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Looking for fantastic birthday party ideas for girls? A Bratz party is a great chance for you and your little girl to design the perfect party.

This theme gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of locations and ideas to create an unforgettable party.

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Bratz Birthday Invitations

Here are some Bratz birthday party ideas for girls that teach you how to design invitaiton.

If you visit a scrapbooking store, pick up some Bratz die cuts and other little items such as buttons and foam cutouts in the shape of boots, cell phones, and other fashion items.

You will also need some fun fur in pink (or your daughter's favorite color) and strings of beads or lace.

To make your envelopes, fold the fun fur in half with the right sides together and cut out a large rectangle. Once you have the two identical shapes cut out, sew or glue the two short sides and one long side together. You can then attach one end of the lace or beaded string to either side of the opening for a strap. To decorate your Bratz purses, use cutouts and buttons to decorate it up.

When you are done making the "envelope," it is time to start making your invitations. Cut a piece of coordinating card stock small enough to fit in the purse, but big enough to hold all of the necessary information.

You can write something like "You are invited to a super cool Bratz birthday party. (Your child's name) is turning (X) years old. We will play lots of groovy games and have lots of fun. (You can name some of your Bratz themed games.)" Then, include your address, the date, time, and your RSVP information. You can even give the card stock a light mist of perfume. Then, slip the card into the purse and voila!

Other birthday party ideas for girls include decorating cardstock invitations with Bratz stickers, star confetti, or even Bratz coloring pages.

Bratz Birthday Decorations

Outdoor Decorations

To announce the party outdoors, use a red material to make a red carpet up the walkway. Balloons, streamers, and work lights (or patio lanterns) can complete the Hollywood look.

You can also have a video camera awaiting the stars. To make a pretend camera, use a large cereal box for the base and a toilet paper roll for the eyepiece. To make a lens, cut a toilet paper shorter and attach it before painting the entire thing black. This is one of the coolest birthday party ideas for girls.

Indoor Decorations

feather boaWhite Christmas lights are just a start to the birthday party ideas for girls when it comes to a Bratz party. The secret to decorating for a Bratz birthday party is colorful and flashy items. Cover your walls and furniture with bright and flashy material, feather boa, and beads. You can also include lots of streamers, balloons and ribbon.

The snack table can be ornamented with things such as a cellphone gum dispenser, feather pens, and a Lil' Bratz centerpiece. You can cover the table with a matching table cover, confetti, and feather boas.

The table the girls will use to enjoy their food and presents shouldn't be ignored either. The Lil' Bratz deluxe party pack is the perfect thing. It has enough coordinating plates, cups, and utensils for eight divas along with a great table cover, activity placemats, and napkins. It even has a Bratz Mylar balloon for the birthday girl. 

I recommend this decoration kits for your Bratz birthday party:

Bratz IIT Birthday Stripes 18 Mylar Balloon

Bratz II™ Birthday Stripes 18" Mylar Balloon
Price: $1.19 each

Bratz Birthday Costumes

BratzT Cat CostumeYour unique birthday party ideas for girls should also include costumes. The guests and the birthday girl can party in their finest outfits.

If you would like to give the girls something to get the party started, you can purchase items such as tattoo gel pens and costume jewelry. The birthday girl can even were a special outfit like a Bratz™ cat costume or a Bratz™ cheerleader costume.

Get in touch with your fashionable side and dress the part! The wonderful part about a Bratz party is that the homemade costume idea for kids is quite simple and can use items in the house. It's all about high fashion so dress your girl up in something cute and cutting edge. Let her borrow something that is either flashy in color or animal print-it can be a scarf, a hat, or some piece of jewelry or accessory that ties the whole look together.

Consider something cute like a dress or skirt with leggings and then dress it up with all of the fun accessories, because they are a must! Even if the girls will be dressing up at the party, be sure that they show up fashionable and ready for a fun Bratz party, and this is so easy to pull together at home!

Don't forget to check the following Bratz birthday costumes:

Bratz Storybook Sweethearts Bratty Bo Peep Child Costume

Bratz Storybook Sweethearts Bratty Bo Peep Child Costume
Price: $29.99

Bratz Almost Angel Child Costume

Bratz Almost Angel Child Costume
Price: $9.99

Bratz Birthday Icebreaker Activities

A Bratz party icebreaker can really help to make things special for a fashionable young girl. If you are the mother of a young girl, then you are very aware of the Bratz. Though they may not have the most desirable name, this is a phenomenon that has caught on and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. These characters are all about flashes of color, fashion, and looking fabulous. So make your house into a fashionable place to be and your daughter and all of her little friends will adore this party!

A Fashion Makeover Waiting to Happen

Many people associate makeup and looking beautiful with the Bratz characters and empire. A perfect way to embody this is through a fun Bratz party icebreaker that allows each girl to have their own makeover. You can set up little makeup stations throughout the house and since you are dealing with younger girls, just keep it simple. Set up one station that allows them to do their hair and include scrunchies, clips, brushes, and cute barrettes. Then have another station that has fun little makeup such as lip gloss and simple eye shadow and blush. Then have one more station where girls can put on fun little play jewelry and accessories to make them feel beautiful, the Bratz way!

Dress As Your Favorite

There are some really cute Bratz characters and therefore girls can really get into this theme with an activity that lets them dress up as their favorite. In this Bratz party icebreaker you can tell girls ahead of time to come dressed up as their favorite character. You can tell them to keep it simple and just dress in the flashy pinks and purples or animal prints that this show is known for. Then you can set up all sorts of fun accessories that allow them to play dress up such as boas, hats, play jewelry and all the fixings. They will love to get into character even before they come over and it will put them in the right Bratz mind frame. Then you can let them really have fun with putting on the accessories and dressing up as their favorite character. They don't have to pick just one and the beauty is that this fun activity also ties in and creates a theme and loads of fun for all the girls to enjoy!

Walk the Runway

What supermodel doesn't love to walk the runway? Since Bratz are so much about fashion and fun, this is a perfect activity to get the girls involved and having a blast together. This Bratz party icebreaker is easy enough to execute because all you need to do is set up a "runway" in your home. This can be any area where girls can walk, free of distractions, with the others able to look on and cheer. After the girls play dress up and get all glammed up like their favorite Bratz character, now it's time to strut their stuff. It can really add to the fun if you have the Bratz music playing in the background and they have CD's out with this on it for your use. Then you act as the announcer as each girl prances out onto the stage and shows off her fashionable and fun side. The children will love these birthday party ideas for girls and you will have fun too!

Bratz Birthday Party Foods

Bratz Birthday Cakes

Lil' Bratz Cake ToppersIf you would like to use Lil' Bratz cake toppers, make a star shaped cake. You can then coat it in your little girl's favorite color icing. Then, outline the star shape on the top and along the bottom by applying a row of stars with the star tip. Clear edible glitter (available at many grocery stores, bakeries, and specialty shops) can then be lightly sprinkled across the surface.

If you find that some of the stars do not fall into a clean line, cool the cake in the freezer or fridge until the icing has gotten stiff. Then, you simply pull the parts off that you do not like and re-do the decorations.

Edible images offer another great option for a Bratz themed cake. Many bakeries and party shops offer this service. Here is how it works:

    1. Use an image of the Bratz girls as well as an image of the birthday girl and each of the party guests.
    2. Once the edible images are made, coat a 9 x 13 cake with white icing (dark colors will soak through the image and make them difficult to see.) Then, with a scissors, cut out each Bratz character and cut off their heads.
    3. The pictures of the birthday girl and her guests can be cut out too. This time, however you only want to keep their heads (be sure to mention this when you get the images made to ensure they are all the right size.)
    4. Very carefully, place the Bratz bodies onto the cake giving each one of them the head of a partygoer.

Keep in mind that once these images are placed on the cake, they are almost impossible to move without breaking. The cake can then be decorated with matching icing boarders and edible confetti.

Main Meals

To decide on food for a Bratz birthday party, you need to think "movie star." For a meal, the girls can enjoy "Posh Pizza" or "Chic Croissanwiches" (These are sandwiches on a croissant). Fresh fruit and vegetables are also one of the great birthday party ideas for girls to go with the main dish. You can even make your child's favorite food.

To make it fit into the Bratz theme, just give it a new name!

Bratz Party Drinks

Try one or two of these Bratz party drinks:

  • Mix raspberry sherbet and cola in a blender. Pour the mix into a parfait glass and garnish it with whip cream and cherries. You can call it "Cheeky Cherry Cocktail".
  • Combine lemon-lime soda with orange juice for "Star Citrus Sips".
  • Pink lemonade, iced tea, or even juice can be decorated with little umbrellas, fruit, or even fancy straws.


  • "Cloe cinnamon buns"
  • "Jade's favorite fruit cups"
  • "Yasmin's Fro-Yo": This is frozen yogurt. The girls can use their favorite toppings to make their own special treat.

Bratz Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Bratz Birthday Favors

Cool Bratz birthday party ideas for girls can be extended to the party favors as well.

Lil' Bratz favor box include a fashion ring, a body crystal design and a keychain so the girls can leave the party in style. There is also a blowout and sticker sheet to add some fun to the party. Also included in the Bratz birthday party favor box is a candy lipstick and a cell phone lip gloss.

Check out these cute Bratz birthday party favors:

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Party Favor Box

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

Bratz Kidz Treat Bags (8 count)

Bratz Kidz Treat Bags (8 count)
Price: $0.99

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