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Awesome birthday party theme ideas are here...where ever there is pixie dust, there's magic! Spread some of your own at a magical Tinker Bell party for your birthday girl!

You don't have to search around forever trying to find the best deal on Tinker Bell birthday party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday party items you'll need:

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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Invitations

Here are some Tinkerbell party invitation ideas:

  • Cut a sheet of vellum into the outline of Tinkerbell by laying it over an outline of the fairy and tracing the shape lightly before trimming. Use white, silver, or metallic pink for a sweet presentation. Then use a pen or marker with a delicate tip to share the news: "(Name) is having a birthday and we're celebrating with Tinker Bell! Believe in the magic of fairies and join us at (time) on (date) at (location). Be there to make (name)'s birthday dreams come true!"
  • Print or copy pictures of Tinkerbell. Full color prints are ready to use, while coloring pages will give your child a chance to send everyone a piece of original artwork using these popular birthday party theme idea for invitations. Attach her to cardstock and add a few strands of wispy, metallic ribbon near her feet. Punch a small hole in the top for another loop of ribbon so she can hang and "fly". On the back, write "Soar with Tinkerbell on a magical birthday adventure as we celebrate (name)'s (age) birthday!" List time, date, and location.
  • Picture your child in a silvermist water fairy costume. Officially licensed by Disney, this costume will make your little girl look like one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends! Every invitation becomes a keepsake when you ask guests to "Celebrate the Magic of (name)'s birthday with Tinkerbell!" with a beautiful, full color photo. Include date, time, and location of party.

  Don't forget to check out this printable tinkerbell birthday invitation:

Tinkerbell Invitations

Tinkerbell Invitations
Price: $3.59

Tinkerbell Birthday Decorations

Drape metallic curling ribbon from trees or bushes leading up the walk to the party. As the ribbon dances and weaves in the breeze, it will send off magical flashes of light. Bunches of pink and purple balloons will add enchantment to your outdoor scene.

Inside, greet guests with Tinkerbell herself! Stand-ups are popular birthday party theme ideas, so make sure you have one at your Tinker Bell party! Kids of all ages will be delighted by the Tinker Bell standup. At three feet tall, she's truly larger than life! This addition to your décor is great for pictures, too.

To give any room a magical feel, drape the walls in a sheer or metallic fabric (available from fabric stores). Soft, flowing or shimmering cascades on the walls will make your little girl feel like she is in a storybook! Add to the look with flowing streamers and bunches of pink, purple, and white balloons to match the Tinker Bell birthday party theme ideas.

Everyone will know that the birthday girl is the star of the show when you hang a Tinker Bell personalized birthday banner.

This long banner, primarily in purple with a Tinkerbell at each end, will make her giggle with delight! Makes a great decoration, or lay it out and allow guests to sign it with a silver or gold marker to create a one-of-a-kind memento.

Everything you need for a winning tablescape comes ready for you in the Tinker Bell party supplies. This convenient pack has enough plates, cups, and cutlery for eight guests, and you can always buy additional settings. Also included are a table cloth, napkins, activity place mats, balloons, streamers, and more.

I recommend these Tinkerbell birthday decoration kits:

Tinkerbell Centerpiece(Each)

Tinkerbell Centerpiece (Each)
Price: $4.99

Tinkerbell Sticker

Tinkerbell Sticker
Price: $1.99

DisneyT Tinkerbell Giant Wall Decal

Disney™ Tinkerbell Giant Wall Decal
Price: $19.99 each

Tinkerbell Mylar Balloon

Tinkerbell Mylar Balloon
Price: $7.99

Tinkerbell Mini Doodle

Tinkerbell Mini Doodle
Price: $1.99

Tinkerbell Birthday Costumes

Turn every little girl into a sprite with these birthday party theme ideas. Both a craft and a costume, little pixie fairies will delight in this fun activity! Start by cutting out fairy wings from poster board for each child.

Let the girls decorate them with glitter, washable markers, or crayons. Allow them to tape on lengths of streamers or ribbons for extra fun when they dance around. Once they've completed their wings, use a safety pin to attach them to the backs of their shirts. Use wands made from empty paper towel or wrapping paper rolls (for younger girls) or wooden dowels (for older guests) with streamers or ribbons stuck to the end to add a magical touch to this Tinker Bell birthday party activity.

Dress as a fairy and scatter fairy dust everywhere! This is one of the simplest and yet cutest homemade costume ideas for kids. You can find wings, wands, and sometimes even fairy costumes everywhere from the dollar store to party super stores. Dress up your little girl with her own fairy wings and wand, and you can even go for a cute dress or outfit in Tinkerbell green or other flashy and cute colors. A fairy needs to feel like a princess but have her own little flair. So of course glitter her up from head to toe sprinkling it in her hair, on her face, and all about. She will feel like a fairy princess and fit right into this fun Tinkerbell themed party!

 Check out these cute Tinkerbell birthday costumes:

Tink and the Fairy Rescue - Tinkerbell Classic Child Costume

Tink and the Fairy Rescue - Tinkerbell Classic Child Costume
Price: $29.99

Tinkerbell Slippers

Tinkerbell Slippers
Price: $8.09

Tinkerbell Infant Costume

Tinkerbell Infant Costume
Price: $24.99

Tinkerbell Wig - Disney Costume

Tinkerbell Wig - Disney Costume
Price: $7.60

Tinkerbell Jewelry Kit - Fairytale

Tinkerbell Jewelry Kit - Fairytale
Price: $8.99

Tinkerbell Birthday Icebreaker Activities

A Tinkerbell party icebreaker can be a lot of fun for the little fairy in everyone! Though Tinkerbell has been around for years, she has made a recent comeback and little girls adore her. This fairy brings out the princess in every little girl and makes for such a perfect theme. If you have a girly girl on your hands as so many parents do at some point in time, this can exemplify all of the beauty and grace of this beloved character. Though these birthday party theme ideas have been around for years, you can put a new and fun twist on it with fun activities.

Embracing Your Inner Fairy

What's one of the most identifiable and beloved things about Tinkerbell? The fairy outfit of course, and every little girl wants to dress up like her! Therefore this lends way to a perfect Tinkerbell party icebreaker that is easy to execute and sure to please each and every little girl. Set up a little area at the beginning of the party that allows each little girl to dress up like a fairy. This can be quite simple as you include a pair of fairy wings, a wand, and cute accessories for each little girl. Put out lip gloss and glitter that the girls can decorate themselves with. Each fairy needs to get into character and playing dress up is the perfect way to do so. Tinkerbell is all about the beauty and elegance that a fairy brings, so be sure to let each girl at the party to become her own little fairy. This is as much fun for you as it is for them watching them get all dressed up!

Fairy Treasure Hunt

Once they are all dressed up as fairies, then you need to send them on their very own fairy treasure hunt. This Tinkerbell party icebreaker can take place in the enchanted forest which can be your own backyard or an area of your home that you dress up to look like one. You give the girls little clues of things that they must find a flower, a leaf, a subtly planted Tinkerbell doll, and you can build upon these clues and items. Then at the end they find a big treasure chest of fun fairy items. This can be the items in a goodie bag like candy and stickers. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, but there should be plenty of treats in the treasure chest for each girl to enjoy. They will have fun finding the clues and of course will love the fairy treasure chest at the end.

Create Your Own Fairy Flowers

Tinkerbell is a fairy that is all about the flowers, she is literally surrounded by them. So let each girl create their own flower craft through this Tinkerbell party icebreaker. Line a table with fairy dust (also known as glitter) and then put out pre-cut construction paper that looks like flowers. Then have each girl glue the flowers to Popsicle sticks and line them with plenty of glitter/fairy dust and color them with markers and tissue paper. This is not only fun for them to do, but they also get to take this beautiful craft home with them. You can have this at the end of their fairy treasure hunt or as a standalone activity that all can enjoy and be a part of. However you frame it, this is a fun craft idea that all of the girls will love.

Tinkerbell Birthday Foods

When Tinker Bell gets tired from all of that flying, one of these tinkerbell birthday party theme ideas for drinks is sure to please!

  • Pink Lemonade – a most ladylike treat!
  • Strawberry flavored milk – little girls will love the pink hue.
  • Tinker Bell's morning nectar – apple juice will look as sweet as honey!

Little pixies can have big appetites! Try one of these Tinkerbell birthday party theme ideas for snacks.

  • Delicate fruits are just right for dainty pixie tummies! Offer an assortment including strawberries, melons, and apple slices.
  • Cut and washed veggies are another party favorite. Serve tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and other favorites with a sour cream or ranch dip.
  • Bite size crackers topped with sections of lunch meat and cheese are a tiny twist on sandwiches.
  • Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks are tiny magic wands for little fingers. Bake instead of frying.
  • A light white pizza made from mozzarella and a white sauce is a ladylike take on this traditional party favorite.

Top off a perfect Tinker Bell party with one of these fabulous desserts!

  • Turn ordinary cupcakes into something magical with a sprinkling of pixie dust! Bake and ice cupcakes before sprinkling edible glitter across the top. This delightful garnish is available in cake decorating supply and craft stores.
  • Make a layered round cake. Cool completely and frost, piping in flowers if you are particularly talented. Sprinkle with edible glitter for a sparkling pixie effect. Then place a Tinker Bell cake topper in the center, and you're done!
  • Create "ice cream" cones that are just perfect for little pixies! Arrange flat bottom cones in a standing position in a cake pan. Fill with cake batter, leaving 1" or so of space at the top of the cone. Bake at 350 until a toothpick comes out clean. Once they have cooled completely, pipe the "ice cream" onto the cones so that they look like towering soft serves. Top with rainbow sprinkles. Make one for each guest for a whimsical addition to your Tinkerbell birthday part theme ideas.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the girls' birthday party and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit".

Here is a perfect unique pinata that fits for Tinkerbell Birthday party theme ideas:

Tinkerbell Pinata

Tinkerbell Pinata
Price: $22.99

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Favors

Tinker Bell favor purses are a great addition to you collection of Tinker Bell birthday party theme ideas. Each box is easy to assemble and comes with a mini star wand, body glitter, a sticker sheet, a blowout, and a Tinker Bell belt clip. Have one for every little girl at the party to send her off in a wave of pixie dust!

Here are some creative Tinkerbell birthday party favors:

Tinkerbell Ultimate Favor Set

Tinkerbell Ultimate Favor Set
Price: $8.49

Tinkerbell Favor Set

Tinkerbell Favor Set
Price: $3.99

Tinkerbell Thank You Notes

Add magic to your thank you notes by taking pictures of the girls in their Tinkerbell costumes. Include them with thank you notes for an extra-special way to show your appreciation!

Check out the following Tinkerbell thank you cards:

Tinkerbell Thank You Notes

Tinkerbell Thank You Notes
Price: $3.59

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