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When it comes to coolest birthday parties for kids, the construction theme is at the top of any child's list! Take a detour toward an unforgettable day when you put these tips into action.

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Construction Birthday Party Invitations

Warn your guests that there is a construction birthday party in progress with an easy-to-make, custom construction sign invitation.

Any of the following ideas are a great way to announce birthday parties for kids, and all can be easily crafted from construction paper or card stock.

  • With an orange background and bold black lettering, let your guests know that it's time to take a "DETOUR to (name)'s Birthday Party! Traffic is being rerouted on (party date and time) to (party address)!"
  • A bright red stop sign will alert partygoers: "STOP! (Child's name) is turning (age). Join us on (date) at (address) for fun that won't stop!"
  • A yellow sign with black and yellow borders will let them all know that a "Party Zone" is ahead! Invite them to "Get in the Zone! (Name) is turning (age) and we're building a ton of fun! Please join us on (date) at (location)!"

Here are other construction truck party invitations for kids:

  • Take a picture of your child wearing a hard hat. Affix to folded card stock and tell guests "You're Hired!" on the front. Inside, write "We're building a special construction birthday party for (child's name)! Please report to work on (date) at (time) at our job site location (address)."
  • Print or copy coloring pages with dump trucks. Have your child color the picture and attach it to folded card stock. Trim around the truck, being careful not to cut at the fold, for a custom shaped card. Inside, write the following message for guests: "We're hauling in the fun! (Name) is turning (age)! Meet us on (date, time) at (location) for some heavy duty fun!"

Don't forget to check out these cute and printable construction birthday invitations for kids:

Construction Pals Invitations

Construction Pals Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Under Construction Invitations

Under Construction Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Invitations

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Invitations
Price: $ 3.59

Construction Birthday Decorations

Construction Birthday Party PhotoWelcome guests to your construction birthday parties for kids by giving each one a construction party hard hat. Once they've put on proper headgear, they'll need tools so hand each one a candy-filled tool set. And, because every construction site proudly displays the name of its construction project, include a construction pals personalized birthday banner so guests will know that there's birthday work in progress!

For construction birthday parties for kids that everyone will love, have several large boxes and plenty of washable paint on hand. Allow each child to decorate a box in the likeness of his favorite piece of construction equipment, and affix a round flashing safety lights to each "machine." Set up an obstacle course with 5" construction cone. Mark the course with bright yellow kids zone tape.

Birthday parties for kids need streamers, so try this cautious construction trick. Layer orange or yellow crepe paper with black, and twist the two together to create a two-toned flash of color around the room. Arrange balloons in piles of construction "debris" just outside of the safety zone. Confetti, included in the construction pals party pack, makes great construction "dust".

When it's time to open the gifts, your hardworking little guy will love this tonka truck chair. It also doubles as a great place for guests to pose for pictures.

Create large silhouettes of familiar construction vehicles out of poster board and affix them around the room at child-friendly heights. Challenge guests to name each piece of equipment and let them work their creative muscles by drawing in the details.

Another fun idea for construction birthday parties for kids is to craft a life-size tire from a real piece of construction equipment. Kids will be amazed at how large these vehicles are as they stand next to the "tire" on the wall.

When it's time to hit the bulldozer 18½" piñata clear the area by setting up Construction Cone Cups, which double as party favors.

The Construction Pals Deluxe Pack is the perfect building block for party fun! It comes with everything you need for eight party guests, including plates, napkins, cups, forks, and spoons. The included tablecloth and centerpiece add to the festive atmosphere. Consider adding construction pals party placemats, which guests can decorate with construction pals sticker sheets while they wait for lunch to be served.

I recommend these Construction birthday decoration kits:

Construction Pals Giant Wall Decals

Construction Pals Giant Wall Decals
Price: $ 39.99

Under Construction Square 18' Foil Balloon

Under Construction Square 18" Foil Balloon
Price: $ 2.99

Under Construction Centerpiece

Under Construction Centerpiece
Price: $ 3.99

Under Construction Plastic Tablecover

Under Construction Plastic Tablecover
Price: $ 5.49

Construction Personalized Banner

Construction Personalized Banner
Price: $15.99

Construction Birthday Costumes

Strap on your tool belt and get to building! Some of the best costume ideas for kids are the ones that they can use to emulate their parents. If you happen to have a home improvement guru in your family, then this costume is quite easy to put together. Even if you don't, this can be a fun way to get everyone thinking about construction.

All kids need is a tool belt or something that looks like one to start with. The uniform can be something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Then put a hard hat on them, and if you don't have one at home you can find one pretty inexpensively at a bargain store. Put a pencil behind their ear and then provide them with a few tools to make the look quite authentic.

Here are some creative Construction kid costumes:

Construction Worker Costume - Children's Construction Worker Costume

Children's Construction Worker Costume
Price: $20.39

Kids Construction Vest

Kids Construction Vest
Price: $2.99

Handy Manny Toddler/Child Costume

Handy Manny Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $29.99

Construction Party Icebreaker Activities

A construction theme icebreaker can really be a lot of fun for kids to enjoy. Though this tends to be more of a boy type of birthday parties for kids, it doesn't have to be. Girls and boys can enjoy this type of thing as they work off of a construction party to build something or get to know all about tools. So if you want something super cool that encompasses a fun way to build something, a construction theme can be just perfect birthday parties for kids.. Put on your hard hats and gear up for some fun times!

Building Together Means Fun Together

An excellent construction theme icebreaker can be centered on having all of the kids build something together. This is not only a fun way to get all the kids talking, but it's also a great way to create something amazing as a team. It doesn't have to be a huge skyscraper for kids to get involved in it. You can have the kids build something out of blocks, legos, or some easy to manage material so that they can all be a part of it. Give each child a job in this construction party-one picks up blocks and hands them to others, one oversees everything, a few kids actually build the tower. You can really use your imagination here, but the point is that every child has a role and gets to play an active role in building up the tower or piece of interest at the birthday parties for kids.

Learn Your Tools

If you are looking for one of the fun birthday parties for kids, then a tool themed birthday party can be a fun one to have. You can create games to teach the kids all about tools and their various uses. You can let them take guesses and then reward them when they get it right. A construction theme icebreaker can be quite educational and fun for boys and girls of all ages. Learning about tools is something that most kids don't do every day and if they are old enough giving them uses for the tools can be that much more fun.

A Building Seminar

If you've ever been to a construction or home improvement superstore, then you've probably seen that they have tool and building seminars for kids. This is a novel idea and also happens to make for a great construction theme icebreaker that kids can really get involved in. If you have a handyman in the family or know of one, then let them be the masters of ceremony. You can teach a certain skill, let the kids play with tools to learn all about them, or get them involved in a very simple project. This can be a fun way to get kids involved, particularly those that would never likely learn about tools or construction on their own. Show them examples of work that you've done or been a part of, or even show them what an organization like Habitat for Humanity has done in their area. This can not only be a really fun activity but it can also be quite inspirational as children sometimes find that they have an interest after witnessing this sort of thing.

Construction Birthday Party Foods

Construction Cakes

Traffic cone: Bake a large rectangular cake, such as a 9"x13" or a 12"x18". Cut the cooled cake diagonally into two pieces. Reposition one half so that the two long uncut sides touch, creating a large triangle. To create the base of the cone, position your knife about three inches from the bottom of the triangle up one side and cut approximately three inches toward the center. Repeat on the other side. To complete the cone shape, turn your knife and cut up toward the center of the top of the triangle, effectively shaving the sides of the cone while leaving the base. Finally, trim off the pointed ends and coat with orange icing. Add a white "reflective" stripe or two, and you'll have plenty of room to include birthday wishes!

Construction 7Construction signs: Use these construction 7" traffic signs as a guide, or create your own message. Here are some ideas to personalize your construction theme birthday party cake.

  • Danger! (Name) is (age)!"
  • "Caution, birthday in progress!"
  • "Yield for (Name)'s Birthday!"

Bake a rectangular (9"x13" or 12"x18") or square (commonly 8"x8" or 9"x9") cake. To get more out of a square cake pan, add a second layer. To decorate, simply model design colors after your favorite traffic sign and add the perfect message for your construction birthday parties for kids.

Snacks and Drinks

  • Orange juice and yellow lemonade are perfect compliments to the orange and yellow colors of a construction site.
  • Candy corn, available online all year, resembles tiny traffic cones.
  • Blocks of cheese are not just color-coordinated – they resemble little cinderblocks and work perfectly with your construction birthday party theme!
  • Waffle fries resemble portions of orange construction fencing.
  • Serve up a plate full of drill bits with a pasta salad made from corkscrew-shaped rotini.
  • When the lunch truck comes around, hot dogs and deli sandwiches are always on the menu!
  • Consider serving them up in brown paper bags when the lunch whistle blows.
  • Serve ice cream with crumbled candy bar toppings. Crushed nuts and chocolates closely resemble the dirt you'll find at any construction site.

Construction Birthday Party Favors

Construction Pals favor box are the perfect construction birthday party souvenirs. Each box contains a real construction vehicle, activity book and crayons, a sticker sheet, and a blowout.

These boxes are also great for carrying home piñata goodies of birthday parties for kids.

Construction Pals Party Favor Box

Construction Pals Party Favor Box
Price: $ 4.99

Construction Vehicle Cutouts 16

Construction Vehicle Cutouts 16
Price: $ 2.99

Under Construction Party Favor Kit

Under Construction Party Favor Kit
Price: $ 3.59

Construction Party Hard Hat

Construction Party Hard Hat
Price: $ 0.99

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Party Favor Box

Construction Pals 2nd Birthday Party Favor Box
Price: $ 4.49

Construction Pals Personalized Empty Favor Boxes

Construction Pals Personalized Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $ 12.99

Construction Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition of birthday parties for kids and a wonderful activity for the children's. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here are some great pinatas that fit for a Construction party:

Construction Truck Pinata

Construction Truck Pinata
Price: $ 15.99

Dump Truck Pinata

Dump Truck Pinata
Price: $ 19.99

Construction Birthday Thank You Notes

Throughout the party, take pictures of guests with their hand-crafted construction vehicles or catch them in action on the obstacle course. Send copies out for a memorable way to thank everyone who helped to make your construction party one of the best birthday parties for kids you've ever had!

Here are some cute & printable construction thank you notes:

Under Construction Thank You Cards

Under Construction Thank You Cards
Price: $ 3.59

Construction Pals Personalized Thank-You Notes

Construction Pals Personalized Thank-You Notes
Price: $ 7.99

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