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The most successful boy birthday party games will take advantage of the high energy and activity level that boys require.

Be prepared for it when you plan one of these boy party games for your next big event!

It's a Ringer!

This idea can easily morph into a number of themed birthday party games! The basic idea is a ring toss. To play, divide the boys up into two opposing lines. Let one side toss the ring while the other side tries to catch it on the stick. The team with the most rings on the stick at the end of the game wins.

In order to match your birthday theme, consider some of these variations:

  • For a pirate party, use a sword as the stick.
  • Construction party guests can catch rings on a shovel handle.
  • Little magicians can take aim at magic wands.
  • Sports fans might want to shoot for the goal post or a baseball bat.
  • Star Wars fans can target the saber.
  • The possibilities are many – all you need to do is use your imagination to work with the theme of your choice.

For a slightly rowdier version, give just a few players the opportunity to catch rings and let the rest of the guests toss the rings at them all at once. Allow the game to continue for a predetermined amount of time before blowing the whistle and starting a new round. After each child has had the chance to play, let the previous winners play against one another until you can declare just one winner overall.

Clown Bean Bag Toss

Boy Birthday Party Games

This idea comes from my fun party games' collection that can have every kid get fun glow rings and a patriotic fun too!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Try this choice of boy birthday party games to bring out the fun of competition, birthday-style! You can play this game indoors or out, but remove fragile items from the area before playing inside.

To set up, you'll need a large birthday cake made from poster board. Draw the cake so that you see the top view, including the correct number of candles for the birthday boy. The candles will be the targets, and you'll want six for six-year-old, eight for an eight-year-old, and so on.

Next, cut a hole for each candle. For older children you can make the game more difficult by cutting smaller holes; younger children should play with bigger holes.

To complete the set up, turn the "cake" over and tape a large plastic cup over each hole so that items that go in the opening from the other side will land in the cup. After each of the holes have been covered, add a few more cups across the bottom for stability and to prevent the top from drooping or sagging. Turn the "cake" back over so that the design is once again visible from the top.

Birthday Party Game - Now You See MeIn order to play, you'll need two more things: unused birthday candles and thin tube that is just large enough for the candle to move freely but without extra space. In most cases, a drinking straw is perfect, but if your candles are a bit too large you can always roll up wax paper or thin cardboard to make the tube.

The rules are relatively simple. Each boy takes turns blowing through the tube, shooting candles at the cake. The goal is to end up with one candle in each cup, so each player will have as many candles as there are on the cake. For every candle that makes it into a cup, award five points. If a second candle lands in the same cup, allow one point. Candles that miss, of course, are not awarded points. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. I also recommend this Now You See Me, Now You Don't.

With boys, the more active they can be the better. These boy birthday party games are guaranteed to get things going in a way that is just their style!

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