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General Guideline


    1. There is no financial compensation for contributing articles to the site. However, most writers who contribute to the site are richly rewarded by the interactive dialogues that take place between our readers and the authors. You will almost certainly receive emails commenting on articles written by you. Additionally, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you are helping and and encouraging other people to become better party planner.
    2. editors reserve the right to edit any submissions for grammar usage. It's very important that content on the and it's sister site be as error free as possible and highly informative. If we make any changes we will let you know. Also, we respectfully request that you not use profane language in your articles. 
    3. Articles should be: factual, original, entertaining and well crafte.Sometimes it helps to have someone else proof-read your article BEFORE you submit it. 
    4. It's important that your submission convey the reality of being a party planner, such as birthday party, baby shower, holiday party, etc. That is it should portray the real world of celebration planning. 
    5. Authors should include a brief bio about themselves at the end of each article. Any bio should also include a link to other articles you have written on other sites (if applicable). This is a great way to promote yourself and other articles you've written. 



    1. At least one image. All articles must have at least one appropriate image attached. A good picture can do wonders. It can improve your article's chances of being found (via search or through browsing; it can help keep readers interested, help bring your writing to life.
    2. Quality. Images must be clear and high quality.
    3. Relevant. Images must be relevant to your article's subject. Do not use catch-all, generic images.
    4. Free to use. You must ensure that your images do not have any copyright or licensing restrictions. There are many free-to-use, royalty-free images out there. If you're unsure, don't assume that any image (from any old internet search) is available to use.


Article Formating


    1. Length. For readability, we recommend keeping your articles to 400-800 words, though we do allow articles up to 2000 words where appropriate.
    2. Titles. Titles must accurately describe the content of their articles. The more meaningful and descriptive the title, the more likely your article will be found and read. Titles must always be written in title case: initial-capitalize the first word and all other words with the exception of articles (a, an, the etc) and prepositions of fewer than five characters (over, by, for).
    3. Summaries. Article summaries will help reinforce why the reader should continue, so provide enough information, make it appealing. Article summaries must not merely duplicate the first paragraph.
    4. Subheadings. We recommend dividing longer articles into sections with descriptive, boldface subheads. Think of them as chapter headings: they will give shape to your articles, and will allow readers to scan through your work in outline. Subheads may be written in either sentence or title case. Subheads must not be hyperlinked.
    5. Word. Do not copy text directly from Microsoft Word into our online submission form, as it often introduces hidden "junk code" into your article. We recommend drafting your articles in a plain-text editor like Notepad or Wordpad (on PC) or TextEdit (on Mac), or typing your article directly into the submission window.
    6. Lists. Articles may be structured as lists (eg "The Ten Best Christmas Party Ideas of 2011"), but they must be as substantial as any other article. Include some information about each point, and make sure you include an introduction explaining what your list is about.
    7. Bullets and numbers. You can create bulleted and numbered lists. Don't copy in bullets from another word-processing program as this can cause formatting problems.
    8. Paragraphs. Please do not indent your paragraphs.
    9. Emphasis. Do not overuse bold, italics, underlining, ALL-CAPS or other attention-grabbers. For all their good intentions, they can make an article unpleasant to read.


How To Submit Your Articles

    1. You may use the Contact Us form to submit your articles. If you have further questions you may also use the Contact Us form to submit your inquiry.
    2. You can email your article, along with your relevant contact information, to: coolestpartyideasATgmaildotcom



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