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Printable Christmas Party Games for Adults

"'Tis the Season for Festive Adult Party Games!!"


The holiday season is packed full of parties. Why not make your next Christmas blast something special by planning one of these Christmas party games for adults?

This article will help you choose the best adult party games. If you want to know why we love printable Christmas games, here is the reason.

I've already group these games into different themes so you will find a game idea that match your party.

Christmas Song Game

Christmas caroling is one of the most beloved traditions of the holiday, and you can easily turn all of your favorites into unforgettable adult party games. Try these variations of "name that tune" at your Christmas party and lively conversation is sure to follow!

If you are the person with the quickest mind, you will love the Celebral Christmas Caroling Match...a great challenge after the simplicity of Christmas Bingo.

Christmas Word GameCan you think of a Christmas word? Then you try this game of Christmas Word Find.

Any word or phrase that relates to Christmas is up for grabs when you play these rousing Christmas party games for adults! Divide guests into teams if you have a large crowd; if not, stick to solo play. The rules are simple: players take turns calling out words or phrases and the first person or team to name a song with the chosen words wins a point. And, of course, the most points at the end of play wins!

Another popular way to play with tunes is to jot down famous – and not so famous – lines from Christmas songs. Start by calling out easy ones like "Had a very shiny nose" (from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer") or "Oh what fun it is to ride" (from "Jingle Bells"), then as the game progresses move on to more difficult phrases such as "Above thy deep and dreamless sleep" ("Oh Little Town of Bethlehem") or "Hurry down the chimney tonight" (from the more-naughty-than-nice "Santa, Baby").

Here are the printable Christmas games of Chrismtas song lyrics and Chrismtas song scramble.

Christmas Charades

The game of charades has left more than one party crowd in hysterics, and this Christmas version will put everyone into the holiday spirit!

Before the party, write down several song or movie titles (stick to one category or mix it up for added difficulty). You’ll need at least 2-3 of these per person. Gather them into a Santa hat or Christmas stocking, and have guests take turns drawing a clue from the pile. The person who chose the strip of paper then needs to physically act out the words or clues to try to get the other players to guess the message on the paper. Allow guests to take turns and work as individuals or teams, and whoever has guessed the most right wins. When you need Christmas party games for adults, it just doesn’t get any more fun that this! You can get the Christmas Charades and Pictionary here.

Christmas Picture Games

Bring out the artist in guests – or not – with this rowdy adult party game! All you need is a large white board, a dry erase marker, a timer, and two teams to get this party started.

To prepare, write down the names of things commonly associated with Christmas. Easy items, like "Christmas stocking" and "candy cane," should be mixed with more difficult ones like "frankincense and myrrh" (and you’d need a prize for the guest who was able to get players to guess that one!). Mix them up and put them in a hat or stocking.

To play, divide guests into teams and have one person from each team take turns at the white board. The team member who is "up" chooses a clue without letting anyone else see it, and then has to draw the item while team members try to guess what it is. The team to guess the most right wins.

Here is the printable Christmas picture bingo game that offer the best design on the internet.

Games for Big Gathering

All I Want For ChristmasFor more intimate parties and family gatherings, try this creative game that will test how well you know one another!

Write down the beginning of several sentences such as "All I want for Christmas…" or "My favorite Christmas memory is…" and make a copy for each guest. Pass them out and have guests complete each sentence without using names or any other identifying information on the page. Once everyone has filled in their answers (without letting anyone else see them) collect the papers and cut them into strips so that one question is on each page. Mix the papers up and place them in a stocking.

To play these Christmas party games for adults, the guests will take turns pulling papers from the stocking. They then read the sentence out loud and everyone else tries to guess who wrote the statement. (The person reading the paper should not guess, just in case they recognize the handwriting). When the author has been guessed or confesses, pass the stocking to the next player and start all over.

This game is a fantastic way to share Christmas memories and dreams while getting to know your friends and family members in a whole new way! You can get the printable version of All I Want for Christmas game here.

Share in the spirit of the season and spread a little joy with these ideas that will bring out the kid in everyone -- these Christmas party games for adults are guaranteed to create a lively, festive atmosphere for any party crowd!

You can find more printable Christmas games here.



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