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Casino night is a traditional party favorite, but you don't have to settle for the same old plans when you host your own. In fact, these spectacular ideas for casino party are guaranteed to create a sensation and a buzz among your guests!

You don't need to search forever the best deals on casino party supplies, these items are the best choicess that can save your centuries of time:

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Casino Party Invitations

Your imagination is the only limit to turning your casino party ideas into fabulous new invitations, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Guests will know that they're in for the ultimate casino party when the invitation arrives with a personalized poker chips party ideas! Attach a freebie chip to a colorful invitation printed in playful font. "Make a play on the house! Everyone is "in" at the (your last name) casino night on (date) at (time). You can bet on a good time so come cash in your chip!"
  • Roulette Wheel InvitationTurn your rowdy friends into an elite crowd with an invitation suitable for high rollers! Use a sophisticated cardstock to print your message in elegant font: "You are cordially invited to casino night at the (your last name). Please join us at (time) on (date) at (address). Regrets only, please."
  • It's a sure bet that you haven't seen invitations like these before! Roulette Wheel invitations party ideas are amazing reproductions of the real thing, and they feature all of your party details in a fully personalized product that you'll be proud to send off!

Don't forget to check out this creative invitation card for Casino party ideas:

Casino Sign : Midnight

Casino Sign : Midnight
Price: $1.19 each

Casino Party Decorations

Guests will know they're at a whole new kind of party when they walk through the door to a high roller kit! This amazing kit offers an electrifying array of party props and ideas! The centerpiece is a massive cardboard arch with twinkling lights that guests can walk right through and pose for pictures beneath. Sophisticated black columns are topped with playing cards for a bit of drama, and cardboard slot machines add an authentic touch to your setting! A decorative movie spotlight and a metallic palm tree provide sensational thrills in this high-class scene!

It wouldn't be a casino party without card games so choose a few favorites and set up tables for guests to place their bets. Blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker are excellent for party crowds! Label the game tables with Casino Sign cutouts party ideas to add an engaging touch of formality.

Fill an entire wall with the after-dark skyline of the big city with a Vegas Escape mural party ideas! Almost five feet tall, more than ten feet wide, and bursting with the lights of the casinos, this booming cityscape will make an extraordinary addition to your decor. You can even personalize it, so you know it'll be a night you'll never forget!

Casino Photo

Provide a rich atmosphere with $5 poker chip balloons party ideas or opt for the $100 poker chip balloons party ideas if you really want to raise the stakes! It always feels like a party when there are balloons in the room!

Personalize a casino photo stand-in party ideas to create a great spot for a photo! A full 7' x 3' in size, this decoration is a fabulous addition to your casino and tons of fun for couples. The King of Hearts and the Queen of Diamonds can lay down their cards and have a blast with this unique picture opportunity!

Have fun with the traditional piñata by filling it with personalized Poker chips! A Poker pinata is a great addition to your décor, but fill it with chips and watches the good times roll as even reserved adults hit the ground and scramble for gaming chips!

Place a casino party centerpiece party ideas on each of your buffet and food tables to add glamour and glitz to your party. Pair the look with casino ceiling danglers party ideas for an all-over appeal that will leave the room sparkling!

When it's time to dig into the buffet, Vegas Nights party pack party ideas is perfect for your casino party theme. This dazzling collection of gear for your table is a great way to carry your casino from the gaming table to the dining table!

I recommend these super creative decoration kits for Casino party ideas:

40' Casino Lights Room Roll

40' Casino Lights Room Roll
Price: $19.99

Custom Creation Casino Arch & Columns

Custom Creation Casino Arch & Columns
Price: $32.39 each

Casino Chip Arch

Casino Chip Arch
Price: $99.99 each

Casino Night Personalized Banner

Casino Night Personalized Banner
Price: $14.79 each

Casino Magic Mylar Balloon

Casino Magic Mylar Balloon
Price: $3.99 each

Cashier & High Limit Casino Signs Peel 'N Place

Cashier & High Limit Casino Signs Peel 'N Place
Price: $3.99

Adult Casino Birthday Costumes

Dress for success and some big winning! When you think of homemade costume ideas for adults that work well in a casino, it's all about the glitz and glamour. Be sure that guests know to really dress it up and go for something glamorous. Have them dress in formal wear with a funky edge such as dresses with loads of jewelry and even boas. Have the men dress up in suits with all the fixings. This is one party that is all about the more the better, so the sky is the limit! Go all out and really do up the makeup and the hair, throw on your very best so that you are ready to collect your winnings in style! No need to go out and buy anything, just use the dressiest and most outrageous accessories that you have in the house!

A high-stakes casino is no place for a slouch, so make it a black tie event! Add a touch of glamour to your casino party ideas by inviting the ladies to arrive in their best evening attire or elegant cocktail dresses. If gentlemen don't want the confinement of a tuxedo all night, make the "tie" part optional and ask them to wear their best in black.

Don't forget to check more adult Costume for Casino Party ideas:

Casino Nights Thigh Highs Adult

Casino Nights Thigh Highs Adult
Price: $4.99

Casino Adult Icebreaker Activities

A casino party icebreaker can really get the party started! Whether you are a seasoned veteran to gambling or aren't really sure what you're doing, this can be a really great type of party. When you think of casino party ideas they almost always tend to center around gambling in some capacity. This can be a lot of fun and doesn't necessarily require a lot of money or effort on your part. You can really play this up or go a bit more low key, but whichever route you choose it's bound to be nothing but fun, fun, fun!

Professional Run Tables

Though you may want to actually have your party in an actual casino, this isn't always practical. If you want to have something close to it and have the perfect casino party icebreaker then just hire a professional to come in. There are many party planning companies that have professional or semi-professional dealers for hire that you can have come to your party Not only can they run a Blackjack table for you for example, but they can also give lessons. This makes it fun for those who have never played and then once everyone has gained some insight and built up some confidence, you can put their skills to the test at these tables run by a professional—right in the comfort of your own home!

Slot Machine Tournament

Though it can be tempting to spend hours on end at an actual slot machine, this is a much cheaper way to go. One of the best casino party ideas involves you simply renting one or two slot machines, and this is easy to do. You can find many party supply companies that rent these out and you can create your very own casino party icebreaker. Have at least two slot machines running and then let guests take turns at turning the reels as quickly as they can in a given time period. Let the machine add up the winnings and then play out the tournament from there. You don't have to even use actual money in these machines, but you can make it fun with great prizes for the winner!

Working the Casino Floor

What so many people love about a casino is the excitement and magic that happens on the floor. In this casino party icebreaker you set up your home to look like the actual floor of a casino. You can set up a couple of craps or Blackjack tables in one room, then have a couple of slot machines that you rent in another room, and then finish off by having a poker room where there's always a game being played. You give each guest a certain number of chips that they can use to play and hopefully win, and then offer up some fun prizes at the end. Tons of fun and nowhere near what you might spend at the casino!

Casino Party Ideas for Food

Casinos aren't just known for gambling – they're famous for the scrumptious buffets as well. Pile up your tables with these casino party ideas so your guests can pile up their plates!

Bottoms up! When it comes to drinks, it's not what you serve, but how you serve it. Whether you're offering soda or cocktails – or both – set your drink table up with a Vegas float mug party ideas for each of your guests. Not only will you manage to look like a pro at the bar, but you'll have great keepsakes, as these mugs come with your own personalized message!

It's no gamble when you set up your buffet with these casino party ideas for foods!

  • Plan for plenty of appetizers so guests keep their hands free for gaming! Party favorites include cosmopolitan choices like stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and clams casino, of course! Prefer more down-to-earth favorites? Try potato skins topped with bacon and cheese, meatballs in marinara sauce, pigs in a blanket, or the classic chips with dip.
  • Make a meal of it with marinated chicken wings, a deli sandwich platter, Philly steak tossed with peppers and onions, or a large chef salad loaded with ham or other cooked, cubed meat.

You can bet on the fact that your guests will love a great dessert. Hit the jackpot with these casino party ideas for sweet treats!

  • Lay your cards on the table by turning sheet cakes into your best hand! Ice one or more rectangular sheet cakes with white icing, then pipe on the identity of your favorite card with red or black icing. A great theme cake is as easy as that! Skilled decorators may want to try their hand at reproducing a face card.
  • Ice cupcakes with white, red, or black frosting and top each one with flashing dice party ideas for a mess-free dessert with a fun twist!
  • Bake several layers of a square 8"x8" sheet (about four per cake). Ice generously between layers and stack them up to create the shape of a die. Use black or red icing to pipe dots onto the five exposed sides.

Casino Party Favors

Chrome Money Clip W/photo Holder

Some guests will end the night with a pile of chips, but no one should leave empty handed. Look to some of your casino party ideas for creative ways that guest can cash in at the end of the night.

  • Send your high rollers home with a Chrome Money clip with a photo holder party ideas! You can personalize it with a message of your own, making your casino night one that they're sure to remember!
  • Have a dollar pad party ideas in the casino so guests can trade their chips for cash! This wad of one-hundred dollar bills may not be legal tender, but gamblers will be proud to show off their winnings none-the-less!

 Here are some great adult Casino birthday party favors:

Personalized Casino Themed Life Saver Rolls

Personalized Casino Themed Life Saver Rolls
Price: $14.99 pkg/25

Personalized Chocolate Poker Chips

Personalized Chocolate Poker Chips
Price: $0.50/ $0.60

Casino Party Thank You Notes

Have the "paparazzi" walk through the party taking plenty of celebrity-style photos so you can send out awesome thank you notes at the end! If you're creative, put together a newsletter with photos of each guest and send it out to the group.

For larger parties, send photos out to individuals. Whichever you choose, guests are sure to savor the memory of casino night!

Your Casino Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Casino Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own casino party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!




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