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Printable Christmas Party Games for Kids


Children are naturally excited about the holidays, and these great Christmas party games for kids are a sure way to add to the joy and celebration. In fact, these ideas are guaranteed to make your party the best one ever!

This article will help you choose the best kids party games. If you want to know why we love printable Christmas games, here is the reason.

I've already group these kids games into different themes so you will find a game idea that match your party.

Christmas Relay Race

Kids love relay races, making the relay a favorite among Christmas party games for children. Here's a simple relay race that is sure to get kids in the holiday spirit!

To set up, gather several ornaments. Avoid glass or fragile pieces, and keep in mind that kids will be rolling them on the floor. You can easily make the race more difficult by choosing oddly shaped ornaments that aren't likely to roll straight, but even round balls will roll inconsistently due to portion from which they hang, so this game isn't as easy as it might at first seem!

Designate a starting line and a turning point by putting duct or painter's tape on the floor, and then divide kids evenly into teams of three or more. Give each team a similarly shaped ornament, position them at the starting line, and they're ready to play.

The rules for this game are simple. On "go" the first person from each team must get down and push the ornament with his or her knees, elbows, or face -- no hands and no feet! As the first players return the ornament back across the start line, the next person in line takes over and the game continues through the line, with the first team to have all of its members finish to be declared the winner.

Add variety to the game by using dissimilar ornaments and racing several heats so that each team has the chance to race with each of the ornaments. The winner of the most heats then wins the "Santa Series" of Christmas party games for kids!

If your kids love to have more indoor activities, try this printable game of Hide and Seek Decoder Race.

Candy Cane Chain

This is one of my favoriest Christmas party games for kids. Divide children into teams of two or more and give each group dozens of shrink wrapped candy canes and clear scotch tape. The object of the game is to use the tape to connect two candy canes end to end, and then to connect the hooked ends to one another to create a chain.

What's in The Cookie JarIt's not as easy as it sounds, however! The narrow width of the scotch tape will make it difficult to hold the candy canes together, and the longer the chain gets the more difficult it will become! Allow teams to work on their chains for a predetermined period of time (10 minutes is perfect) and when time is up, the team with the longest unbroken chain wins.

Your kids will love the game of What's in the Cookie Jar and Cookies for Santa.


O' Christmas Tree

Collect dozens of Christmas cards – used ones are fine – and divide kids into pairs or small teams. Give each team at least 12 cards and challenge them to build a Christmas tree from the cards, much as you'd build a house of cards from a traditional playing card deck. By alternating rows of standing cards with flat layers players should easily be able to achieve great heights, and the folded cards will make this game accessible and easy for even young children.

Snowball Fight

Assemble a big collection of Styrofoam balls which measure 4"-5" in diameter. You'll also need two buckets for these exciting Christmas party games for kids.

Winter BreakTo play, divide kids into teams. The rules are as basic as your everyday snowball fight, so be prepared because this one might get a little wild! Provide each team with exactly half of the "snowballs" and place a bucket for each team in front of their home base. When the game begins, the players should try to throw snowballs into the other team's bucket. Teams cannot remove balls from the buckets, but any that land on the ground can be re-launched in the opposite direction.

Once all of the balls have landed in buckets, the group who got the most in the other team's bucket wins. Winter Break is another my favorite game idea.

Throw a party that kids and parents won't stop talking about when you give one of these new ideas a try, because you can be assured that these exciting Christmas party games for children are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

You can find more printable Christmas party games here.



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