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Ballerina Party by Suling Luu Prayitno from Kent WA.

Pinkalicious Ballerina Birthday Party


My daughter is about ballet after we took her to see Nutcracker at Pacific Northwest Ballet on Christmas. I thought I’d highlight her 3rd birthday of the beautiful ballerina party theme. I did go crazy with pink and pink. So I name it “Pinakalicious Ballerina party” Since we were just settle in Thailand it was nice to have Eva meeting new friend and get to know them.

Pinkalicious Ballerina Birthday Party


Two weeks before her party I have been making and collecting of the special details that made this party on pinterest board. Eva always has soft spot for ballet. And I also was a ballet teacher years ago in Thailand. It’s the party of my dream as a little girl. So I made this party extra special. I particularly go crazy with pink color. We live in small condo. So Eva helps with decoration by using ballet dolls, tutus, photos what we already have.

Ballerina Party Decoration Photo


Ballerina Party Decoration


Ballerina Party Decoration



Ballerina Dolly



Ballerina Birthday Party Decorations

I use all pink handmade décor and ambiance to fill up our party space in the condo. I’m entertaining my crazy decorating ways as I kept coming up with bigger, better pink décor. In the end it was all worth it, because everything turned out perfectly and Eva was so happy. I use empty frames and flowers. I bought a small bicycle to have one ballerina ride on it, then put some flowers were made by my amazingly talents friend. I’m a huge fan of live flower at the party. I think it really sets the tone at the event and a flower makes the rest of your décor pop. On the table we had some colorful jelly, chocolate balls, pink mouse. Cupcakes with ballerina topper to add special touch.

Being Silly



Ballerina Birthday Cake Table


Ballerina Cupcakes


Tutu Water Bottle


I tie pink tulle tutu around table and all the chairs. Dress some doll and teddy with tutus to decorate the room.

Tully Tutu Chair



Ballerina Birthday Party Foods and Drinks

I love designing buffet table just like any other party. I love creating event from start to finish for the greatest experience for the entire guest. All the food is served as Tea party. Everything is individual so easy for the guest to grab. The drink I made pink lemonade to match with them in plastic wine glass adds sugar rim and slice of lime to make elegant look. And they taste delicious.

Pink Lemonade


Cucumber Sandwich



Ballerina Birthday Cupcakes


Ballerina Party Dessert





Fruit Carving


Fruit Kabobs



Ballerina Birthday Party Cake

I order two different cakes form local bakery store with my own style. One is the ballerina shoes cake for the entire guest; I place them on the mirror so it made the reflection. The other cake is Barbie cake for all the girls. I gave each girl one spoon then they all can share one Barbie. They all enjoy the cake.

Barbie Cake



Ballet Slipper Cake


Kids Sharing Babie Cake


Blowing Candles



Ballerina Birthday Party Games

Since they are lots of girls we have all kind of activities for girls to do. First it was lemonade stand that girls can pretend selling lemonade. I asked local carpenter to make the stand for me.


Making Lemonade


Second they all get to decorate their own cupcakes and take home for their Grandma or special person, since they are lots of cakes to eat at the party.

Ballerina Cupcake Decoration


Ballerina Cupcake Decorating


Third I blew up black and white Angelina Ballerina picture wrap on one of the table. Put some crayons, sequins, sparkle so all girl can help decorate together.

Angelina Ballerina Picture Craft


Forth all the girl gets to dance and twirled with our ballerina dancer (One of my best students came to teach them a little ballet steps with all the props). Last one is bubble times:

Fun Ballerina Dance


Learn to Balance


Ballet with Dancer



Ballerina Birthday Party Favors

Each girls are taking home headpiece customize by me. Each is individual with pink feather and tiny hat.

Handmake Ballet Head Piece


Headpiece for Ballerina


Pink tutus with handmade hanger from beads for dance, I got my custom round sticker labels that say “Eva Tutu much” with some cute ballerina picture on it to be the tag of the tutus "

Ballerina Party Hangers


Tutus for Girls



Ballerina wands made from clear tube filled with colorful jelly decorated with star, tulle and bows.

Ballerina Wands


Once presents are opened in this condo... it's usually a free-for-all. ha! There's tissue paper flying, toys being ripped out of boxes, and kids screaming and laughing.


Ballerina Birthday Girl


Eva at her 3rd Ballerina Party


At the end of the party I got to read Nutcracker book to her that we received as a birthday gifts. It was nice and simple party but I feel so happy that I can share with the entire parent in Thailand. We all had such a great time.

My Happy Little Girl


The most touching moment of the party is when my daughter tries to feed my husband cake on Iphone since he was far away across the country and can’t be there for her.

Feeding Dad in USA


The best moment is when I see the girls’s daddy smiling behind the scene when he saws his daughter twirled in the tutus. The funniest moment is when all the girls try to catch the scarf that thro in the air while they doing ballet dance!

Ballet Playing Catch


Ballerina dancing forever!!

The End of Ballerina Party


All the Guests

The perfect ending to a perfect little party. I'm totally thrilled that everything went so well, and I'm happy to report that our Pinkalicious Ballerina party... was a Success!


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