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Rekindle old friendships and strike up a few new ones with these class reunion party ideas!

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Hollywood Party Invitations

Simple, stylish invitations are the way to go when you're sending them out on a large scale. Whether you're expecting dozens or hundreds of guests, these invitations will get them there!

  • Drive by the old school and take a picture of it. Load the photo into your computer and use a photo editing service (available almost anywhere you can order pictures) to add text to the front. "It's time for the (school) class of (year) reunion! Please join the old gang at (location) on (date) at (time) for one more dance!"
  • Make in an exclusive affair with these elegant and playful Ticket to the Stars invitationsreunion party ideas! They arrive fully personalized with all of your party details so all you have to do is send them out! Choose from gold or silver imprinting on classic black paper.
  • Open the door to a beautiful night out with friends when you send these Starry Night Window invitationsreunion party ideas! Each fully personalized invitation features a starry night sky that opens up to a custom text layout for a stunning, classy invitation guaranteed to intrigue guests!

Don't forget to check out these creative & printed Class reunion party ideas for invitation:

Ticket to the Stars Invitation

Ticket to the Stars Invitation
Price: $1.79 each

Starry Night Window Invitation

Starry Night Window Invitation
Price: $ 4.99

Hollywood Party Decorations

The Hollywood Star theme decoration kitreunion party ideas is a sure show-stopper! This collection of star-studded decorations includes a larger than life Midnight Star Walkthrough which stands a full ten and half feet high and sparkles with light. Add towering columns of balloons and lights to create an amazing backdrop to the main event!

Choose metallic corrugated paper in your school colors to line the walls. The metallic sheen on this distinctive decor is a perfect way to add sizzle to your class reunion party ideas!

Position a lighted Hollywood marqueereunion party ideas in a prominent spot on one wall. Use the included letters to spell out "Welcome (School), Class of (year)!" Set the stage for unique class reunion party photographs by posing for pictures in front of this personalized Marquee! Another perfect spot for pictures can be found beneath the Blockbuster Premier Archreunion party ideas. This towering archway puts off a dazzling light display and measures more than eight feet wide and eight feet tall.

Even balloons can be glamorous when you add this star balloon dropreunion party ideas to your high-class event as one of the popular class reunion party ideas. Fill this net with balloons, and then use the clip and release to create a shower of floaty, elegant balloons at the grand finale.

Create a dazzling starry sky with metallic stars and swirlsreunion party ideas drifting and diving from the ceiling. These sparkling accents are an animated addition to any star-studded event! Include 3D silver stars to complete your ceiling-scape.

Cover the tables with a solid color table cover in your school's colors, or choose black to match your Hollywood theme. Dress each table with a Hollywood film centerpiecereunion party ideasto add just the right touch. Complete the look with stars confettireunion party ideasscattered about.

Show attention to every detail when you include the star attraction ensemblereunion party ideas instead of plain plates and napkins. You'll feel like a star when you serve guests on these enchanting plates! Cutlery, napkins, and cups are available for a fully coordinated effect. Add a touch of class with Tinsel town charleston glasses instead of paper cups.

I recommend these class reunion party ideas for Hollywood party decoration:

Hollywood Star Skyline

Hollywood Star Skyline
Price: $153.89 each

Luau Sticker Sheets

Star Balloon Drop
Price: $37.99

Red Metallic Star Confetti

Red Metallic Star Confetti
Price: $ 14.79

12 Metallic Foil Quasar Stars

12" Metallic Foil Quasar Stars
Price: $12.99 pkg/10

Adult Hollywood Party Costumes

Your class reunion party ideas are creating a red carpet event, and guests should dress the part! Ask them to wear their best evening wear. Glitz, glitter, and glamour are the theme of the night for ladies, while gentlemen should arrive in black tie.

Dressing like your favorite Hollywood celebrity has never been so fun! If you need costume ideas for adults' class reunion party, then consider creating your own fun ensemble. Begin with a fancy dress or out there clothes and then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Obviously the specific costume will depend on which celebrity you are, but always consider using fun and funky elements such as sunglasses, extra fun jewelry, wigs, outrageous shoes and of course hats. You want to dress the part and you can usually put something fun together with the items you have in your home. You will get to dress up like your favorite celebrity and see what it feels to walk in their shoes for just one night!

I recommend these Hollywood costumes for class reunion party ideas:

Hollywood Starlet Adult Costume

Hollywood Starlet Adult Costume
Price: $46.99

Hollywood Rocker Adult Wig

Hollywood Rocker Adult Wig
Price: $18.99

Hollywood Glam Queen (Black) Adult Costume

Hollywood Glam Queen (Black) Adult Costume
Price: $49.99

Glinda the Goody Goody Witch Costume - Womens Sexy Wizard of Oz Costume

Women's Sexy Wizard of Oz Costume
Price: $61.74

Hollywood Party Icebreaker Activities

Dress As Your Favorite Character A Hollywood theme icebreaker is such a fun way to throw a party. If you are looking for something different amongst class reunion party ideas, then this can be a great theme and activity. When you send out the invitations, invite everyone to dress up as their favorite Hollywood character. You don't have to set any limits with this one because people can really get creative. Half the fun is on getting all “glammed up” because people love an excuse to dress up. This will ensure that everyone keeps up with the theme, even if they need to come out of their shell a bit. You can roll out the red carpet when people show up to this class reunion because if you set this theme and activity early on, you will have a great showing of real stars!

The Hollywood Guessing Game

In this Hollywood theme icebreaker, you create a fun guessing game right from the start. When you send out the invitations for this party, you assign a certain Hollywood character to each invited guest. Then you invite them to dress up as this celebrity so that they can let the other guests try to guess who they are. Some will be rather obvious and some will be a bit harder to guess, but there is great fun either way. Everyone will have a blast getting dressed up and trying to let guests figure out who they are. There is sure to be some great laughing and fun while everyone takes turns looking at each other and trying to guess which celebrity they are. This can be a great way to get people talking and create a fun atmosphere!

Dress in a Certain Era

Since this is for one of the most creative class reunion party ideas, you can get into something fun and appropriate for the occasion. Invite guests to dress up as a Hollywood celebrity&mdbut put the emphasis on those that were popular in the year that you all graduated. This really helps to take everyone back to the era that you were in at the time and you can even have the room decorated appropriately for when they arrive. You can give them some ideas of who was famous in this era or let them use their imagination in this Hollywood theme icebreaker. There will be such great nostalgia attached to this fun game and it is perfect for a class reunion where you are going back to the times when you were in school together.

Glam Party on the Spot

This is a very easy Hollywood theme icebreaker to set up and carry off. You let the guests know that it is Hollywood themed, but you let them get dressed up there at the party. This creates a fun activity where guests can get into costumes, accessories, and into character at the party and mingle all the while. Guests will love putting on extravagant costumes, boas, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, and all of the fixings to be their favorite Hollywood star. Just put out all the best items and let the fun begin!

Hollywood Party Foods

Offer an amazing selection of food and drinks with these scrumptious class reunion party ideas!

Raise a toast to your former classmates with one of these beverages!

  • Sparkling juices – Sparkling grape or apple juice will look just as appealing as champagne but without the alcohol, so tip a glass of this party favorite instead!
  • Punch – Freeze slices of lemon or lime, then add them to a punch bowl full of fruit punch and seltzer for a creative presentation of an old standby.
  • Soft drinks – You can go wrong with canned soft drinks. Be sure to set up a recycling box to make your party earth friendly!

All of that dancing is sure to build up quite an appetite, so fill up on one of these delicious class reunion party ideas!

  • Fruit tray – Pile trays high with melon balls, sliced apples and kiwi, peaches, and grapes for a healthy snack that guests are sure to love. Blend an 8 ounce bar of cream cheese with 7 ounces of marshmallow cream for an incredible fruit dip that is sure to disappear! Serve well chilled on the side.
  • Cheese and crackers – Provide bite-sized slices of assorted cheeses on a tray with crackers for a quick snack. Cheddar, Monterey, mozzarella, and jalapeno jack are great choices, and you can include spreadable tub versions as well. Offer both butter and wheat crackers to meet nearly any preference.
  • Finger sandwiches – An array of finger foods on a platter will be an instant hit! Trim the crust off of sandwiches and quarter them before stacking them on the tray to be served. Include chicken salad, cucumber and watercress, pimento cheese, and ham and cheese for a nice variety. Chicken salad can be served in individual phyllo cups for a creative variation.
  • Cocktail wieners – Warm these mini sausages in a crock pot with equal amounts of cocktail sauce and grape jelly and they'll disappear faster than you can refill them!
  • Shrimp – Serve shrimp with cocktail sauce to add a touch of elegance to your buffet.

You can't celebrate a class reunion without cake! One of these desserts is sure to hit the spot.

  • Take a photo of the old school and scan it onto an edible wafer. Bake a sheet cake and cover it in white icing, then carefully transfer the wafer to the cake. Write your school name and your class on the cake before adding a border. This is the ultimate class reunion party cake, and it couldn't be easier!
  • Keep dessert simple by provide cupcakes for everyone. Easy to eat while mingling, they're a great addition to any party! Sprinkle white cupcakes with edible gold or silver glitter (available with cake decorating supplies) and they'll perfectly compliment your glamorous theme!
  • Decorate a sheet cake with your high school mascot in bright, bold colors. Write "Welcome back, (School) class of (year)!" across the front.

Hollywood Party Favors

Hand out Hollywood Awardsreunion party ideas to each guest, or in the case of extremely large class reunions, set out boxes to vote for superlatives and give the winners the awards! Some ideas for reunion superlatives include "most changed," "least changed," "most famous," "best career move," and "biggest overall surprise."

Everyone will appreciate clapboard mint tinsreunion party ideas, so hand these out at large events to ensure that everyone goes home with a prize!

Here are some super creative Hollywood party favors for class reunion party ideas :

Hollywood Men's Favor Pack Each

Hollywood Men's Favor Pack Each
Price: $6.99

Hollywood Woman's Favor Pack Each

Hollywood Woman's Favor Pack Each
Price: $5.99

Hollywood Party Thank You Notes

Thank everyone for attending with red carpet photos from the big event! Have a photographer set up in front of your best Hollywood scenery to take pictures of guests. Have each photo printed with the occasion and the date before mailing them. This great way to savor the memories will be one of the most popular class reunion party ideas of the night!

Your Class Reunion Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Class Reunion Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own class reunion party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!




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