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Looking for graduation party ideas? What better way to celebrate the months of hard work that went into earning that middle or primary school graduation than a Buzz Lightyear theme party?

Have a blast with these tips for celebrating Buzz Lightyear style!

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Buzz Lightyear Party Invitations

Make sure no one misses this once-in-a-lifetime Buzz Lightyear party with these graduation invitation ideas.

  • Use dark blue or navy cardstock and a silver or gold marker that will show up well against the dark background.
  • Write "Congratulations on your Launch!" on the top, above a picture of a rocket ship. (You can draw the picture or find one to attach to the card). Underneath the rocket, write "We're celebrating how far you've come on (date) and (time) at (location). Don't miss a light year of the fun!"
  • Cut out large white, silver, or yellow stars from card stock or poster board. You'll need one for each graduate. On each one, write a message such as this: "Congratulations to the Graduating Star! You're shining so bright! We're celebrating on (date) at (time, location).
  • Make a play on words with Buzz's catchphrase "To infinity – and beyond!" by writing "To the future – and beyond!" on an official-looking diploma invitation. (Create one of your own by printing or copying one online, or buy certificates at a local store). Add "Congratulations, Graduates! We're celebrating your out-of-this-world accomplishments on (date) at (time, location). Don't miss a moment!"

Buzz Lightyear Party Decorations

Congratulate the graduates with a Buzz Lightyear personalized birthday banner. At an impressive 61" long, your "Congratulations, Graduates!" message will be visible from outer space!

Decorate your Buzz Lightyear party space with lots of blue and lime green streamers to match the theme. Silver or white starts hanging from the ceiling will give it an interstellar glow.

Show off your intergalactic pride with a large flag – either that of your country or your school – on display.

Cover the walls with dark bulletin board or craft paper to resemble the night sky. Affix glow stars to the "space" and use construction paper to make replicas of each of the planets to put up on the wall. (Alternatively, dangle the planets from the ceiling in a path across the room). Use a piece of chalk to draw a large, swirling Milky Way galaxy on the dark paper across another wall.

Bring the man himself to your Buzz Lightyear party with a Buzz Lightyear 3D pull string pinata. This makes a great decoration, and with the pull-string feature it will still be looking good long after the goodies have left the piñata.

Bring a gravity-defying Buzz to the party with a jumbo Buzz Lightyear jumbo mylar balloon. Graduates can pose for pictures next to the big guy, holding their diplomas up proudly or wearing their own space costume creations (see below).

Consider Buzz Lightyear removable wall decorations for windows, doors, or empty wall space. Have enough on hand for graduates to keep one as a memento after the party.

Set the table with these great Buzz Lightyear table accessories. You'll find matching cake plates, cups, napkins, and even cone hats for a silly twist on the traditional graduation mortar board. Add a Buzz Lightyear party table cover from the collection for added decoration and easy clean up.

Don't forget to chekc out these creative Buzz Lightyear birthday Party decorations:

Disney™ Toy Story Buzz Giant Wall Decal

Disney™ Toy Story Buzz Giant Wall Decal
Price: $ 24.99

Buzz Lightyear Shaped Mylar Balloon

Buzz Lightyear Shaped Mylar Balloon
Price: $ 8.99

Buzz Lightyear Keepsake Scroll

Buzz Lightyear Keepsake Scroll
Price: $3.99

Buzz Lightyear Party Costumes

Buckle up for this adventure and mission into outer space! Buzz Lightyear party is here to save the world and the toys, and you can create your very own at home. This is one of the easiest homemade costume ideas as you want to dress your child up in all white with purple and green accents. So consider a white top and pants with a purple belt and green shoes. Throw on a backpack of course and watch your little darling turn into Buzz Lightyear before your very eyes. Sure you could go out and purchase a costume in this theme, but making it on your own is so much more fun! Kids will love arriving to the party in their costumes and will really be in the right frame of mind to play all the great games as they act like the real character from the movie.

Paint a few cardboard boxes white or silver ahead of time and allow them to dry completely. For very large appliance-size boxes, the kids can work in groups, but for smaller personal-size boxes, have one or two for each child.

Assemble construction paper, scissors, several rolls of aluminum foil, markers, and any miscellaneous items that you can come up with that would look fitting in outer space. Challenge the graduates to create their own space suits or rocket ships with the materials on hand. Be sure to take pictures of each of them as they work, and again as they proudly display the finished project.

Here are some super cute Buzz Lightyear costume ideas for kids:

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Infant Costume

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Infant Costume
Price: $ 21.99

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Classic Toddler/Child Costume

Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Classic Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $ 24.99

Buzz Lightyear Icebreaker Activities

A Buzz Lightyear icebreaker can make your Toy Story party a surefire hit! This hot movie has turned into a super popular party theme. Since Buzz happens to be one of the most beloved characters from the movie, many young boys want to have their parties shaped after him. This is easy enough to execute and sure to please even the most discerning young taste. Kids can come dressed in character and prepare for hours of fun. Some of the games and activities can be more traditional and keep with theme and some can play off of the movie and the character directly. Mix it up and the kids are sure to have fun at this perfectly themed party!

Make Your Own Mr. Potato Head

If you have ever seen any of the Toy Story movies, then you know that Mr. Potato Head plays a very pivotal role. So why not use this to create your very own Buzz Lightyear icebreaker, but keep it focused on him. Throw in some accessories that are just like him and then let the kids build their own Mr. Potato Head. Chances are that it's been years since they've actually made their own and this can be a really fun little competition for them. Let their imagination run wild and see how much creativity they can enlist when they center on this Toy Story fun activity. This will not only keep them busy but keep them working in a creative activity.

Pin the Tail on the Alien

You know that he is all about fighting off aliens and keeping the world safe. So why not create a Buzz Lightyear icebreaker that keeps up with his save the earth type of theme. Create a board that features a huge alien on it that kids can take their turns pinning the tail on. You can get really creative and have them pin something else like a third eye or fourth arm to make it that much more interesting. This works the same way as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but keeps up with the theme. Kids have loved it for years and are sure to appreciate it in this appropriate theme.

Report for Your Mission

This can work much the same way as Simon Says and create hours of fun filled antics. Somebody acts as the caller in this Buzz Lightyear icebreaker and the kids have to follow along on their super secret mission. You ask kids to perform various missions such as running back and forth, touching their hips, rubbing their stomachs and their heads at the same time. The sillier the better, but in this version it is all about Buzz Lightyear type of activities that are fun and keep with the Toy Story idea. The missions are fun for kids to follow and you can have some excellent prizes at the end of it all.

Buzz Lightyear Party Food

Stick with the space theme for an out-of-this-world beverage station!

  • Tang – The kids may be too young to remember the buzz about Tang, but astronauts still drink it in space to this day!
  • Lemonade – This is another favorite of both kids and astronauts. Drop pop rocks into each cup for fizzy excitement.
  • Intergalactic goo – Drop small scoops of vanilla ice cream into green Gatorade for a funny alien-inspired drink.

Let hungry graduates feast on one of these space inspired treats.

  • Star sandwiches – Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches out into star shapes. Kid favorites: peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese.
  • Cheese tray – Arrange string cheese or chunks of cheddar on a tray with pieces of sliced cheese cut into star shapes.
  • Pizza – An easy, no fuss favorite of kids everywhere!
  • Easy quesadillas – You can quickly melt cheese in a folded tortilla by microwaving it for several seconds. Serve wedges with sour cream or salsa.
  • Freeze Dried Ice Cream -- This authentic astronaut treat will amaze kids! Have a pack on hand for each of them.

Enjoy one of these space-inspired cakes when you need graduation party ideas for dessert.

  • Buzz Lightyear cake topperMake easy, no mess cupcakes by adding gummy space shuttles to the top of homemade or store-bought versions.
  • This fun cake will bring Buzz Lightyear to the table! Bake and ice a two-layer round cake before arranging Buzz Lightyear cake topper across the surface. Don't forget to write "Congratulations, Graduates! You're out of this world!" on top!
  • Prepare a sheet cake by covering it with blue icing. Use a decorator's bag with a writing tip to draw outlines of stars on the cake, one for each graduate. Then add the name of one child to each star. If there's room, write "Congratulations to our star graduates!" among the stars.

Buzz Lightyear Party Favors

Send graduates off into the world in style with Buzz Lightyear spacecraft favors. Each plastic spaceship has wheels that actually roll and a hatch that really opens. Also included are three rolls of candy and a Buzz Lightyear backpack clip.

Here are some creative Buzz Lightyear birthdy party favors:

Buzz Light Year Party Favor Spaceship

Buzz Light Year Spaceship
Price: $ 2.99

Buzz Lightyear Party Favor Kit

Buzz Lightyear Favor Kit
Price: $ 3.29

Buzz Lightyear Flyer

Buzz Lightyear Flyer
Price: $ 5.29

Buzz Lightyear Thank You Notes

Make prints of the pictures that you took of the kids building their rocket ships or space suits or posing with the Buzz Lightyear piñata or Mylar balloon. Also collect any great pictures of graduates smiling, laughing or eating with friends. Use a scrapbook page that is silver or blue, features stars, or is in the school colors to create a unique memento for each graduate. Center the best individual picture and surround it with the others.

Write a personal message of congratulations for each student for a unique keepsake of the Buzz Lightyear party that they won't soon forget!

Here is a perfect Buzz Lightyear thank you notes:

Buzz Lightyear Thank You Cards

Buzz Lightyear Thank You Cards
Price: $ 1.99

Your Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own buzz lightyear birthday photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!

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