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Operation F.U.N with our coolest birthday party ideas for kids!

Below you'll find some festive and inexpensive ways to throw your deserving child a unique army birthday party to be remembered by all!

All of your guests will certainly love it, especially the young boys who have outgrown the likes of cartoon characters and action figures.

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on American Idol birthday supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday party items you'll need:

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Army Birthday Party Invitations

For great army birthday party ideas for kids, use camouflage colored paper with matching envelopes. A dog tag for each guest can be included in the invitation.

On the front of the card, include military themed pictures such as tanks and airplanes. Underneath the pictures write "You are asked to perform a top secret mission."

On the inside you can write "Private (birthday child's name) is turning X years old. Your mission: To arrive at (your address) at (time-you can include both army time and regular time) for an afternoon of fun and adventure. Be sure to bring your ID and wear battle gear!"

To seal the envelope shut, glue on army logo buttons. Buttons of the American flag or foam shapes also work great.

Don't forget to check out the following special force birthday invitations:

Special Forces Invitations

Special Forces Invitations
Price: $3.59

Army Birthday Party Decorations

Army birthday party decorations can start outside to make your house easier to find.

American flags and balloons can follow up the driveway. In the party area, include a special forces personalized birthday banner across the room with a camouflage tent and tunnel to get the fun started while you are waiting for the other soldiers to arrive. Netting or army tents can be used to transform the room into a giant army tent.

You can also add a few potted tropical trees outside and in the party area to give the room a "jungle feel." The jungle area also works great to take memorable birthday pictures. To add to the army theme for pictures, you can purchase army helmets and dog tags for the kids that go along great with their dog tags.

Don't forget decorations for the mess hall!

The Special Forces deluxe party pack has everything you need. It has great plates, cups, and cutlery perfect for carrying on the army theme. They can be further set of with terrific army themed place mats. The centerpiece, curling ribbon, and confetti work great to spice up the army tablecloth included in the pack.

A Mylar balloon can then be tied to the birthday child's chair. The pack also includes 24 balloons and 2 rolls of crepe paper to spice up the room.

I recommend these creative army birthday decoration kits:

Silver with Black Army Symbol 11 Balloons

Silver with Black Army Symbol 11" Balloons
Price: $2.49

Ben 10 Alien Force Removable Wall Decorations

Ben 10 Alien Force Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $14.99

Special Forces Foil Balloon

Special Forces Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

The Force Personalized Stickers

The Force Personalized Stickers
Price: $2.99

Army Birthday Costumes

marines uniform kids costumeOne of the coolest birthday party ideas for kids is to have guests come wearing all black or tan colored clothing and bring their favorite army items. For the birthday child, try a realistic looking marines uniform kids costume, special forces officer costume or a delta force soldier costume. Face paint can be used to finish off the effect.

March your way to a battle and some fun! The best part of these army costume ideas for kids is that there is just one theme to work off of.

Let the kids dress up in camouflage and enjoy how they just blend in. If you have camouflage then that works quite well, but otherwise have them dress in very muted colors like army green, tan, and brown. Be sure to make them authentic soldiers by marking their faces up with black under their eyes.

If you have them, give them their own dog tags or ID tags to make the uniform look that much more real. Then give them a helmet if you have it and be sure that they practice their best fierce look so that they carry off the feel of a real life soldier. They will love it and it's a great way to pay homage to true heroes!

Check out the following army birthday costumes for kids:

Air Force Pilot Costume

Air Force Pilot Costume
Price: $1.99

Green Army Man Costume - Children's License Disney Toy Story Costume

Children's License Disney Toy Story Costume
Price: $23.39

Army Brat Child Costume

Army Brat Child Costume
Price: $19.99

Army Birthday Icebreaker Activities

Army Birthday Party Photo


An army party icebreaker can really make for some military themed fun! There are plenty of boys out there (and even some girls) who are all about the military and while this is admirable, it can also work well as a theme for one of the most creative birthday party ideas for kids. Not only can children get an appreciation for the military and all that it does, but they can also enjoy some really fun activities.

You as the parent can be involved in the fun and create something that is sure to be memorable for years thereafte with our coolest army birthday party ideas for kids.

Obstacle Course Boot Camp

So much of the army and the military is centered around boot camp as that is the first rite of passage. Though this doesn't usually evoke many pleasant memories for those that have been through it, you can use this to create the perfect army party icebreaker. Kids can work their way through a simple but fun obstacle course in your backyard. Have them crawl through some big tires if you can find them. Then have them shimmy across the lawn on their stomachs under a close line. Then have them run, jump, and work their way to the finish line. You can set this up as a fun competition or just let the kids each take turns working their way through the system to see what boot camp is all about.

Living in the Bunker

The army is not known for luxury accommodations, but for kids the bunkers can represent a lot of fun with some creative birthday party ideas for kids. This particular army party icebreaker works quite well if you are having a sleepover. You can let the kids dress up in camouflage and even put some black marks on their face for authenticity. Each child gets their own ID tag that they can take home for their favor. Then you set them up in bunkers which can be a whole combination of beds or mattresses or even sleeping bags that you refer to as the bunker. You serve them up some "slop" in the dining hall and let them see what a day in the life of a soldier is really like. Be sure to include an early morning wakeup call!

A Fun Battle Amongst Friends

When you think of the army or the military in general, you likely think of combat or battle. In this case though this army party icebreaker is far more about the fun than about the actual battle. You let each child dress up in their perfect camouflage fatigue and get ready for battle. Then you set them up on teams of two and arrange for a battle between the soldiers. If they are the right maturity then you can give them pretend guns, but something as simple and safe as water balloons works just the same. Let them battle it out and the last person standing wins the battle. Just be sure that you lay out some rules ahead of time so nobody gets hurt!

Army Birthday Party Foods

Hotdogs and Kraft dinner can be the soldier's meal of choice. For a treat, chips can be separated and wrapped into tin foil "army ration" packets. A glass bowl looks great filled with army colors or red, white, and blue.

Army Badge Cake

Use cake mixes in a large round and a 9x13 cake pan. Once they have cooled, place the round cake on the center of the cake board. (Be sure to trim the top flat so that it lies even on the board and save the scraps for later.) Then, cut the 9x13 in half and cut out the wings of the badge for each side. The entire cake can then be covered in cream-colored icing.

To make the wing designs, use black icing and a fine round tip to mark out the details as your birthday party ideas for kids.

For the star in the center of the round cake, gently mark out the star shape in the cream-colored icing. The star shape can then be filled in with the star tip and yellow icing. The words "Happy Birthday Private (Your kid's name)" can be scripted across the star. The Special Forces deluxe pack has awesome cake candles and other birthday party ideas for kids to finish it off.


Army Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the children birthday party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here is a super creative pinata that fits for your army birthday party:

Army Man Pinata

Army Man Pinata
Price: $12.99

Army Birthday Party Favors

Special forces favor box and gift bags are the hosts special way of saying "thank you" and leave the guests with a token of the event.

Purchase or create dog tags for your guests to replace nametags on treat bags.  Decorate and fill bags with army trinkets. 

Many party supply websites, supply stores, or general stores carry a large range of novelty items that could be tied into an army theme.  Purchase a pack of camouflaged pencils and divide them out, include little notebooks or notepads and personalize them with a "Top Secret Orders" cover, add in some candy, a few balloons if the age is apporpriate and you have yourself an official army gift bag!

Also use this army favor box for kids to put everything together:

Special Forces Empty Favor Boxes

Special Forces Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $3.99

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Army Party Tank Cake

Sarah's Army Birthday Party (From Costal, VA)



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