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NOTE: The Harry Potter / Wizarding party story below is submitted by Michelle from Mentor, OH, USA. She is the 2nd Place Prize winner of our Coolest Party Contest in 2011.

Michelle held a session of pre-term classes with a special celebration commemorating the 10th year of birth for her daughter. Everyone love the harry potter birthday party!


Harry Potter Birthday Party Invitations

I downloaded Harry Potter Font to use on the invitation which was rolled into a scroll and delivered to each student.

The title is "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Order of Merlin First Class, Grand Sorcerer and Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump International Confederation of Wizard".

Here is what I wrote on the invitation...


We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for special pre-term classes in Potions, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms and Divination.

There will be a special celebration commemorating the day of birth of a Miss [ ], Hogwart's newest Head Girl, featuring treats from Honeyduke's Sweet Shop in Hogsmeade. Classes will begin at the stroke of 7 o'clock in the evening on October the 6th and will conclude at 11 o'clock in the evening. Please take the Knight Bus, or muggle vehicle to #### [ ] Blvd., currently disguised as a Muggle (non-wizard) home. There you will find the magical door visible only to Hogwarts students, friends and families. The password is Flibbertigibblet. The surrounding area is well-protected by Memory Charms, so it will be safe to practice magic indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

Please come in school uniform and bring a flashlight to use until you perfect the Lumos Charm. If you have not yet obtained your uniform please come in Muggle clothes. There will be an opportunity between classes for all students to visit Diaggon Alley to obtain a cloak and a wand. If you are unable to respond by Owl, please reply via the Muggle telephony system at ##### with either a yes or no response by the 29th of September so that your class materials and potion ingredients may be prepared. We look forward to your arrival at Hogwarts.


Professor [ ], Deputy Headmistress of Frolic and Feasts, Hogwarts Academy."



Harry Potter Birthday Party Decorations

The Welcome: Location and Greeting - The harry potter birthday party was held on our back porch (the Great Hall). We covered a garden trellis archway with black plastic to be the secret entranceway for the harry potter birthday party.


We lit the tiki torches around the deck to create a magical glow. Since her birthday was in September, Halloween decorations were plentiful, there were lots of spiders, ghosts and ghouls hung everywhere.


The birthday girl greeted the incoming students and gave them a welcoming gift of some galleons (clip art printed on colored paper and cut out) with which to purchase their school supplies. Each student then proceeded to Diaggon Alley to buy their school bag (plain black canvas bag available at the craft stores with hand-cut yellow lightning bolt ironed on – this was handy for them to carry around there supplies all night) filled with their pre-term schoolbook (a printed booklet – see description below ), robe (black men's extra-large t-shirt cut down the middle), microscope case (which they used as a clipboard during classes), a broom (we used one of the cheap decorations for Halloween season!) and a wand (wooden dowel, spray-painted gold, masking tape used on end to label with their name). These school supplies, along with their purchases from Honeydukes at the end of the party were their 'favors'.



Recommended harry potter birthday party supplies which cover pretty much all the items you'll need:



Harry Potter Birthday Party Games & Activities

Ice-Breakers: There were some games in the course book like a word search for Harry Potter Characters . The students worked on these together while they waited for everyone to arrive our harry potter birthday party.


Of course we had to have samples of these Bertie Botts to try.


They were separated by flavor in vials and the students had to taste them and guess what flavor they were eating! Sorting- Once everyone had arrived, they were sorted into houses. Each student sat on a stool with a sorting hat on. They then reached inside a witch's hat and grabbed one of the house buttons. I had premade house buttons with my button-maker for each student. They were essentially choosing their own fate! There were three houses. Slytherin was a no-show. The three houses were each a different color and labeled with the house name and crest. The students wore these on their robes so that they could easily identify the students that were in their house. Each House had a separate dining table with a colored display board with a huge house crest on it.


House Points- Students were awarded house points for winning games (House points were poker chips). Professors also handed out house points on their own. Once earned, house points were put in the House Collection Jar (decorated large pickle jars)

The House that earned the most points (poker chips) at the end of the night was the champion.

Course Book Description: Class Schedule-

Arrival and Welcome
Great HallSorting
DungeonPolypotion Experiment


HutProtector Potion
Great HallSpells Quiz
Great Hall 

Care of Magical Creatures

Forbidden ForestHunt for Dragon eggs
Great Hall Fortune Telling
Great HallAnnouncement of House Cup


Description of Classes: Transfiguration-Students were transformed into Harry Potter characters with Polypotion! This game was done on the lawn in back of the porch (the dungeon). Each student had a list of 20 Harry +Potter characters in their course book. I had those names on slips of paper with a piece of tape. I had them all line up with their backs to me and I slapped on name on each student's back. If there were extra names not attached to a student's back, I announced those names. Then the game began. Each student had to figure out who they had become during this polyjuice potion experiment using the process of elimination. It was really fun watching them all run around in circles trying to see everyone's back to cross out that name.

When a student had crossed out all the names but one, they figured out who they had BECOME! I had a row of chairs that they had to sit in when they thought that they were right. When the chairs were filled I went down the line until one student had the correct guess and was awarded house points for being the winner! Second and third place were also awarded a smaller number of house points. We played 3 times during our harry potter birthday party because they all had the list of characters printed three times in their coursebook (although they wanted to do it even more than 3 times!).


More harry potter birthday party games:

Potions- We moved class into the shed that was set up with many tables. All the ingredients were pre-measured in little vials and medicine syringes. Each station was equipped with the stirrers (tongue depressors), and beakers that they would need. Each house divided itself into many partners. We made two concoctions. 1.1 Protector Potion- Potion shall boil and bubble if you possess magical powers and will then produce a Protector Charm against all dark spells. (add them in this order to make the potion work correctly) -Phoenix tears – 200mL (plain water to start them off) -Snewt Blood – one vial (red cabbage juice) -Crushed dragon scales –just a pinch (glitter) -Boomslang – one vial (powdered laundry detergent, turns it green) -Leech juice – two vials (vinegar, turns it pink) -Horn of Bicorn – one vial (baking soda or crushed alka seltzer, turns it blue and bubbly) -Powdered root of Asphodel (pop rocks, more fizz) 1.2 Moon's Eclipse Lotion -Troll slime (clear aloe) -Gillywater (green colored aloe) -4 drops flower fragrance (perfume)


We also had a cauldron of dry ice nearby foaming away!


Charms- We all gathered in the Great Hall for a quiz for the harry potter birthday party. House points were awarded for students that could name the spell that was described by the professor. "What was the spell that killed Harry's parents? (During this quiz the house-elves were busy preparing the feast). Feast – Lots of simple foods for the hungry students like Pizza Rolls! The cake was a Spell book with a Hermione figurine mixing a potion in a cauldron and magic purple glitter dust sprinkled all over it. After the feast, she quickly opened her presents

Care of Magical Creatures- After they were all sugared-up, they were sent out into the darkness to run around in search of dragon eggs. They first had a long hike to the clearing in the back. I had hidden lots of plastic eggs in the backyard; some were filled with candy, some were filled with animals that would grow when you added water (sponge tablets) and some were filled with fake house points, which were exchanged for real house points. Each student brought a flashlight, or was paired with one that did. And then they search in the darkness. It was over too quickly!

Quidditch- This also burned up some of their excess energy. They boarded their brooms in house teams. The first house to have all its students put the Quaffle (balloons) through the Goal (hula hoop that was hung on the clothesline) won! BUT they had to only use their wand and they had to be on their broom. This game was really funny to watch. Some students were definitely better at keeping the balloon afloat than others!


Divination- We first went upstairs to one of my daughter's bedrooms. She has a lot of lightup glowing lamps, so they gave it a very magical glow. We all admired and touched her crystal ball. (Plasma ball that has colorful displays when a finger touches it for a path to the ground.)


After that, I did a demonstration of one of the student's magical powers. I had a pre-arranged agreement with one of the students that the magical color was GREEN. I sent him out of the room and then told the class to choose any item in the room for him to guess. I brought the special student back in and told him that he had special psychic powers and would be able to KNOW which item the students chose. I asked him if was the lamp, the pillow, the WHATEVER, then I chose something GREEN, then I picked the chosen item. Since he knew the chosen item would be after the GREEN item, he knew when it would be picked without anyone else being wiser. We did this a few times. Next, out in the Great Hall we all made those folded paper Fortune Tellers. The instructions were in the course book. I gave them all the paper to fold. They drew fortunes out of a hat (or they could make their own, but the ones that I made were all Harry Potter-esque, so they all chose the pre-made ones to glue on) Examples (some were good, some were bad!): The goblins will find an extra stash of gold in your vault. A basilisk will escape and hide in your bathroom. Don't take long baths. Oh No! Due to a transfiguration error, you will spend several weeks as a cucumber. Congratulations! You will be chosen as the next seeker for the quidditch team.

House Cup Champions- While they were making their fortune tellers at the harry potter birthday party, we tallied the house points to determine the winner. Second and third place houses were awarded some galleons and a trophy necklace (Oriental Trading). The first place house was awarded the house cup (a trophy that stayed with the House), a trophy necklace and more galleons. We took a picture of the House Cup Champions with their house trophy!


Honeydukes- Why were the Houses awarded galleons??? So that they could shop at Honeydukes of course! I had a lot of candy jars filled with: Fuzzy spiders, troll boogers, exploding corn, green frogs, bertie botts, lemon drops, scorpions. There was quite a selection of cheap Halloween items available at the stores, so I had a lot of stuff for sale at Honeydukes! The students had tons of fun 'shopping' with their galleons.

We took a final picture of all the students at the harry potter birthday party and then they disappeared into the night!



The harry potter birthday party ideas and photos in this article have been submitted by Michelle from Mentor, OH (a reader like yourself). We call it "Party-It Forward"! If you've got any creative party ideas and pictures to share, send them over to our coolest party contest. Your contribution is the fuel to drive the Web's Coolest Party community that Inspire everyone! Thanks!


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I attended this party as an observer, the kids were very enthused and were laughing and enjoying themselves. The theme was great and the kids could relate to it. All the activities were well planned.

Looks like a lot of fun!


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