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Looking for unforgettable children party ideas, you can't beat a Dora the Explorer birthday party!

Put these plans into action and you'll be singing "We Did It!" in no time!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on Dora the Explorer party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the children birthday items you'll need:

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Dora The Explorer Birthday Invitations

One of these fun children party ideas will have guests lined up at the door for your Dora birthday party!

  • Take a picture of the birthday girl in a Dora the Explorer costume. Attach it to cardstock and write "Hola!" on the front. Inside or on the back, write "Where are we going? (Name)'s house! When are we going? (Date and time!) Why are we going? It's a birthday party!" Don't forget to include your address!
  • Print or make copies of your child's favorite Dora characters, color them, and attach each one to cardstock. Write "Whose birthday is it?" on the front. Inside, write "We need to help (character on the front of the card) get to (child)'s house for a birthday party! Can you help (character name) get to the birthday party? (Child's name) is hoping to see you there! It's at (time) on (date) at (location)!
  • Use pictures of Swiper, the sneaky fox, to decorate the front of a card. Underneath, write "Swiper, no swiping!" Guests will open the invitation to find the message "Can you help us keep Swiper from stealing (child's name)'s birthday fun? Please come to (name)'s birthday party to help us keep an eye on Swiper!" Include date, time, and location of party.

Don't forget to check out these creative & printed Dora the Explorer birthday invitations:

Dora the Explorer: Little Leap : Lightest Turquoise

Little Leap : Lightest Turquoise
Price: $0.99 each

Dora The Explorer: Sweet Accents - Nickelodeon

Dora The Explorer: Sweet Accents - Nickelodeon
Price: $1.79

Dora the Exporer: Splash Bash : Stream

Dora the Exporer: Splash Bash : Stream
Price: $0.99 each

Dora the Explorer: Party Prep : Custard

Dora the Explorer: Party Prep : Custard
Price: $0.99 each

Dora The Explorer: Citrus Splash - Nickelodeon

Dora The Explorer: Citrus Splash - Nickelodeon

Dora the Explorer Birthday Decorations

Dora the Explorer CDGet the party started with the Dora the Explorer CD.

It includes 44 songs, including favorites from the show like "Backpack, backpack" and "I'm the map!". More than just background music, these theme songs are full of potential for exciting children's party ideas! Combine music with room décor for a fun game.

Print and enlarge copies of Dora and her friends and place them around the room. Color them ahead of time or let the kids at the party do it for a fun activity. Encourage kids to find each character on the wall as it is referred to in the songs.

Another idea is to place character pictures on the floor and have kids walk around them, musical-chairs style. When the music stops, everyone rushes to find a character buddy. Continue removing pictures, allowing one more child than characters, until one winner remains.

Steamers are classic children party ideas, so create a tropical jungle atmosphere by hanging green streamers of varying lengths from the ceiling. Brown streamers, looped from point to point, will give the illusion of vines. Alternatively, create a colorful fiesta by hanging streamers in bright reds, pinks, blues, oranges, and purples from the ceiling.

Some creative children party ideas come straight from an episode of Dora the Explorer! To bring Map to life, create a large map on one wall. For a twist unique to a Dora birthday party, map the party schedule.

Here are some ideas for your time "map". Don't forget to include a time with each entry!

  • !Fiesta! (what time does your party start?)
  • !come! ("eat up" – time for food!)
  • !Tarta! (cake)
  • Piñata
  • !Adios! (if your party has an end time)

When it's time to set the table, let it decorate itself with the Dora Starcatcher party supply pack, which includes table settings for eight guests, as well as balloons, streamers, a centerpiece, a table cloth, candles, confetti, and more.

For a true party atmosphere, tie balloons so that they hover over the table. A line of confetti sprinkled on the table will delight your little explorers, so spread it generously.

I recommend these creative Dora the Explorer children party ideas for decorations:

5' Dora Happy Birthday Wall Decoration

5' Dora Wall Decoration
Price: $5.99

Dora & Friends Stickers (2 count)

Dora & Friends Stickers
Price: $1.99

Dora the Explorer 12 Balloons

Explorer 12" Balloons
Price: $2.49

Dora's World Room Rolls (2 count)

Dora's World Room Rolls
Price: $19.99

Dora Wall Decals Pkg/28

Dora Wall Decals Pkg/28
Price: $14.99

8' Dora Giant Decorating Set

8' Dora Giant Decorating Set
Price: $24.99

Dora the Explorer Costumes

Dress like Dora the Explorer for a great adventure and loads of fun! This is such a simple homemade costume idea for kids and yet kids will love to feel as though they are her for just one day.

All you need is a pair of orange shorts, a pink shirt, and a purple backpack. If you don't have this exact uniform then anything close will work. If you can fashion your child's hair to look like Dora, even better. You can even dress up your child like one of the other characters like Boots the Monkey or even Swiper the Fox, but just use materials you have around the house like masks or even colored clothes. You don't have to look just like Dora or her friends to come along for the adventure—even a simple backpack and a map can help them to embrace their inner Dora!

You can use many ideas from these unique Dora the Explorer costumes.

Natasha Big Sister Ballerina Doll

Licensed Dora the Explorer Girl's Costume
Price: $12.00

Hula Girl Pinata

Dora EZ-On Romper Infant Costume
Price: Price: $9.99

Dora The Explorer Boots EZ-On Romper Infant Costume

Dora The Explorer Boots EZ-On Romper Infant Costume
Price: $19.99

Little Mermaid 18 Pull-String Pinata

Dora Boots (Black) Child
Price: $24.99

Dora the Explorer Icebreaker Activities

Time for interative children party ideas! Dora Explorer icebreaker activities take things from a day at the beach to a real life adventure! This beloved character has been around for years and yet kids continue to love her and watch her show. Since she is so loved and has such great and memorable adventures, many kids want to have their birthday party modeled after her.

You are in luck because throwing a Dora party can be quite simple and there are some great children party ideas to keep kids occupied. Though you may feel as though you've played some of these games before, the kids will love them and if they feature Dora in them they are bound to be something they are talking about years from now as a great memory.

Create Your Own Adventure

Fun children party ideas here. Dora is all about adventures and usually there are three places to go and things to find before she gets to the end. You can make this a really great Dora Explorer icebreaker activity by enlisting the help of her friends backpack and map to get her to where she needs to go. You set up three places to go such as tall mountain which can be a hill in your backyard where they pick up a clue. Then let them go to the sand pit which can be a sand box set up in your yard, and then have them end up somewhere wonderful like chocolate fountain which can be where cake and dessert are served. The kids will love the adventure and in keeping with a Dora type of day!

Swiper Hide and Seek

Swiper the Fox plays the villain in Dora so well that kids just flinch at the sight of him. In this game, you use a Swiper the Fox cut out and the child that is seeking out gets to wear it. So the other children run to hide in this traditional game of hide and seek, but they hide from Swiper. This is an excellent Dora Explorer icebreaker because all kids love to play hide and seek, and yet they will surely want to keep away from the villain Swiper. So if you need a more modern and themed twist to this traditional game, this is it. This is sure to provide some great fun and yet let kids feel as though they are in a real adventure with Dora.

Collecting Stars from the Sky

You'll love these children party ideas. Dora has many shows where she collects stars from the sky and keeps them in her friend backpack. If you want a great Dora Explorer icebreaker then be sure to include a scavenger hunt for stars. The beauty is that you don't have to do much except cut out stars from construction paper or find star shaped items. Then you go to the effort of hiding them around the house and even outside before the party starts. Each child gets their own backpack to collect stars in and then races to the finish line. The child that collects the most stars in the shortest time wins, and they can all channel their inner Dora!



Dora the Explorer Birthday Foods

Dora and her Spanish-speaking pals just love a good fiesta, and there's no better theme for your Dora the Explorer birthday party! Any of these simple, kid-friendly ideas are sure to be a hit!

  • Dora Birthday Party CupcakeTacos – Kids love tacos! Set up a taco bar with beef or chicken, salsa, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and lettuce. Offer a choice of hard or soft taco shells.
  • Nachos – Open up a bag of tortilla chips and provide melted cheese, salsa, or sour cream for dipping.
  • Cheese wraps – Roll a soft tortilla around cheddar or jack cheeses and warm until melted.
  • Fruit tray – Use red strawberries, green grapes, and yellow pineapple for a display that will match your decorations perfectly!
  • Sneezing Snake Sub – For a popular party food with an American flair, buy or make several sub sandwiches, using an array of deli meats and cheeses. Cut the sub into several slices, arranging them in a long, snaking curve on a tray. Cut a forked tongue out of a piece of cheese, and two black olives inserted with tooth picks will make great eyes!
  • Dora prepackaged snack foods are available in grocery stores, so check there for easy snack-sized servings of your child's favorites.

When Dora and her friends get thirsty, try one of these fun children party ideas:

  • Jungle Juice – add blue food coloring to yellow lemonade to get this funky favorite. Kids will be delighted with the bug in their drink when you freeze raisins i ice cubes!
  • Boots' Banana Shake – blend bananas, vanilla ice cream, and milk.
  • Running "Amuck" – Chocolate milk or a chocolate shake teeming with gummy worms

Here are some Dora the Explorer birthday cake ideas:

  • Dora cake toppersFor the novice decorator, this is an easy cake that your child can help you with. Start byicing your cake to look like a scene from Dora the Explorer. Any landscape – trees, grass, sky, lake, etc – will do. Once you've completed the background, position Dora cake toppers forthe finishing touch.
  • Try this Dora birthday cake idea if you're up for more of a challenge. Bake a sheet or layer cake and ice with the background color of your choice. Copy and cut out your favorite picture of Dora and carefully lay it on top of the icing. Lightly trace the outline with a toothpick. Pick the paper up and fill in the details with the toothpick. Once you're happy with your creation, use a round tip to trace your drawing with black icing. Then simply fill in the colors and add your birthday message.
  • If you're a skilled decorator, then this Dora cake pan is all you need to create a fantastic Dora cake. It comes with instructions for everything you need to know, from baking to the finished product!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Favors

For the ideal sendoff from your Dora the Explorer birthday party, give your guests Dora and Friends favor boxes. Each box includes a pair of binoculars, activity pad, jumbo crayons, candy necklace, plus Dora sticker sheet and blowout.

Add to the fun by including lightning bug gummy candy. When explorers grasp the gummy "bugs" with the light up tongs, the candy appears to glow. It's the perfect treat to end the night!

Here are some cool Dora the Explorer favors:

Dora the Explorer Deluxe Favor Set

Dora the Explorer Deluxe Favor Set
Price: $5.49

Dora the Explorer Favor Set(For 1 Guest)

Dora the Explorer Favor Set (For 1 Guest)
Price: $4.49

Dora and Friends Party Favor Kit

Dora and Friends Party Favor Kit
Price: $4.99

Dora and Friends Bubble Tumbler (1)

Dora and Friends Bubble Tumbler (1)
Price: $3.99

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the children party ideas and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;). Here are great pinatas that fit for a Dora the Explorer theme party:

Nick Jr.T Dora Explorer Pinata

Nick Jr.™ Pinata
Price: $14.99 each

Dora Pinata

Dora Pinata
Price: $18.99

Dora the Explorer Thank You Notes

Dora Starcatcher thank you notes are a great way to send thanks to your guests. For a more exciting reminder of your kids' birthday party, take pictures of guests with the Dora the Explorer stand up and include them with your notes.

Check out these super cute Dora the Explorer thank you notes:

Dora the Explorer: Sweet Accents : Blush

Dora the Explorer: Sweet Accents : Blush
Price: $0.84 each

Dora the Explorer: Little Leap: Lightest Turquoise

Dora the Explorer: Little Leap : Lightest Turquoise
Price: Price: $0.84 each

Dora the Explorer: Jumping Joy : Lightest Turquoise

Dora the Explorer: Jumping Joy : Lightest Turquoise
Price: $0.84 each

Dora the Explorer: Teacup Surprise : Deep Purple

Dora the Explorer: Teacup Surprise : Deep Purple
Price: $0.84 each

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