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The very best Christmas parties are the ones with games that bring you and your loved ones even closer, and remind you of the joy of the season. These two Christian Christmas games are two of my own personal favorites!


The first time I played these games with my family they created memories that we still laugh about today. We've enjoyed them so much that they've become Christmas staples and traditions that everybody in the whole family looks forward to all year long.

Whether you are looking for some Christian Christmas party games, or some games to start new traditions with your own family, put these easy and super fun games on your to do list this holiday season!

1. The Right and Left Gift Passing Game with the Three Little Lambs

Other than the Baby Jesus himself, there are no babes more precious this time of year than the three little lambs. The three little lambs are the focus of this game as they tell the story of Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

For a fun party twist, a gift passing is included in this game that will leave you all scrambling and laughing with joy. If you're looking for a perfect game for a gift exchange, you've just found it!


Tool You'll Need:

The Right and Left Gift Passing Game Story
[], about ten minutes of time, and at least three gifts for every ten guests (the local dollar store is great for these!). If you are one of those families where gift exchange competition is high (like mine!), you may want to grab a gift for everyone that will be there, or simply ask all of your guests to bring their own small exchange gift and use this game as a fun way to make sure everyone leaves with a smile.

How to Play: Choose one person to read the story. Everyone gets into a circle with their gift, or, if you don't have a gift for everyone, you disperse the gifts throughout the circle. As the story is read, the gifts get passed. Every time the word "Left" is read, the gifts must get passed to the person on the left. Every time the word "Right" is read, you get the picture. When the story is done, the gifts are opened!

What I love about this game is the mad fight for what people think are the "best gifts". To make things interesting, I always wrap up a tiny gift in something big and spectacular to fool people into thinking they are getting the best gift if they wind up with mine. This is one of those Christian Christmas games we now play EVERY year.


2. Pin the Halo on the Angel


Angels are one of the most joyous symbols of the holidays, and they truly remind us of the reason for the season. Here is one game that the little ones can play to remind them just how special these miraculous beings are. And yes, it's as easy as it sounds!

Tools you Will Need: A Pin the Halo on the Angel chart with Halos Included
[], some tape, a blindfold, and some little angels to play the game! I like to make this one more interesting for the little ones by having a few little dollar store prizes on hand because, who doesn't love to get prizes at the end of a game?

The little ones just eat it up, even if it is something as simple as a bottle of blowing bubbles.

How to Play: This game is played in the same manner as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of donkeys and tails however, you are using angels and halos. Line up our angels and give them each a halo with a piece of tape on it.
Blindfold the angels one at a time and either guide them to the chart or let them walk up and place their halo.

The angel that gets their halo closest to the angel on the chart will win, or, everybody wins. This is a very entertaining game for adults too as they watch their little ones stumble to place the halos on the angel.

Little tip: Place your chart down nice and low so that all of your angels have equal opportunity to reach the golden spot.
We have little ones ranging in ages from 3 to 10 in our home at Christmas, so keep this in mind when you play yourself!

And there you have it! Two of the easiest and least expensive Christian Christmas games you will ever find. When you are looking for Christian Christmas party games, there's no reason you can't remember the reason for the season, and still have a blast with your loved ones as well.


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