Coolest 13th Hollywood Glamour Party

by Michelle
(Mentor OH)


The invitations were sent out which included a questionnaire for each potential participant. The questionnaire included questions for them to answer and turn in BEFORE the party:

Name, eye color, hair color, favorite subject,
Special message for the birthday girl.
What country or countries would you represent in the Miss Universe Pageant and why?
What is your favorite childhood memory?
What is the biggest secret about yourself?
What music or song do you love to go crazy to?
If you could be locked in a store or building for a day, where would it be and what would you do?
Which celebrity would you like to meet the most and what would you say to them?
….and many more….

At the end of the questionnaire:

You will have the opportunity to participate in some photoshoots at Glamour Night. Please choose your top 2 showcase choices and an alternate choice. Please supply your own wardrobe according to the theme listed. The studio will supply the needed props and background. Suggested wardrobe is listed. Bring: brushes, combs, curling irons, hair clips, outfits, accessories, shoes, makeup.

1st Choice _________2nd Choice__________ Alternate_________

Candyland – bright outfit

Winter Wonderland – warm and cozy. Jacket, scarf, mittens
Prom – fancy dress
Gangster – leather, black outfit
Nighttime – PJs, slippers
Schoolwear – just what it says!
Wacky – wild and crazy, anything goes

We had some other choices, but these were the most popular ones, so we eliminated Americana, Halloween and Decadewear because there was only one person in each of those.

Ice Breaker

When the models arrived, they hung up their wardrobe in the ‘dressing room’ and then proceeded to the party room for the ice breaker. I hung up a bunch of magazine pictures of models in different dresses. Each person had a voting sheet and had to walk around and choose the ‘best model’, ‘best dress’, best shoes’, ‘best hair’ and ‘best guy.’ They had fun discussing the different dresses and arguing over which one was the prettiest. They turned in their voting sheet (which was tallied during the first game).


Since not everyone knew each other, we needed to have introductions. We turned the introductions into a RUNWAY presentation. Chairs were lined up on each side of the room and the girls walked between them strutted their stuff. While each model would walk the catwalk, the announcer read her bio (which was provided on the questionnaire). Sometimes they were quite funny (My biggest secret is that I can fly!)


Fashion Jewelry Designer

The first game went MUCH better than I had anticipated. Four teams were chosen (Anytime we needed teams, I had a jar of popsicle sticks with everyone’s name on it. I randomly drew teams).
I gave each team one scotch tape dispenser and told them that their objective was to stay on our property and design some jewelry out of anything from nature using only their roll of tape. The winner would be determined by popular vote. They had 15 minutes and each team came back with a unique design. One team even designed an ensemble of a necklace, bracelet and earring with matching berries!

Blind Makeup Artist

The girls worked in pairs. One partner was blindfolded (extra-large t-shirt put over their head and pinned at the opening). The blind girl sat behind her partner and applied makeup to a girl’s face on a piece of paper. The other partner sat in front of the blind partner and was the guide to serve as the eyes of the blind-folded makeup artist. She instructed her which way to apply the makeup. WOW! Makeup was everywhere. For this game I ordered single makeup samples of eye shadow and lipstick off of ebay, so it was cheap enough. Again, the winner was chosen by popular vote.

Barbie Fashion Designer

We chose groups again. I gave each group a roll of tape again. Their job was to create an outfit for their mini-model (Barbie), using only a small supply of materials. The materials were located on a separate table. Each team had to send up a materials manager to figure out what they wanted to their design team. I had crepe paper, foil, lace, flowers, pipe cleaners, glittery dots. They again let their creative juices flow! Winning design was chosen by popular vote.

Food& Presents

Fingerfood was served since models only like to nibble on things. Mini-sub sandwiches, veggies, cheese & crackers, mini-hot dogs (wrapped in crescent rolls). I had gone to the thrift store and bought all the gold-colored serving trays that they had. I found cool gold-stemmed plastic goblets on ebay. I labeled the goblets with their names so that they could take them home as a favor.

The cake was a Hollywood Walk of Fame STAR. While the models nibbled, they looked at all the entries for the games and voted for their favorites. They weren’t allowed to vote for their own masterpiece (which was indicated on their voting form so that we would know if they did!). The birthday girl opened her presents after the food. We tallied the voting forms and announced the winners. The winners received an opportunity for extra photo shoots. (Each model was allowed 5 pictures in each of 2 showcases). Winners received extra photos or an extra showcase. Some of the winners selected to do dynamic duo modeling with their friend.


This was the event that they were all waiting for! The modeling! All the girls went to my daughter’s bedroom to prepare their hair for their first showcase (the order of the showcases was posted in the party room). For each showcase, there was a different backdrop and there were different props. The backdrops were hung up in order on the wall, so that when one showcase was finished, I just untaped it from the wall to reveal the next backdrop. The backdrops were just cheap sheets that I found at the thrift store.

Description of showcases:

Candyland – huge lollipops were the props in front of a bright pink backdrop

Winter Wonderland – a white background with a snowman and sleigh as props

Prom – black backdrop with lots of twinkling white Christmas lights hung all around

Gangster – I actually found skull and crossbone sheets at the thrift store!

Nighttime- dark blue backdrop with gold star & more twinkling lights. Stuffed animal and blanket props.

Schoolwear- we moved in a small school desk for a prop

Wacky – I found an Elmo sheet at the thrift store that had loud polka dots all over it!

The models stood and modeled in front of their backdrop with their props. The husband had spotlights on them and took their pictures as they shifted their poses. The spectators were in rows of seats, behind the photographer, cheering on the models.

The models had 5 pictures taken in each showcase. They previewed those pictures and chose their favorite. Their favorite was put into a final slideshow which was viewed at the end of the photoshoots. The models got to choose their favorite photo in each showcase to be the Top Model. The Top model received a gold crown. They enjoyed watching all the photos of themselves!

Another Activity

While I was putting together the slideshow, they did one more activity. Once again, they divided into teams. I had a small tub of items (shampoo, slinky, perfume, drumsticks, deodorant, mascara, mountain dew and many more). I had used some of these items from their questionnaire. One of the questions was to choose an item that they’d like to endorse). Each team was to decide which 2 items to take and then write and perform a commercial for it. I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the room from all the hard laughing that was going on when these commercials were performed! They were quite creative at combining a commercial for perfume and a slinky into one!

The commercial films were also added to the slideshow so that the girls could watch them again and laugh some more!

We played loud music and they danced wildly on the runway under the spotlights while they waited until their parents came to pick them up. It was a really glamourously fun night!

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Oct 23, 2011
very unique
by: Anonymous

Very appropriate for this age when girls fantasize so much. They can actually live their dreams. The pics show how much fun was had. And each girl had photos to take home to remember always.

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