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This site is all about sharing creative party theme ideas between creative people like you. But we also love cakes!

Who can imagine a birthday party without cake? From baby block and kids toys to Disney character to personal photo, there is always a creative and delicious cake idea...Ah, I'm a bit hungry now, ;-)

Coolest Birthday Cake Contest

We'd love to show case your birthday cake photos, recipes and how-to tips on our site for other creative people to get inspiration from!

And your cake photos & how-to tips will be automatically added to our "Coolest Birthday Cakes of the Month" contest, you could win $100 in cash or a complete collection of Printable Games! All eligible entries will be judged by our creative judges.

There are a few things you should know before submitting...


Preparing Your Photos

Preparing your cake images will make your cake look its best and help us make your cake page online faster.

Cropping your images: To crop your photo so that your cake is right in the center and as large as can be, you can use your own photo editor (such as Photoshop) or this easy-to-use online photo editor.

Here is an example of a cake photo before and after being cropped:

Before the picture was cropped...

After the picture was cropped...



Cake Pictures Submission Guidelines

  • You can send as MANY birthday cakes as you want.
  • For each cake, sending MORE than FOUR photos and additional files: The submission form below enables you to upload up to four Cake Photos. If your Cake Design Talent deserves more than four picutes, you can send additional photos and files (like video or audios) to coolestpartyideas[at] (remember to include all your personal information in the email so we know to connect it to your Cake submission).  
  • Each photo must be ORIGINAL cake made by yourself, a family member or your friends,etc... (not purchased).
  • Don't be a perfectionist when you write the tips. Just let your thoughts flow without worrying about editing them. Tell us how you parepared, frosted or decorated the cake. Share any information that can help us understand how you made the cake. Your write-ups are REALLY important and should be at least 200 words!
  • Cake recipes & how-to tips must be written in your own words and not copied from any other source.


Pay Attention: If you're submitting a baby shower cake, this isn't the correct form. This form is only for unique birthday cakes. Please submit baby shower cake pictures on our submission form... Thanks!


Click Here to Submit Your Cake!






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