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Looking for unique childrens party ideas? When your little girl dreams of being the star of her own show, these ballerina birthday ideas will set the stage for the best opening night of her life!

There's no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on ballerina party supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the girl birthday items you'll need:

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Ballerina Birthday Invitations

Try these sweet ideas for invitations to your ballerina birthday party.

  • Dress your little girl up in a girls ballerina princess costume and take a picture of her for the front of the invitation. Announce that "We're having a ballerina birthday celebration and (name) is the star of the show! Join us for dress rehearsal at (time) on (date) at (location)."
  • Trim cardstock into the shape of a ballet slipper. Tie on a small ribbon and let your little ballerina decorate them with self-stick jewels. Invite your guests to "(Name)'s star performance!" Include the date, time, and location of the party.
  • One of coolest childrens party ideas: Create a formal invitation by typing this message on your computer in a fancy font: "You are cordially invited to opening night starring (name). Please join us on (date) at (location). The curtain rises at (time) sharp, so don't be late!" Print your text out on elegant cardstock or parchment paper for a truly impressive ballerina party invitation.

Ask you guests to come in their best ballet attire so they'll be ready for opening night! Don't forget to check out these cute & printed ballerina invitations for childrens party ideas:

Pink Ballerina: Tea Rose

Pink Ballerina: Tea Rose
Price: $0.94 each

Ballerina Stage: Tea Rose

Ballerina Stage: Tea Rose
Price: $0.94 each

Prima Ballerina Invitations

Prima Ballerina Invitations
Price: $3.59

Ballerina Birthday Party Decorations

When it's time for the curtain call, try these childrens party ideas for the birthday girl and her friends.

Take her breath away with her very own stage! If you cannot hang real curtains, make them with streamers. Hang several lengths of streamers from ceiling to floor near one wall (make sure they're touching each other across the width). When it's time for curtain call, draw the streamer curtain back from the sides and tie with another length of streamer. Garnish with pink, white, or purple balloons on either side of the stage. Leave enough room between the curtain and the wall to allow the ballerinas to set up before the curtain opens.

Behind or above the curtain, hang a prima ballerina personalized birthday banner. It's the perfect backdrop to the stage and your birthday ballerina will delight at seeing her name on the marquee!

Set up several small tables around the room with lamps and mirrors. Arrange for one of the following childrens party ideas at each one for an authentic "hair and makeup" backstage feel:

Before the curtain rises, help them learn a few ballet steps! Use paper slipper cutouts with large numbers on them to assist them in learning the routine. Affix more slippers to the walls for decoration.

When it's time to set the banquet table, the Prima Ballerina birthday party pack has what you need for an elegant presentation. This set contains table settings for eight guests along with a lovely ballerina centerpiece and activity placemats to keep the girls busy between dinner courses.

Add to your table decor by setting an All Dressed Up jewelry stand party activity at each place. Each little girl can design the dress of her dreams on the included stand with dress décor (also included).

Create a magical feeling in the space with lots of pink, purple, and white balloons. If you truly want to transform the room, you can't have too many balloons for the little girls at your ballerina birthday party. Consider adding inexpensive tulle or other fabric over chairs and furniture to completely transform the room.

When the curtain falls, shower the girls with dainty flower petals or present each with a flower in lieu of the traditional opening night bouquet.

Prima Ballerina Personalized Birthday Banner

Ballerina Personalized Birthday Banner

5' Disney Princess Happy Birthday Wall Decoration

5' Disney Princess Happy Birthday Wall Decoration
Price: $5.99

Flamingo Beach Add-On Wall Decoration

Flamingo Beach Add-On Wall Decoration
Price: $3.99

Prima Ballerina Sticker Sheets

Ballerina Sticker Sheets
Price: $1.99

Ballerina Wall Decals

Ballerina Wall Decals
Price: $29.99 each

Ballerina Birthday Costumes

Girls love all that is girlie and of course ballet! If you have a little ballerina then let her turn this love into one of the best homemade costume ideas for girls. This is so easy because you can just put your little love into a pink or very girlie leotard that is just her style. Then of course the centerpiece of the costume has to be the tutu and this can be very simple or elaborate, depending on her taste. Then you can pull her hair back into a bun and put a bit of glitter and even play make up on her face. Let her feel fun, girlie, and fancy free as she embraces her inner ballerina!

This Aurora Ballerina child costume features a pink stretch velvet bodice with faux-cameo, pink tulle tutu style skirt*, sheer sleeves, and sewn-in panty.

Here are some great Ballerina child costumes:

Sparkle Ballerina Shoes (Red) Child - 13/1

Sparkle Ballerina Shoes-13/1
Price: $24.99

Ballerina Princess Toddler/Child Costume

Ballerina Princess Child Costume
Price: $39.99

Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume

Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume
Price: $34.99

Ballerina Party Icebreaker Activities


Here are some creative and interactive childrens party ideas.

Dance to the Music

Ballerina Birthday Party Photo

Little girls have very distinct tastes and therefore you need to be creative for these children's party ideas. If you have a little one who loves to dance, then you can create some fun and creative ballerina party icebreaker activities. This isn't hard to do because chances are if she loves ballerinas and all that ballet is, then she loves to dance. Chances are that she can also dance just about anywhere and that's half the fun. So you simply need to put on some beautiful dance music and let the girls run wild. They can either be dressed for the occasion or this can be just be a free flowing activity where they dance until their heart is content. Girls will love to dance together and watch the moves that they know and learn new ones!

A Real Live Lesson

Girls who love ballet also tend to look up to those that are well versed and experienced in it. So if you want one of the best childrens party ideas you definitely want to provide them with a real live lesson. In this you can either hire an instructor or bring in an older sibling or family member who knows ballet well. The little girls can all line up and take their places as the ballet lesson begins. They will squeal with delight as they learn some new ways to dance and look beautiful doing so. This is what dancing fun is all about and it's sure to please little girls at this fun stage of their life. You can sit back and watch, getting some great pictures of them gliding through the moves into heir own little dance lesson right there at the party.

A Living Dance Studio

If your little girl adores ballet as so many do, then creating an actual dance studio works well for one of the more creative ballerina party icebreaker activities. Here you set up in a room a big giant mirror and a bar for them to practice their moves on. You set up the perfect dance music and of course give them each their own tutu. You can even make the beautiful tutu the favor that they all get to take home and remember the party by. Then you can let the girls go crazy practicing their moves and all the while they have the illusion that they are in a real life dance studio, but celebrating a special birthday all the while.

Create a Routine

If you happen to know a thing or two about ballet, then you can put that knowledge to good use. In this educational and oh so fun ballerina party icebreaker activities, you work with the girls to create their own special routine. Be sure that you account for all different skill levels and let the girls embrace the fun routine that you create for them. This can be set to one of their favorite songs and of course they can all have a bit of creative input. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and even some video to document the experience as they learn the steps. Then at the end have them present their special routine for all the parents before they leave. What awesome childrens party ideas!

Ballerina Birthday Party Foods

Try these ballerina childrens party ideas to find the perfect treats for your little lady!

  • Serve a proper tea in these delightful purple royal goblet.
  • The perfect companion to tea time has to be the finger sandwich. To make them for your ballerina party, make several light sandwiches. Choices that will be popular with kids are chicken salad, cucumber and tomato with ranch, or pimento cheese with thinly sliced ham. To serve, trim the crust off and cut into quarters. Consider cutting one type of sandwich diagonally and the other on the perpendicular to tell them apart at a glance.
  • Serve an elegant fruit platter with bite-sized offerings of strawberries, melons, apples, grapes, or kiwi.
  • An assortment of cheeses is not only perfectly ladylike, but a perennial favorite of kids everywhere!
  • Serve an exquisite sorbet for a refreshing end to the meal. Blend frozen store bought sorbet with a bit of sparkling water for a delightful fizzy drink.

When your search for childrens party ideas turns to cake, try these ideas:

  • For a twist on traditional cupcakes, try this idea for little ladies. Bake a sheet cake. Before icing, cut it evenly into single-serving squares. Very carefully cut each square into two pieces, creating two thin layers. Ice the top of each piece with white or pink icing and place one on top of the other. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream or a slice of fresh fruit.
  • Ice a sheet cake or a two layer round cake with white icing, and trim in pink. Pipe in a star wand, like the one found in the Prima Ballerina favor boxes, and write your special birthday message in pink. Use edible glitter – found in stores near cake decorating supplies – to cover the star on the wand.
  • Finally, sprinkle in a glitter trail for the star. Let it dance across the cake in a whimsical pattern.

If you're looking for unique childrens party ideas, this one will stand out in a crowd!

Bake four round 8" or 9" cake layers. Stack them, making sure to ice between layers. Leaving a small flat center at the top (about 1"), trim cakes at an angle from the top to create a cone shape resembling the full part of a gown. Dress a fashion doll in a pretty pink or white top or dress, and carefully wrap her in plastic wrap from the waist down. Once she is tightly wrapped, insert the doll into the top of the cake, centering her down through the flat spot. Now you are ready to ice the cake "skirt." Choose pink or white icing that compliments her top to cover the cake. Be sure to trim the bottom and add any decorative embellishments. When you are finished, you'll have the perfect princess ballerina to complete your party!

Ballerina Party Favors

Prima Ballerina favor boxes are the perfect way to send your dancers off in style!

They'll be ready for opening night with a delightful feather ring, faux pearl necklace, body glitter, mini star wand, Prima Ballerina blowout, and sticker sheet.

Send each girl home with her All Dressed Up jewelry stand party activity from the table, and include a writing favor sets so she can record her favorite memories of opening night!

Here are some perfect Ballerina favors:

Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up Doll

Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up Doll
Price: $11.49

Prima Ballerina Empty Favor Boxes

Ballerina Empty Favor Boxes
Price: $2.99

Party Favor Boxes

Party Favor Boxes
Price: $3.49

Childrens Birthday Party Games

Here's an excellent selection of printable kids birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

Pinatas are a great addition to the childrens party ideas and a wonderful activity for the kids. Pinatas are always a "hit" ;).

Here is a very cute Ballerina pinata:

Natasha Big Sister Ballerina Doll

"Natasha" Big Sister Doll
Price: $17.99

Ballerina Birthday Thank You Notes

No list of childrens party ideas is complete without an exciting way to thank the guests, and when you use this idea, little dancers are sure not to forget your ballerina birthday party! To preserve their memories as well as your own, take candid shots of the dancers as they prepare for their grand debut, plus a couple of shots of the group on stage. Affix photos to cardstock before adding a personal message for a truly thoughtful thank you that every ballerina will treasure.

Here is a wonderful Ballerina birthday thank you note:

Prima Ballerina Thank-You Notes

Ballerina Thank-You Notes
Price: $3.59

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