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Transform yourself into the Brazilian Bombshell this year with these ideas for a Carmen Miranda Halloween costume that you can make yourself!

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Carmen Miranda Halloween Hat

Carmen Miranda costume hatA glance at Carmen Miranda, and one thing was for sure: you simply could not overlook that hat. Here are the steps for creating a Carmen Miranda costume hat of your own.

1. Start with a basic hat that fits your head well. It should be snug enough to stay in place while holding a bit of weight, but it should not, of course, be so tight that it's uncomfortable. A small brim will provide a platform for the fruit to rest, although you may have to plan to hide it well, as it was not Carmen Miranda's style to wear a brimmed hat!

2. Collect a bright scarf and a few fruits for display – preferably plastic ones. They can be found in craft stores year round. Home décor centers are also great places to look, or you can shop online. Look for bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, and any other brightly colored items – the more colorful, the better! Add grapevine, green leaves, or other background accessories and fillers to your collection as well. Finally, you'll need a needle and strong thread to hold the items in place. Fishing line works great – it's transparent, thin, and exceptionally strong for its size.

3. Begin by wrapping the scarf around the Carmen Miranda halloween costume hat. You should see very little, if any, of the hat showing through. Ideally, it should look like a scarf wrapped around your head once you put it on.

4. Use the thread or fishing line to sew the scarf in place. You don't need to completely stitch it in because the fruit will be attached directly to the hat through the scarf.

5. It's time to begin attaching fruit! Start with larger, harder to position pieces such as bananas and grapes. For smooth pieces like the banana, it may be helpful to thread the needle directly through the skin in order to keep it in place. Once you've threaded the needle through the fruit, attach it in several places through the hat before tying it off.

Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume 6. After the bananas, work the grapes into the design. You should be able to loop the thread around the stem and then through the hat to keep it in place. Do this in several spots throughout the arrangement to ensure that it will stay on.

7. Once you have the larger pieces on, begin to attach any vines that you may have. Work them around the base or loop them so that you have more room to place items in between the rows. Tie the vines in place with the needle and string, threading the line through the base hat to keep items secure.

8. Next, begin place individual pieces throughout the design. Use the same threading process to connect the flesh of the fruit to the hat itself.

9. Finally, add leaves and accessory items. They're the perfect finishing touch for your Carmen Miranda Halloween costume hat!

Carmen Miranda Halloween Dress

The dress is the easy part of this costume. In fact, you can probably work with something in your closet!

If you don't have a flashy, colorful dress, you can accessorize an ordinary one with brightly colored scarves and costume jewelry. For real flair, sew several bright scarves together end to end and then sew one end to a plain dress in a spiral that wraps around your body. This will create a series of flirty ruffles that go perfectly with the fruity hat in true Brazilian Bombshell fashion!

If you want to achieve a fun, playful look this year, a Carmen Miranda Halloween costume is the perfect choice. Follow these easy steps, and you'll look like the legend herself in no time!



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