. Oh, and don't forget the ice cream (birthday celebrant gets the dibs in what flavor to serve!). Serve the yummy delights using Baby Einstein dinnerware like plates, cups, forks, spoons and napkins. These are all wonderfully designed and available online.

Baby Einstein Birthday Favors

There are baby einstein favor boxes available online containing a Baby Einstein sticker sheet, two maracas, a five inch kitten bean bag, cookie cutters, Color-clay and a mini rubber ducky conveniently packed into a delightful Baby Einstein favor box. You can also create your own party favor giveaways by including baby einstein blowouts and sticker sheets.

Check out the following Baby Einstein birthday party favors:

Baby Einstein Party Favor Box

Baby Einstein Party Favor Box
Price: $4.79

Baby Einstein Birthday Party Games

Your first birthday party plans should note that kids five years old and younger have very short attention span so better make the Baby Einstein birthday party run no longer than two hours.

Storytelling is a great way to keep the kids occupied – try to make it as interactive as possible to make it lively. Another good idea is a puppet show (this is in keeping with the Baby Einstein birthday party theme). Instead of playing games, you may want to set up a play area filled with stuffed animals and other child-safe toys. Small children will love to spend time playing with the other kids here.

A simple game of Roll The Ball is also enjoyable for very young children as well as Guess The Animal (make animal sounds and have the children guess what animal it is). Older children can play Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Musical Chairs and other traditional party games (better if the games are animal centered so that it stays within the theme). Try playing the Baby Einstein theme as background music for your party.

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Baby Einstein Birthday Thank You Notes

Here some creative Baby Einstein thank you note:

Baby Einstein Thank You Notes

Baby Einstein Thank You Notes
Price: $2.59

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