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To help you planning a child party, we've grouped all the coolest kids birthday parties into different ages and themes.

You'll find theme invitations, decorations, printable games, favors and just about every bit of party planning tips so that you're surely to throw an unforgettable birthday party for your kids. And we divide all the kid party ideas into to different groups of ages:


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1st Birthday Ideas


They only turn the "one" once! That's why gathering 1st birthday ideas is one of the most important tasks that a parent will ever take on. Some really zealous parents will begin the planning process as soon as baby babbles for the first time; while others may take a more casual approach to celebrating this milestone. The first birthday is about more than just cake and ice cream. It is the beginning of a lifetime of amazing moments that they will enjoy with their child. Many memories will come from the 1st birthday party and every one that follows, which even more reason to make it as special as possible.

When considering 1st birthday ideas, there are some basic tips that parents should keep in mind which can help the party planning go a little smoother, and a lot less stressful. Remember, don't just want the child to have a "happy" birthday, you want everyone there to be just as happy, and that includes you! Here are a few tips and 1st birthday ideas that will do just that:

  • 1. Keep things light and fun! Try not to get bogged down with heavy theme ideas. Go for very age appropriate themes such as Sesame Street or Baby Einstein. Both of these themes are considered edutainment and the colors that are used appeal to young children. Early learning games can be a part of the birthday activities, which will encourage parent-child interaction between the adults and children.
  • 2. Animals are always perfect for little ones. One of the best animal inspired 1st birthday ideas is the Noah's Ark theme. You could always take this theme one step further by incorporating real animals into your child's birthday party. From miniature pony rides to butterfly gardens, children and adults alike love living creatures.
  • 3. Don't just focus on the kids. If you and your guests like sports, consider having a sports themed 1st birthday party for your favorite little rookie. You could make it a dress up party for all of the guests. If football is the theme, then have everyone wear their favorite football jerseys or even a full football uniform! Build your menu around foods that go with a sports theme such as ball-shaped finger foods and desserts.
  • 4. One of the best 1st birthday ideas ever is to always have a "bag of prizes" on hand. Decorate the bag to reflect your theme and fill it full of goodies that you can give out to any guest at any point in the day. Plan a few impromptu contests for the kids and the adults. Everybody likes to win stuff and a surprise goodie can calm almost any crying little one.

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Toddler Birthday Party Ideas: Age 2 - 4

When it comes to toddler birthday party ideas, planning your event around a character will always be a winner. Young children relate very easily to the characters that they read in books, watch in movies and on television, and see on their toys. Because of the popularity of character-themed parties, parents can find an abundance of party goods, decorations, party games, and even costumes featuring their child's favorite character. That can definitely take some of the stress out of party planning and makes it a lot simpler for parents to bring their toddler birthday party ideas to life.

2nd Birthday: Celebrating a child's 2nd birthday should be an affair that truly takes the party girl or boy into consideration. As a 2-year-old's emotions can run the gamut from tears to tantrums, it may be best to keep the birthday party small so that it's not a lot of social pressure on the child nor on the parents. For this age, Winnie the Pooh makes a fantastic theme for a toddler birthday party. Ideas for making the party more fun include setting up "honey pots" all over, and filling them with little surprises and setting video station for watching Winnie the Pooh video clips.

3rd Birthday: Three-year-olds are generally more active and ready to party! At this stage, children just want to have fun. Some themes for having a great 3rd birthday party include Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer. There are many accessories for these themes including costumes for children to dress as their favorite character. Being Dora or Bob for the day would make any 3-year-old smile a while!

4th Birthday: For a roaring or royally good time, consider dinosaur or princess themed toddler birthday party ideas! Little boys just love to run around, make noise, and play with big things. What better way to bring their favorite things together than with a dinosaur birthday party? Some little girls are totally enchanted with a princess' life, so, a princess-themed party would be absolutely perfect! For a pretty princess party, encourage all of little ones to come dressed in "royal" attire, but be sure to provide additional dress-up costumes at the party in case they want to change up.

So, when you are tasked with trying to figure out the best toddler birthday party ideas for a child that is 2-4 years old, with a character party, you can't go wrong! Remember that smaller children may do better with a smaller party, and older children just want to have fun! Plus, by using their favorite character as inspiration, parents will be able to find tons of party supplies that will make putting on a party a lot easier.

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Childrens Birthday Party Ideas: Age 5 - 7

Discussing childrens birthday party ideas with your child could be one of the best conversations that you will have because you will get a real glimpse and understanding about your child's preferences and what makes your child (and his or her friends) happy. The insight that you will receive will help you to better plan the big event. When children reach the age of about 5, they really start to comprehend what a birthday is all about. They know that it is "their day" and that they will be given allowances to have an awesome time. But they also can start to appreciate the personalization and planning that goes into making a birthday celebration unique. Tailoring one of these cool childrens birthday party ideas to suit your child could be an exercise in fun that the two of you will never forget!

For 5-year-olds: Have a dog gone good time with a dog party! At age 5, costumes are the perfect compliment to a birthday party. On the invitations, have your child request that each guest arrives dressed as his or her favorite dog. This will work for boys and girls. Have a dog party fashion show where the kids can parade in their costumes for a prize. This idea can also be incorporated with the popular Little Pet Shop theme.

For 6-year-olds: Girls love to be girly and cutesy at this age. Childrens birthday party ideas that include tea parties are absolutely perfect. Not only can the guests come in their most pretty party frocks, but they can also enjoy finger foods that your child helps prepare. This will be a very special event for everyone involved. For 6-year-old boys, a circus themed birthday will be big fun! Of course, your child would be the Ring Master and he could really be the "star" of his party by doing little tricks for his guests and overseeing all of the activities.

For 7-year olds: Don't fret these cowboys. They're just trying to have a party! Provide your child and his or her guests with some ten gallon hats and lassos and watch them have a wrangling good time. A really creative activity to include with the other childrens birthday party ideas is to have the guest create their own cowboy or cowgirl vests at the event! If your crew is a little more adventurous, then consider a safari party. Plant a bunch of plastic animals around a specified area and send them on a scavenger hunt and animal round-up. Use lots of animal print for the décor which will bring the look of the jungle to your child's party!

So, get your child involved in the planning process and really take his or childrens birthday party ideas to heart. Encourage creativity by having your child hand make their invitations and also let them help decorate for their big day. They may add just the right "touch" to make their event a phenomenal success!




Childrens Birthday Party Themes: Age 8 - 12


When trying to determine the perfect childrens birthday party themes for their tweens, parents should be sure to get them involved. Children that are ages 8-12 are going through an important transition in their lives when they will no longer be considered little kids. They want and need to feel that their opinion counts. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a theme. From wanting to have the best birthday ever to wanting their friends to have a blast, party planning can cause tweens to become a little emotional. So, to help parents and their favorite tweens get through the planning stage without too much drama, here are some childrens birthday party themes, to make putting on the party of the year a snap!

For 8-year-olds: The childrens birthday party themes that work best for this age usually involve something "extreme" such as Spiderman or Star Wars. Super heroes, super powers, other worlds, and just anything that's totally not "ordinary" will make your child and the guests super happy! Also, for girls, a super sweet idea is to have a ladybug birthday party. At this age, they still like to play dress-up, so let your child dress the part for the big day!

For 9-year-olds: What better way to spend a birthday than with a big green ogre? A Shrek party could be a great party theme. While parents may not like some of the gross stuff that goes along with being a Shrek fan, kids LOVE it all and would enjoy a party where they could get their hands dirty with a little green stuff! Slime would be a must for this type of event.

For 10-year-olds: This is an age of discovery. Children this age love learning and finding personal strengths. So, the childrens birthday party themes which could make for a fantastic event should include something where they can get really involved such as bowling. A bowling party is fun and it also will give everyone a chance to flex their bowling skills! Plus, this theme will work for boys and girls.

For 11-year-olds: Friends are keys to happiness at this age. Childrens birthday party themes that have an emphasis on friendship like Harry Potter or camaraderie like in the Army can make a major impact. If you and your tween opt for a Harry Potter party, encourage the guests to dress as their favorite character from the series. If Army is the theme of choice, have everyone invited wear camouflage clothing and gear! Have some really cool obstacle courses that they can tackle too!

For 12-year-olds: An awesome time is what needs to be served up for this age group. Whether your favorite tween is a boy or girl, being hip and knowing how to have a great time is what matters most. A luau themed birthday will be completely cool and will offer a chance for some island-inspired fun.

No matter what childrens birthday party themes parents ultimately choose, letting their tween be involved is going to be a huge part of the event's success. With a happy tween as the star and a part of the "production team" for the birthday party, everyone involved is sure to have a phenomenal time!


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