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Looking for boy birthday party ideas? Every kid is fascinated by outer space, so when you need some unique ideas, you can't go wrong with the thrill of a space party!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on space party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the boy birthday items you'll need:

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Space Birthday Party Invitations

Keep your eye on the sky with these fun invitation ideas!

  • Kids will love helping with these boy birthday party ideas for invitations! Use black cardstock. Fold it in half and cover the outside with glitter to create a dark night and glittering stars.
  • Inside, use chalk or a silver marker to write "BLAST OFF! (Name) is heading off on his (age) trip around the sun!" Add date, time, and party location.
  • Craft a rocket ship out of construction paper, using markers or crayons for detail. Attach it to black or deep blue cardstock with a short spring. When the recipient pulls the card out of the envelope, the ship will bounce around above the surface of the card. Write "Mission: (Name)'s Birthday!" on the front with chalk or a silver marker. Inside, write "We're launching a birthday party on (date) at (time). Be at our pad (address) for blast off!"
  • Take a picture of your little pilot in an kids astronaut costume and put it on the front of a card. On the inside add the following: (Name) has been selected for Mission (age) and you have been chosen for the crew! Be prepared for launch by (time) sharp on (date). Please be prompt when arriving at (location). We look forward to having you on the team!"

Don't forget to check out these creative & printable invitations:

Space Explorer : Moonstruck

Space Explorer : Moonstruck
Price: $1.29 each

Space Personalized Invitation(Each)

Space Personalized Invitation (Each)
Price: $0.99

SOuter Space Invitations(8-Pack)

Outer Space Invitations
Price: $4.59

Space Mission Invitations

Space Mission Invitations
Price: $3.59

Space Aliens : Black

Space Aliens : Black
Price: $1.29 each

Space Birthday Party Decorations

Start with these space boy birthday party ideas! Welcome guests at the driveway with a T-minus countdown. Closer to the road, write a large "10" with sidewalk chalk. Space out the remaining 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 all the way to the door. On the door, finish off with an explosive "Blast Off!" sign and they won't be able to get through the door fast enough!

Inside, cover the walls in navy or black. Sheets, large rolls of paper, or plastic tablecloths are all superb wall coverings. Use construction paper to create stars, the sun, the moon, and earth as viewed from space. Jupiter, with its large storm, and Saturn with the famous rings, are easily recognized additions to the spacescape. If you have access to a black light, you'll witness a powerful display when you cut the lights. White stars will pop right off the backdrop to a chorus of oohs and aahs from your guests.

inflatable space explorer An inflatable space explorer is a striking addition to your space! Kids up to 75 pounds can sit on this 55" machine, or hang it from the ceiling for an eye-catching display.

Alternatively, gather a collection of cardboard boxes and get out of the way! When you need great boy birthday party ideas, you can't beat a building project! Provide lots of tape, paper, washable paint, and stand by with scissors if you have a younger crowd (boxes can be hard to cut, so supervise closely). If you have a lot of boxes, divide kids into teams to see who can build the best rocket ship. The results are sure to be an impressive addition to your party décor!

A rocket play tent is one of the exceptional boy birthday party ideas to occupy kids, especially those too young to build their own! Easy way to occupy guests during transitional time, plus an exciting way to set the scene!

Balloons and streamers are perfect boy birthday party ideas, and it's easy to use them to fit your Space party theme. Hang yellow balloons for the sun and stars. A white or blue balloon with a tail made of streamers make for an impressive comet (remember, a comet's tail always faces away from the sun!). And, of course, a line of gray balloons makes for an impressive asteroid belt, or hang them in singles as wayward meteors.

When you need completely unique boy birthday part ideasy, turn to the Space Mission party supplies. This kit comes with everything you need for table settings for eight guests, including placemats, plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, balloons, silver table cover, streamers, and more. Additional supplies are available.

I recommend these space birthday decoration kits:

Space Wall Decals

Space Wall Decals
Price: $29.99 each

Space Mission Removable Wall Decorations

Space Mission Removable Wall Decorations
Price: $0.99

Space Mission Giant Wall Decals

Space Mission Giant Wall Decals
Price: $39.99

Space Patrol Banner

Space Patrol Banner
Price: $14.79 each

Space Mission Foil Balloon

Space Mission Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Space Personalized Stickers(Sheet of 12)

Space Personalized Stickers (Sheet of 12))
Price: $2.99

Space Birthday Costumes

Blast off to outer space and enjoy an out of this world experience! Kids love the mystery of outer space and you can create some very cool homemade costume ideas for kids using this theme as the backdrop.

Go for the obvious and dress them up in all silver to look like a real life astronaut. Let them get really creative and let them dress up as a space alien in all green, complete with some authentic looking gooey green face makeup. You can even let them dress up as their favorite planet that you can create as a big round ball in the appropriate color—think of red for Mars for example! This is such a fun theme and really allows kids and parents alike to get creative and have a blast with it!

Also check out these super creative Space costumes kids:

Space Alien Child/Tween Costume

Space Alien Child/Tween Costume
Price: $29.99

Space Man Helmet

Space Man Helmet
Price: $26.99

Space Helmet

Space Helmet
Price: $3.99 each

Space Birthday Party Icebreaker Activities

Space Birthday Party Photo

A space party icebreaker can really be out of this world! If you have a little one who is enamored with all that has to do with outer space or who is simply obsessed with being an astronaut one day, then this is one of the best boy birthday party ideas.

You can set up an outer space motif right in your own home and with the right activities you can have all of the guests feeling as though they are taking off in a rocket ship. It just requires a bit of creativity and some well planned out activities, and your little astronaut will feel out of this world!

Orbit in Outer Space

So much of the fun for kids about the allure of outer space is getting dressed up in the gear. You can create an outer space atmosphere with a dark room, glow in the dark star stickers, some planets made out of paper Mache and loads of imagination. Then the best part of this space party icebreaker comes when the kids get to dress up in their space suits. Get all the perfect things for their astronaut gear including silver suits that have the right look and feel, complete with a piece to fit over their head and booties for their feet. You can find the supplies for this almost anywhere and you don't have to spend a lot on it. Letting the kids dress up is an activity in and of itself, and it will put them all in the outer space frame of mind!

Blast Off to the Moon and Back

Some creative boy birthday party ideas here. You can turn any game into one that allows kids to blast off to the moon. You can create the ultimate space party icebreaker by having a rocket ship for the kids to board and blast off in—this can be something that you fashion yourself or a household item that they use their imagination with such as an old couch covered in a tent. Kids don't need something luxurious or authentic to feel as though they are in outer space, they just need something that they can use a bit of imagination on and they will be having fun for hours. If you have access to a good backyard you can even set up their space ship outside, particularly at night, so that they can see the moon and the stars as they prepare for their big launch.

Out of This World Scavenger Hunt

When you have the theme of outer space as your backing, there is no limit to what you can do. When you incorporate that theme into some fun traditional activities, it makes things so much more fun! In this space party icebreaker, you create a simple but themed scavenger hunt. Have the kids search for aliens that you have hidden around the house. Be sure that they can uncover the moon rocks (also known as painted rocks that you created) in the backyard. Create fun little themed items that the kids can uncover and in no time at all they will be working their way through an outer space scavenger hunt and having a blast doing so! Offer up some themed prizes for the winner such as an out of this world bag of candy complete with pixie dust and moon jawbreakers.

Space Birthday Party Foods

When astronauts get thirsty, they don't always go straight for Tang! Try one of these thirst-quenching treats as your boy birthday party ideas.

  • Lemonade – Astronauts really do drink lemonade in space! Let kids mix their own powder if they'd like, and offer round "asteroid ice" for the fun of it!
  • Capri-sun drinks – The technology for this silver packaged drink actually came from space!
  • Galactic juice – Start with a fruit drink of your choice. Use food coloring in ice trays to make ice cubes in several colors, and then add them to the drink. The funky colors will make every cup unique, but will not affect the flavor.

When tummies start to rumble like the roar of jet engines, have some of these treats on hand!

  • Flying Saucer Pizza – One of the classic boy birthday party ideas, it's also a favorite!
  • Moon Pies – This retro treat will bring a smile to parents and kids alike!
  • Martian-mallows – Kids love marshmallows, so serve them up as snacks!
  • Patriotic Fruit Tray – Show off that American pride with astronaut favorites such as red strawberries, white apple slices, and blue berries!
  • Freeze Dried Ice Cream – Kids won't believe that this is real ice cream! Actual astronaut food right to your table!

Try one of these space boy birthday party ideas when it's time for cake!

  • Give them the sun or the moon! Assemble a two layer round cake and cover it with bright yellow for the sun, or messy, pocked gray for the moon.
  • Bake a sheet cake. Slice the cooled cake in half length wise, and place the pieces together end to end. Cut two triangles off of one end to make a point for a nose cone, and move the cut pieces to the bottom of the rocket as tail fins. Ice white, using black for the nose cone and tailfin accents. Add details and the letters USA to the body of the aircraft.
  • Feeling ambitious? Start with a sheet cake and decorate it with the sun and planets, much as you would in elementary school. Start with the sun at one end, then move to Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. (Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, and is therefore no longer officially in the roster). Draw the portion of the orbit that is visible on the cake with white icing. Use a dark background for the best effect.

Space Birthday Party Favors

When you need boy birthday party ideas to send your space party guests off with a blast, try this! Space mission favor boxes look like real rocket ships! Easy to assemble, they include a glow star and a glow stick, a space glider, a spacecraft lollipop, and a sticker sheet. Throw in Pop Rocks Candy – an explosive treat that delivers a blast of giggles right to your mouth!

I recommend these creative space birthday favors:

Space Favor Box(Each)

Space Favor Box (Each)
Price: $1.59

Space Design Pencil

Space Design Pencil
Price: $1.99

Outer Space Deluxe Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Outer Space Deluxe Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $6.99

Space Mission Empty Favor Boxes

Space Mission Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $4.99

Space Deluxe Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Space Deluxe Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $7.29

Space Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to boy birthday party ideas and a wonderful activity for the childrens. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here is a great pinata that fits for a Space Boy birthday party:

Space Shuttle Pinata(Each)

Space Shuttle Pinata (Each)
Price: $15.99

Space Birthday Thank You Notes

Be sure to thank all of the co-pilots and crew who made your space party special!

Take pictures during party activities, making sure that you have at least one of each guest. Use an 8x5"x11" piece of paper to create an official-looking certificate. Put a picture at the top, and follow that with the words "Special thanks to Lt. (guest name) for your participation in Mission (birthday boy's name) Birthday the (age). Flight status: successful." Add a personal note to thank them for their gift, and you've created a prestigious keepsake!

Also check out these awesome Space birthday thank you notes:

Space Odyssey Thank You Notes

Space Odyssey Thank You Notes
Price: $3.99 pkg/8

Outer Space Personalized Thank You Note(Each)

Outer Space Personalized Thank You Note (Each)
Price: $0.99

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Space First Birthday Party

Alison's Space Theme First Birthday Party




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