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Nature calls and the perfect way to answer is with a perfect birthday party for the kids. There are so many wonderful parts of the outdoors to a child and camping is a great way to encompass all of that.

If you really want to make a special camping party for your child and encourage their love of the outdoors, then this theme is just perfect. Whether you actually go camping or just set up the perfect scene in your backyard, this is a theme that is sure to please all the kids. It’s unique, it’s fun, and it has some really great elements that you can plan a party around.

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Camping Birthday Party Invitations

The kids will want to know that you are going with a camping theme right from the start. Then they can get excited and start getting all of their gear together. The parents will want to know that this party is likely to be outdoors so that they can get their little ones ready. When you send out that perfect invitation, the kids and parents alike will be excited and can start getting ready for this fun event. Some great ideas for invitations really celebrate a camping birthday party right from the start, and they include:

  • You could go with an already created camping party invitation such as this Let's Go Camping Invitations. The nice part about this type of invitation is that the design is already done for you and all you have to do is fill in the blanks with the vital information. This is sure to get people in the camping spirit and it’s easy for you to create and send.
  • If you want to get really creative, then consider sending something that you would expect to use on a camping outdoor adventure. Send the kids a flashlight as the invitation with a card attached. Say something like you are invited to a let’s go camping party and the excitement will be contagious. They will get their very own flashlight to use at the party and in the outdoors, and they will know that they are invited to something truly special.
  • Send a picture of your little camper in their full gear as the invitation. This is not only a great way to inform the kids that they are invited to a camping party, but it also makes a great way to celebrate the guest of honor. You simply take a picture of your little one all dressed for camping and use that as the main background for the invitation itself.

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Toy Trucks - Hello Little One For Tiny Prints

Go, Diego, Go: Backyard Camping - Nickelodeon
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Let's Go Camping Invitations

Let's Go Camping

Price: $ 3.59

Camping Birthday Party Foods

There’s nothing like a cookout in the great outdoors. This is one of the best parts about camping and therefore your menu selection is rather easy. Sure you can add on some favorites of your little one’s for all to enjoy, but keep the menu focused around a campfire. Then you can actually create a campfire in your own backyard or simply cook these things up on the grill for an easier approach. No matter which route you take it, here are some simple but delicious food ideas.

  • Hobo Packs: These are named for the fact that they come in an all-in-one foil packet and they have been around as long as camping has. Each child is given a foil pack that contains meat, potatoes, and vegetables all together. Then they cook these over a campfire until they are done and ready to eat. Children have been enjoying these simple packets of food for years and it works really well for a party like this.
  • Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: When it comes to a party that is centered around the outdoors, there is no better food than good old hamburgers and hot dogs. The great part is that every kid loves one or both and they are easy for you to cook out. You cook them outside so it’s all in keeping with the theme and if you serve them up with a couple of sides, you have a built in menu. You can serve them up with buns, condiments and all the toppings, and then of course serve up favorites like cole slaw, chips, and potato salad on the side.
  • S’Mores: No camping birthday party is complete without s’mores! These are a staple at any campout and therefore the kids will just expect it. You simply need some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. Then let each child pick a stick that they can roast their marshmallow on over the fire. Once it’s burned to perfection let them sandwich it in between a layer of graham cracker and gooey chocolate. Perfection!

Camping Birthday Party Decorations

You want to give the kids the illusion of being out in the wilderness and on their own little campground. Even if you are holding this type of party in your own backyard, you want them to feel like they are one with nature. This is easy enough to create the illusion of and the kids will love it. They’ll feel safe being in the backyard away from the animals and yet they can pretend that they are out amongst the trees camping out. Some decorations can really help to set the mood including:

  • Lots and lots of lanterns: You want to give the feeling that your area is only being lit up by lanterns and perhaps some candlelight. To help capture that feeling you want to really line the space with as many lanterns as you can find. Get them in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors to make the space feel really authentic and oh so cool!
  • Tents: Whether the kids will be sleeping outside or not, you need to set up the tents to really make it feel like a real camping birthday party. To get this feeling you want to line the space with tents of various sizes. You can even center the activities around the tents such as serving up the food in one of the bigger ones and perhaps letting them do an activity in another tent. Then they will feel like they are outside having fun, but really they will be celebrating a birthday between a few tents.
  • Picnic Tables and Accessories: Since this is an outdoor affair, you want to give it all the right touches. You can decorate with a few picnic tables strategically placed for the kids to eat at and to help set the mood. You can also put out coolers for them to get their drinks out of, sleeping bags for them to sit on and eat and talk on, and of course a campfire at the center of it all to light it up.

Don't forget to check the following Camping birthday party decorations:

Camping Personalized Stickers

Camping Personalized Stickers
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Let's Go Camping Giant Wall Decals

Let's Go Camping Giant Wall Decals
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Let's Go Camping 18 Foil Balloon

Let's Go Camping 18" Foil Balloon
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Let's Go Camping Personalized Birthday Banner

Let's Go Camping Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"
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Camping Personalized Photo Banner

Let's Go Camping Personalized Photo Banner Large 30" x 100"
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Camping Birthday Costumes

The attire for this type of party is really simple and fortunately also very comfortable as well. Get the kids all dressed up in their camping best such as jeans, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and of course bandanas to complete the look. Have them all bring jackets with them as it can get a bit cold outside. Let them bring a backpack and their camping accessories or gear like sleeping bags, lanterns, and even bug spray. Then you’re in for a nice little camping event!

Camping Birthday Party Favors

You want the kids to really remember this camping birthday party for all the fun that it was. The perfect way to help them remember is to send them home with an awesome party favor that keeps with the theme and is actually functional. That way anytime they go out into nature, they will think of the fun that they had at this party. A few ideas are:

  • Try going for a themed item that will remind them of their camping adventure as they enjoy it after the party is over. A fun way to drive home the camping theme and yet allow the kids to enjoy some treats is a themed favor box such as this Let's Go Camping Empty Favor Boxes. Kids love treats such as fruit snacks or various candies and if they come in a cute little camping themed favor box like this it will serve as a great reminder of the party.
  • Send them home with a useful water canteen. Kids drink tons of water throughout the day and if you give them a water canteen it helps them to stay hydrated and think of the party every time they drink out of it. You can even make it more special by personalizing it with each child’s name on it.
  • Give them each a bandana that is helpful for keeping the hair out of their face and yet quite memorable. Each child can pick the color bandana that they like and consider giving out these party favors in one of the tents before they leave. They are sure to wear it all the time and will never forget the fun that they had! This is such a unique party and you want something in keeping with the theme and truly memorable!

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Let's Go Camping Party Favor Box

Let's Go Camping Party Favor Box
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Camping Favor Set

Camping Favor Set
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Let's Go Camping Empty Favor Boxes

Let's Go Camping Empty Favor Boxes (4)
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