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Are you planning a party on a minimal budget? Stylish and budget friendly don‚t always go hand in hand, but they can with these great tips. Let these ideas guide you to an incredibly stylish and budget friendly party with minimal budget!

  1. Determine your party budget and stick to it ˆ Not setting financial guidelines is the quickest way to stressful party planning as it‚s easy to blow your budget before purchasing what you really need. Try shopping discount bins, sales racks, or use coupons to get the best possible rates on décor.

  2. Find a location ˆ If your backyard or indoor residence does not provide adequate space, look into local parks or clubhouse type facilities. In my local area the parks are free and can be reserved on first come first serve basis.

  3. Invitations ˆ Some of the cutest invitations are beautifully handcrafted or purchased from a discount store, for either option, embellishment is key. Ribbons, gems, glitter, and craft punches, just to name a few, can take a boring invitation to wow with little effort. Not crafty? Try one of the many invitation sites on the web.

  4. Décor ˆ The best way to stay within your means is to DIY. Custom props and party décor are fabulous but not always in the cards due to the high price tags they carry. Utilizing paper products or items found within your home are the perfect way to get creative and make your own decorations.

  5. Table Settings - Opt for a simple silhouette with coordinating centerpiece. Some of the prettiest and cost effective centerpieces can be flowers from your garden or backyard!

  6. Tablecloths - To create a visual that looks expensive try real tablecloths rather than plastic. If high dollar tablecloths and linens are out of the question try a solid color or fun patterned sheet from your local department store for a more pulled together look. Sheets are certainly less expensive than purchasing tablecloths and can be recycled after use.

  7. Party Food ˆ The most obvious alternatives to saving money on refreshments is to make them or enlist a family member skilled around the kitchen to take care of the menu. There are many simple and easy suggestions for fun party foods like hamburger sliders and chips for example. This option is perfect for guests to eat and give them the freedom to move throughout the room to socialize; without feeling glued to a party table. I also feel bite sized portions are the way to go as they require minimal prep time and are suitable for both kids and adults. Potlucks are also a cost saving method, as well as pre-packaged meals.

  8. Activities ˆ Try classic games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, relay races in the backyard or interactive crafts to pass the time. Photo Booths are a huge trend and a inexpensive to pull off. Fun backdrops purchased from your local linens store are great, or again, even a sheet or shower curtain in a festive print are effective. If photo booth props are not in your budget try items around your house such as; picture frames, fun hats, or printable, DIY props found on the web.

  9. Party Favors ˆ Determine how much you want to spend on party favors per guest. Purchasing party favors can either be extremely inexpensive or very costly. If you don‚t want to get a bulk party favor package try a single, memorable item. Although many items seem fun, they can easily be lost or forgotten, unlike a single, special item that will remind guests of the beautifully designed party they attended.

Courtney Price is the Owner and Event Stylist of Glamour Avenue Parties. Her work and products have been featured on Nickelodeon's Parents Connect Parents Picks, Tip and Bellenza the Wedding Bistro, Jem of the South and several other publications. Learn more about Courtney at



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