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Invitation wording is an often overlooked part of effective birthday party planning. Many people are perfectly content to fill in the blanks on store-bought invitations.

A wise host, however, takes full advantage of the opportunity to energize and engage potential guests long before the party starts.

Follow the tips below for birthday party invitation wording to make your invitations the hottest ticket in town!

1) Sound excited!

Hanna Montana Party InvitationIf your words are dull and lifeless than it's a reasonable conclusion that your party will suffer the same fate. Before jotting down a dreary cliché, think about why you are celebrating and pour that enthusiasm into your words.

  • "Please join us" takes on a whole new life when you say "You've got to be here for this!"
  • "It's a birthday party" may be true, but how about this instead: "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to honor (name) on his (age) birthday!"
  • "Hope to see you there" pales next to "We wouldn't miss this for the world, and we don't think you'll want to, either!"

2) Be specific when you select birthday party invitation wording.

If there's a theme, let your guests in on the fun! If you party doesn't have a central theme, you can still invite guests to wear their best tropical shirt, baseball hat, or concert tee for guaranteed conversation starters. This simple instruction promises a lot of fun ahead!

  • "(Name) is a huge (baseball team) fan! Arrive in your favorite MLB gear to help make his day – bonus points if you pull for the rival team!"
  • "Help us rock this party by wearing your favorite concert tee!" If your guest of honor is a big fan of a particular genre of music, let guests know. For example "Best vintage 80s rock shirt wins a prize!"

3) Use the right tone.

Let your invitation divulge the personality of the birthday party guy or gal when you choose birthday party invitation wording.

  • For a distinguished event, use formal wording. "The honor of your presence is requested at the (home of 'host') / (party venue) as we celebrate the (age) birthday of our esteemed friend and colleague, (name).
  • Hosting for a sports fan? "Join us as we kick off the Super Bowl of all birthday parties for our first draft pick, (name)! He's wearing the number (age) jersey this year and he's expected to put on quite a show for us this season!"
  • Is the birthday girl a cat lover? "(Name) is the cat's meow! Make her special day purr-fect as we celebrate (age) lives of one of our favorite cats!"

4) Use humor.

A party is about having a good time, and your invitation should reflect that. Use tact as the situation calls for. Your elderly aunt is probably not going to be amused by being referred to as an "old bat." Your buddy may love crude humor, but your more conservative invitees will be unlikely to want to post it on a family-friendly refrigerator.

5) Choose a great font.

Whether you print your own invitations or simply write them out yourself, the font (or handwriting) can have a big effect on your message. Check out these examples:

  • For a serious or elegant event, choose flowing, formal italics or calligraphy.
  • For a surprise party or one with a mysterious theme, mismatched letters cut from magazines and newspapers are a really fun way to spread the word. There is even a font that mirrors this effect.
  • If you want the party to bring out the kid in your guests, a child-like font is a whimsical nod toward your theme. To achieve this effect by hand, write with crayon and throw in the occasional backwards letter for the perfect finishing touches.

6) When in doubt, let your invitation be your guide.

A brightly colored cardstock simply begs for lighthearted words. In contrast, a sophisticated maroon or navy hue carries a distinguished look. Carry this idea over to any themes that dominate the invitation and you'll have a smooth, inviting presentation.

7) If you choose to order custom invitations, printers often provide suggested wording for different styles of card.

Making use of their ideas is like having a free party planner at your disposal, but don't be afraid to add your own style. After all, you know the celebrant better than they do!

After you get what you want for your kids' birthday party invitation wording, it's time to think about using these chic and modern invitations by designers.




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