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Child birthday party ideas with an impressive airplane theme can come from almost anywhere. The local airport, the toy department, or even your own kids.

An airplane birthday party is also very flexible, you can hold it indoors, outside, at a local business, or even rent a room at the local airport.

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on airplane party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the child birthday items you'll need:

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Airplane Birthday Party Invitations

Great child birthday party ideas for invitations can include on in an airplane shape. Cut out the airplane shape and write on it "(your child's first name) Airlines" along with his age. A length of fabric or colored paper can be added to the end with your address, the date and time of the party, along with any special requirements you might have for the party such as costumes.

An airplane ticket is another great idea for an airplane party invitation.

Design them on your computer or draw them out with a custom logo for your son's airline. You can then add in the information on the blanks and even write, "This ticket is good for one person under the age of 18 with the exception of parents." Further enhance the theme by giving the tickets a company motto like "High Flying Fun Times Are Our Specialty" and 'return' policy like "A good time and great food guaranteed."

For a rectangular invitation, use a piece of card stock and stickers of airplanes, stars, and other themed items to decorate the card. You can also make clouds on the card by mixing blue food color with water and dish soap. Then, use a straw to blow bubbles against the paper. You can also blow into the mixture with the straw and use a spoon to transfer the bubbles to the paper. Once this completely dries, draw and color a picture of an airplane onto the face of the card and add some cotton balls that have been pulled apart for extra clouds.

Here are a few child birthday party ideas for invitation wording:

"It's High Time For A Birthday" can be added to the front as well for a headline. On the inside you can write "Captain (your child's first name) of (your last name) Airlines is turning (age) and you are invited to help us celebrate." The party is held at (your last name) airport at (the date and time.)

 Don't check out these cute & printed Airplane theme invitations:

Airplane Fun : Siren

Airplane Fun : Siren
Price: $1.29 each

Airplane Birthday Invitations

Airplane Birthday Invitations
Price: $2.49 pkg/8

Airplane Birthday Party Decorations

Outdoor Decorations

One of the best places to start with your child birthday party ideas is to start with a landing strip. Use chalk to draw lights along the sides of the driveway or sidewalk. You can also use outdoor lights to line the landing strip.

Once you have the landing strip, it is time to find some planes to land on it. If you get enough medium sized boxes for each of the guests, cut holes in the bottom for their legs and cut the two short flaps off the top. You can then cut the corners of the longer flaps to make them look like wings. After that, the only thing left to do is to cut two lengths of material to hold up the airplane and transform the box into an airplane. Use craft paint to give the airplane some color and add the name of each guest and a number. (The number you give to each guest can be used later to identify all of their treats and party items.)

Another terrific decoration idea for an airplane birthday party is a stars and stripes personalized banner.

You can get "Welcome to the (your last name) airport. Have a good time." You can then string it above the door to your house. Balloons and streamers can be added to make the decorations look more like a birthday.

Indoor Decorations

Posters of jets, airplanes, and helicopters are a fantastic start to your interior decorations. A mix of paper and toy airplanes can then be hung from the ceiling along with more balloons and streamers. An aircraft 24" piñata and small American flags can be added too.

To make your own ticket booth, find a smaller table that can be used for snacks and drinks. Next, use two pieces of doweling and attach them to the front corners of the snack table. At the top, attach a large sign made from bristle board with the words "Ticket Booth" wrote on it.

The Jets deluxe pack is perfect for child birthday party ideas. The pack has eight table settings in addition to candles, thank you notes, confetti, balloons, crepe paper, a centerpiece as well as matching napkins, placemats, and table cover. In addition to these items, toy airplanes, jets, and helicopters can be added to the table and taken home by the guests later on.

Here are some super creative Airplane decotation kits:

Airplanes Personalized Birthday Banner

Airplanes Personalized Birthday Banner
Price: $15.99

Airplane Adventure Giant Wall Decals

Airplane Adventure Giant Wall Decals
Price: $39.99

Airplane Adventure 18 Foil Balloon

Airplane Adventure 18" Foil Balloon
Price: $2.99

Airplane Banner

Airplane Banner
Price: $14.79 each

Airplane Birthday Costumes

Up, up, and away to an adventure in the sky! When you are centered around airplanes, then you want to dress the part.

Dress your little darling up in a simple but very effective homemade costume idea for kids such as a pilot uniform. This can be as simple as an old suit and a big cap for their head. Take another twist at it by dressing up the kids as flight attendants in all navy blue complete with flat shoes and stockings. Put some wings on them if you have a pin given to you on an old flight or can find one in a store. This doesn't have to be authentic but if you dress them all in the same color it automatically looks like the uniform. They will be so excited to dress up that they will get into character and into theme before they even leave the house!

Tan or army green cotton pants or shirts will put the guests in the mood for an airplane birthday party.

For the birthday boy, try a fighter pilot costume. Other items such as pilot hats, binoculars, and white gloves are also helpful to get everyone in the party mood. Pins are a great way to make to make the costumes feel more authentic.

Another great costume idea is to dress the birthday child to match his airplane and add a matching propeller beanie.

Here are some cool airplane or pilot costumes:

Airplane Adventure T-Shirt

Airplane Adventure T-Shirt
Price: $14.99

Jr. Armed Forces Pilot Suit Toddler Costume

Jr. Armed Forces Pilot Suit Toddler Costume
Price: $39.99

Air Force Pilot Costume

Air Force Pilot Costume
Price: $29.99

Jr. Air Force Pilot Toddler/Child Costume

Jr. Air Force Pilot Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $49.99

Airplane Party Icebreaker Activities

An airplane party icebreaker can take things up to the sky with creativity! This is so much fun and perfect for one of the best child birthday party ideas you can find. So many young boys simply adore everything about airplanes and therefore they will just love their airplane themed birthday party. You can really get into this too and decorate your house to look just like an airport with check in as guests get there, luggage claim to pick up their goodie bags before they leave, and of course serve up the meal in a cart to mirror what you would see on a plane. Even kids that have never flown before will have a lot of fun with the cool activities that you plan, and they will feel like they are taking off on a flight to fun!

Up, Up, and Away

Some creative child birthday party ideas here. If you have a bit of creativity to you, then you can turn your home into the actual feel of an airplane. For this airplane party icebreaker you just need to add all the touches and seat kids as they come in to take flight. You have a check in desk with their all their names on it and they turn in their tickets to you for a flight (their invitations). Then you come over a loudspeaker and go through the whole speech that you hear at the beginning of a flight. You have chairs lined up as if they are aisles and have a cloud background so that it feels like they are in the air. They can all take a turn at flying the plane and acting as a pilot, and this works well when you have an area outside where you can really make it feel authentic. Just use some imagination!

Throw the Airplane Into the Air

You will love these child birthday party ideas. There are some great kits that allow you to make small or model airplanes. Either that or you can make your own paper airplanes or even simple wood ones. Once you have the smaller airplanes ready, you've got the basis for a great airplane party icebreaker. Each child gets a turn at throwing their airplane and seeing who can throw theirs the furthest. They each get a couple of turns and then the one who throws it the farthest wins. It's simple, it keeps with theme, and it's tons of fun for the kids at the party!

Find the Airplane in the Clouds

You can fill up just about any substance with fluffy white clouds made out of cotton that you can find at a local craft store. You can fill a bathtub if you are indoors or a big plastic pool if you are outdoors. Then you let the kids take turns digging into the fluffy clouds and searching for the small airplanes that you've hidden. It's such an old school type of activity but it is so much fun for the kids doing it! They can dig for minutes or hours and they will still have fun searching, all in keeping with theme of course!

Airplane Birthday Party Foods

Airplane Birthday Party Cake PhotoAn impressive airplane party idea is a three dimensional airplane cake.

You will need to start with a cake baked in a loaf pan and a 9x13. Once it has cooled, trim off the edges with a knife to give it a rounded plane shape. Then, cover it in the base icing color. Out of the 9x13, cut out two round ended rectangles for the wings and two smaller rounded rectangles for the tail. To attach the wings, use small cake scraps to support the underside of the wings and attach them to the cake with two toothpick or skewers on each side.

Once you have the entire thing assembled, you can finish it off with matching icing. You can then add your stripes to the side of the plane, "Happy Birthday (your child's name)," and M&M candies or Smarties for lights. Small, round, chocolate cookies can then be added to the wings for turbines.

A flat airplane shaped cake is also one of the coolest child birthday party ideas for an airplane party.

Bake a 9x13 and while it is cooling, trace out an airplane shape on to a piece of parchment paper. Cut it out, and then set it on the cake to cut out the shape. Then, cut out the shape, ice it, and add a variety of candies and sugar decorations to decorate it. To add clouds or a smoke stream, load a large freezer bag with whip cream and cut off one corner. Twist the top until the whip cream moves to the bottom of the bag and add it on to the cake and board.

Meals, Treats, and Drinks

  • Pack each pilot a "High-Flying Lunch." In it, include a submarine sandwich, a juice box, and a special airplane themed treat.
  • Divided trays can be great to make airplane meals. Just add in you meat (like a hotdog or hamburger) and sides (like raw veggies and dip) into the tray and cover it with tin foil or plastic.
  • Serve prepackages of granola bars, cheese, crackers, and peanuts at the snack table.
  • Meringues make great clouds.
  • Popcorn or fresh fruit can be served in plastic containers decorated with plane stickers.
  • "Up, up, and Away Elixir" can be made from mixing a container of frozen juice, milk, and sherbet in a blender.
  • Provide the kids with a variety of juices to make their own "Jet Fuel."

Airplane Birthday Party Favors

A stars and stripes stick yo-yo and bagged treats make great child birthday party ideas. Jets favor boxes come in a cute "Top Secret" favor box filled with a key chain, sticker sheet, jet whistle, glider, and binoculars.

Here are some cute airplane party favors:

Airplane Adventure Party Favor Box

Airplane Adventure Party Favor Box
Price: $4.99

Cars and Airplanes Squirty Bath Toys

Cars and Airplanes Squirty Bath Toys
Price: $14.00

A Bucket Full of Baby Stuff (4-piece gift set) - Airplane

A Bucket Full of Baby Stuff (4-piece gift set) - Airplane
Price: $56.00

Airplane Child Birthday Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the child birthday party ideas and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;). Here is a great pinata that fits for an Airplane birthday party:

Airplane Adventure 3-D 18 Pull-String Pinata

Airplane Adventure 3-D 18" Pull-String Pinata
Price: $17.99

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