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Planning a bowling birthday party? These bowling party invitations will be right up your alley!

Have A BALL!

It doesn't get any more basic than this classic bowling ball and pin.

Here's how to recreate these invitations for your bowling birthday party. (You'll need to duplicate this process for each invitation, so make as many as you need as you go through each step.)

Bowling Birthday Party Photo

  • Start with a solid color background. In the example, the background is blue, but you can go with any color you choose. Bright, bold colors will look best against the ball and pin. Use construction paper or cardstock, and cut it to the size of a postcard, approximately 4"x6" or 5"x7".
  • Use black construction paper or card stock to cut out circles for the ball. Make each ball approximately one quarter of the size of the background.
  • Trim white construction paper or cardstock into the shape of a bowling pin. You want the base to be slightly less than half of the width of the background, and nearly as tall (see the example). Cut three small circles for each bowling ball out of the white paper, as shown.
  • Draw the stripes on the neck with a red crayon or marker.
  • Write the party information on the bowling pin as shown in the example. Attach the pin to the background with glue and allow to dry.
  • Write a message on the bowling ball. Try using a silver marker so it will show up over the black paper. Use the wording in the example or come up with your own.
  • Next, use a hole punch or a pair of scissors to punch two holes in the center of the card, about ¼" to ½" apart. Punch one hole in the bowling ball, opposite the finger holes as shown.
  • Take a 6-8" length of ribbon and thread it through the card so that both loose ends are coming out of the front.
  • Thread one end through the hole in the bowling ball and gently tie a knot so the ribbon will not come untied. The bowling ball will hang freely against the card.
  • Trim the excess ribbon and you're ready to deliver your bowling party invitations!

This next idea couldn't be any easier!

Colorful Bowling Birthday Party Invite

Follow these simple directions, or use them as inspiration to create your own bowling party invitations!

  • Start with a solid-colored card stock. Cut out one 8"x12" piece for each invitation.
  • Fold the card stock in half so that the new dimensions are 4"x6".
  • For the front, choose a piece of scrapbook paper with a fun design on it. Cut 2"x3" squares from the paper. Use craft scissors to achieve the serrated edge look.
  • To add the bowling motif, you can do one of two things. Either use stickers, or print several copies of ball and pin clipart from your computer. If you print your own, trim them carefully around the edge of the design, then use a glue stick on the back of the cutout before applying it to the card.
  • Use a marker to write "Let's Go Bowling" or any other message of your choice, such as "It's My Birthday!"
  • Glue just the center of the picture for the relief you see in the example, or glue the whole thing down for a secure attachment.
  • Allow to dry completely. Then open the card up and add your party details.

By following these tips, anyone can create original bowling party invitations of their own!

More bowling birthday party ideas.



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