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NOTE: The story below is submitted by Suling Luu Prayitno from Kent, WA, USA. She is the Grand Prize winner of our Coolest Party Contest in 2011.

Yee Haw... Eva is turning "TWO"!

My Dad passed away four months before Eva was to turning 2. Because he grew up in the farm in Montana, I decided to pick a theme as a tribute to him. I decided that cowgirl birthday party would be the perfect idea and spent three months planning her party. It was a lot of fun doing this and helps me with the sadness of losing my father, the love of my life.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Invitations

I first start thinking about invitations. My daughter had a cowgirl costume so I took a taking photo of her and sent the photo to the invitation company. They were able to create the look that I want by converting the print to black and white except for my daughter's bandana which we kept hot pink to be consistent with the color theme. The invitation is in the first page of the slideshow that I attached.

The words on the invitation were:

Yee Haw… Giddy up buckaroo, Our Cowgirl Eva is turning "TWO". Saddle up and ride on over for Eva's 2 ND Birthday Party (Place and Time) (I put our name as the Ranch name and included our address) Come dressed in your jeans and ready for stomping good time. Give a holler if you can't come over.

I decorate the invitation with pink bows and rhinestones in the corner and I put each invitation on wood sticks wrapped with bandana. Each invitation was then delivered to each guest. It's cute ideas so the guests won't lose the invitation and can save it as a nice keepsake.



Cowgirl Costumes

Most of the guests are expected to come in western outfits. My husband and I wore plaid shirts, jeans, and boots with cowboy hats to match with the party theme. I ordered my daughter's cowgirl t-shirt from personalized with her name and age. She wore jeans and pink cowboy boots. I also got her a felt cowboy hat from western store and glued a tiara on it to complete her special look.



Cowgirl Birthday Party Decorations


Below is the list of items I designed and prepared. I handmade all the items and personalize with "EVA", my daughter's name.

I wanted the cowgirl birthday party to look like a Wild West scene so I create all these in my own house:

    • I made a lawn sign that was placed in front of the house by photocopying a Cowgirl cartoon, enlarging it, and converting to black and white. I then wrapped it with a bandana and decorated with stars and bows. I put it on some metal to make it stand on the front lawn and tied the top with a cowgirl print and pink Mylar balloons.
    • I hand painted a picture of a cow holding the cakes with 2 candles on a cardboard box and said "GOT MILK". I place then on the front door.


    • I greeted all the buckaroo (kids) with Cowboy & Cowgirl hats with their sheriff badges with their name that I ordered from Oriental Trading. And also with cutout bandana fabric form Joann's.
    • For a sign-in book, I printed an 8x10 of my daughter's invitation photo and frame it in the large white matt so all the guest could leave a "special message" for Eva. I also decorate the signing pen with glitter and added a flower on top.


    • I used big cardboard boxes to create part of western town by placing the boxes next to each other and that attached them using duct tape. I used letter cutouts to give each "building" a name such as: Eva Soda's Saloon, Officer Eva's Office, Jail, and Best Western. The western town was big enough for the children to get in and out. I also used bales of hay and lanterns to decorate in front of the town for seating. A friend also loaned us rocking horse so we had three different sizes set up in front of the western town for kids to take photos. All the kids are had a blast playing in the western town. I attached some photos of the town with my daughter in the photos.


    • I made a banner and hung it over the western town with my daughter's photos, one for each month from one year old. I burned the edge of photo to make Wild West look. All the guest could see how much she grew since last year.

    • I used brown craft paper for table cloths so the guest could draw on the table while chatting with others. I made homemade crayons by putting using old crayons in a pan and melted them in the oven at 375F for 15 minutes. Then, using a horse cookie cutter, I cut them after they had cooled down. You will get rainbow color crayons from it. All the kids got to take the crayons home as goodie afterwards.
    • On the table were cards that tell funny storied about my daughter, so the guests can enjoy reading while eating.
    • I made "WANTED" posters with pictures of all the kids that were invited to the cowgirl birthday party by using free templates from Then I blew it big at local printing store. I tore the edges of the poster and burned it to make a western look and give each person a unique title such as, "WANTED FOR BEING CUTEST BABY FACE", "WANTED FOR NOT MAKING BED", "and WANTED FOR STEALING COOKIES". Then I put them on the wall all around the house. When the kids arrived to the cowgirl birthday party they were so excited to see their photos. They also got to take them home as one of the gifts.
    • I hung pink star from ceiling around the house
    • I pre-wrapped all the silverware in pink bandanas that I ordered form Oriental Trading and placed them in the metal buckets decorated with rhinestones and bandana fabric.


Recommended cowgirl birthday party supplies which cover pretty much all the items you'll need:


Cowgirl Birthday Cake

I ordered a large two-layer cake form the local bakery. The top layer was white cake with raspberry filling and the bottom layer was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. It was decorated with pink fondue bandana to give a cowgirl look with a cowgirl hat on the top of the cake. A large number 2 was also on the top of the cake.

A friend of mine also made a second smaller cake just for my daughter. It was a Cowgirl boot shape with my daughter favorite flavor, the exact size of her shoe. We also ordered lots of cupcakes in the shape of pink roses and chocolate cupcakes to give variety to the guest.


Cowgirl Birthday Party Food & Drink

I ordered farm animal toppers from then I wrote the name of each food item on it.


I made a fondue station which gave an elegant look to the cowgirl birthday party with both dark chocolate and white chocolate for the guest. I decorated that corner of the room with a handmade banner with a pony and fur on it.

The table cloth was pink checked pattern. I used one small bale of hay to use as name holder. I hung some tulle cloths over it to give it a sweet look. I got the wood letters wood from Joann, I then drew the pink candy on it and added a pink bow over the bale. We also order personalized candy bar wrappers from Bigdotsofhappiness . Guests can take home as favor they simply can't resist.

For dipping, I made sugar cookies in horse shapes with pink sparkle.


I put whole strawberry on skewers. I put pink marshmallows on the skewers I also bought some strawberry sticks. I scooped apples in the shape of little ball and put them on the skewer soaking first in pineapple juice to prevent brown spot. I made some sponge cakes and put them on the skewer, so all the guests with a sweet tooth could enjoy them.

I made plenty of food with help from my husband. Here are the lists of all the food for our cowgirl birthday party.

    • 300 Thai spring rolls
    • 50 Stuffed chicken wings
    • 50 Bacon wrapped with hot dog
    • Crab and spinach artichoke dip (I put in bread bow on top of tiny hay bale to serve)
    • 60 Indonesian Lapis surabaya cakes
    • Tropical Salad
    • Variety Dim SUMS
    • Mini Quiches
    • Chicken and beef satays with peanut sauce
    • Broccoli salad
    • Mango salad
    • Mixed fruits
    • Deli Spirals

I also carved the watermelon the shape of the horse and the number two to make a bowl that I filled up with some fruits shaped like a ball.

I did buy a couple food items from Costco, but most of them were homemade since I love to cook.

For the drinks, I got a white punch bowl and filled it with coconut cranberry punch with a western ducky floating on the top.I put some strawberries and berries floating in the bowl.We also have tiny juice box for the kids with the first letter of their name on a sticker.


Cowgirl Birthday Party Games & Activities

Since most of my guests are very little, they can't really play games. I create games for adults and some activities for the little ones. The winner gifts were a western photo frame and a western salt and pepper shaker, wrapped in a pink bag decorate with a pony and personalized tag form Bigdots of Happiness.

The first game was True and False about Eva, so the guests could get to know Eva better. For sample:

    • Eva is potty training
    • Eva cans sing ABC song
    • Eva favorite fruit is strawberry

Whoever gets the most answers correct wins the prize.

The second game was to guess how many shoes Eva owns since she was born. Yes I did keep track all of them. (For your curiosity the answer is 84 pair of shoes). And she's only 2 years old.

The third game was pinning the tail on the horse. I hand paint the horse on the cardboard box.I also made each kid a horse's tail with their name on it. I put double-side tape on the back. The game was just for the older kids because we blind-folded them. Whoever pinned the horse the closest to the tail, was the winner. It was a big hit at the cowgirl birthday party.

The last game was Bingo. I made a bingo card with all the gifts and items that I thought my daughter might receive from the guest. For sample, if the first gift that I opened was a book, then the guests would cross out the book if they had one the card. Whoever said "Bingo" first wins the prize.I did these so all the guest and the kids won't be bored while waiting for Eva to open all the gifts.

ll the kids could paint their own ceramic horse as crafts so they can take home with them. Also I bought aprons and markers so kids could personalize their own apron.



Cowgirl Birthday Party Goodies & Favors

I purchased plain pink bags from JoAnn Fabric. Then I decorated with some Cowboy boots and Rhinestones, wrapped the bag with bandana, and personalized with kid's name in the back.


In the goody bags were a western game, western ducky, crayons, stickers, and a plastic horse. I got them all in dozen packages form Oriental Trading. I also handed each kid personalized lollipops from Big Dots of Happiness.

For adult favors, I got Cow candles from a local crafts store. Then I decorated with bow and rhinestones and personalized tags.

I had a professional photographer come in to take photos for us to keep as a memory. He takes our family photos since my wedding, so he's very familiar with everyone in the party. He took a large group photo at the end of cowgirl birthday party in our backyard that was the best gift ever and my daughter will be able to see who came to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her. My photographer also created a slide show - this is the link for it:

The slide show will give you the whole concept of the party.

Everyone enjoy the cowgirl birthday party very much. Everyone seemed to be impressed how much effort I put into this party. Thank you for reading.



The cowgirl birthday party ideas and photos in this article have been submitted by Suling Luu Prayitno (a reader like yourself). We call it "Party-It Forward"! If you've got any creative party ideas and pictures to share, send them over to our coolest party contest. Your contribution is the fuel to drive the Web's Coolest Party community that Inspire everyone! Thanks!


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Astral De La Mare: Suling's amazing Cowgirl 2nd birthday party, amazing amount of detail and effort.  The food at this party is in my opinion the best of all entries!

Heather from Chickabug: A beautiful job, and the "western town" is so cool. Love the watermelons, too.

Betsy Pruitt: Hands down my #1 pick is The Cowgirl 2nd Birthday Party - beautiful photos and wonderful write up. I also love that the theme was chosen for sentimental reasons...that's so key for adding that extra special personalization to a party.

Kim Byers: Qing, my very first choice is the Cowgirl birthday party. I love the personalization, especially the little cardboard town.


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