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After you've thrown the Coolest Party, tell us about your fun and creative party theme ideas. We will select the Contest Winner in October, 2012!


Go directly to the Contest Guidelines and Submission Form below...


Hi Folks,

You did it, so let's celebrate the success…together!

You've taken your creative party theme ideas and morphed them into some of life's most memorable events! We want to give you kudos for all of the sensational foods, funny frocks, and fabulous fun that you served up! So, we're introducing our Coolest Party Contest that's brimming with fantastic prizes for you and tons of great ideas for everybody!

Just what went into making your event a winner…the thrill of planning a bash?
…your creative party theme ideas and resourcefulness?

It was likely a marvelous mix of them all that helped you achieve a perfect party! Your party planning success story could help others to mix up their own awesome event and earn you a $500 prize!

The reality is that every party is a unique happening. We want to tell us all about how you turned yours into the event of a lifetime and share those wonderful, memorable photos with everyone also so that we can see firsthand how everything looked and was enjoyed!

In the year of 2010 and 2011, we had such phenomenal submissions that our judges are getting really excited about what they will get to see this time around! Submitting all of the great things about your party is really easy to do and will include photos and an essay of about 300 words featuring your best ideas!

We decided to "double up" on the excitement! If we get over 100 people submitting their creative party theme ideas, we will double the prizes! We have an awesome panel of judges and they are ready to "ooo", "aaahhh", and present party planners, like you, with some fabulous goodies for your submissions!

Your submissions are not just for our judges to see. Each submission will be given its very own page for others to admire and gather ideas! That's how everyone has a chance to get something out of this cool contest!

Here is what you need to do to get your Coolest Party submission considered::


Preparing Your Photos

The photos that you submit for the Coolest Party contest should be the most expressive pictures from your event. They will make your submission look amazing and help to get your page created more quickly!

How To Crop Your Photos: Cropping your pictures will help you to focus on the perfect part of the image and will also make it bigger and easier for others to see on your page. Start by using a photo editor like Photoshop or a free online editor.

This is what cropping will do for your photos:


Hello Kitty Party Photo Before Cropped

Before the picture was cropped...

Hello Kitty Party Photo After Cropped

After the picture was cropped & resized...


Complete Theme or Just An Idea

If you're submitting just an idea ( such as a cake idea, invitation design or just the party games) and not complete creative party theme ideas, select from the drop-down list below and you'll be taken to the appropriate submission form:



Or if you're submitting a complete theme that fit the following categories:

  • Adult theme party ideas
  • Party ideas for teens
  • Children party ideas

Even if you have a general story about your creative part theme ideas that does not fit into any of the categories above, follow the Submission Guidelines below (the form is at the bottom of this page). We will convert it into a Web page for you.


Guidelines For
Coolest Party Contest Submissions

(Read Carefully)



  • Getting In The CONTEST: Our judges will be selecting the most creative party theme ideas for our "Best Party Of The Year" Contest. Once you get in your information, you have a chance to be chosen to win one of our many prizes and get your party page created!
  • Submit BOTH IDEAS AND PHOTOS: You need to submit Photos and Creative Party Theme Ideas. And they need to really explain how you put the party over! Try writing up a complete theme as in the examples provided here:
Cowgirl Birthday Party
Harry Potter Birthday Party
Computer 40th Birthday Party


  • Tell US About YOUR IDEAS: Be detailed in your write up and be sure to tell as much as you can! We are not looking for the most "grammatically" correct submissions, we want to best ideas! So, write, describe, and let your words and creative party theme ideas inspire others!
  • Show US YOUR PHOTOS: Select photos that tell your event's story. You can add as many pics as you think you need to make it pop for the people looking at your page. Go for the most colorful, the most awesome moments, and the ones that really are the most excellent!
  • Adding EXTRA TOUCHES: You may have used special invitations, designs, or coloring sheets for your event. Don't leave those "extras" off. We want to see them! Upload those along with your submission!
  • Videos WORK: If you have a really fab video clip that you want to share, upload it to a video sharing website, like Youtube, and include the link with your submission! But, you do need to be sure that it can be embedded, that way, we can add it to your page next to your other fantastic photos!
  • Originality: The ideas that you submit for the Best Party Contest must be written by you and not "borrowed" or "copied" words from somewhere else. All pics have to be from an event that YOU planned!
  • Rights: You have to own the rights to the pics, so they must be yours or someone that allows you to use it.

Important Notice

When you need to send MORE than FOUR photos and/or files: You may have a bunch of cool pictures, videos, or audio files from your party that you want to share. Bring them on! However, you can only submit up to FOUR photo files through the Coolest Party Contest form. To send more, email them to coolestpartyideasATgmail[dot]com, and be sure to include your name, address, email, and any other relevant personal information to ensure that we can link them with your Coolesr Party Contest submission!

IMPORTANT: You need to add your EMAIL ADDRESS on the next page AFTER clicking "Submit". This will allow for:

  1. You to receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL that your Best Party Contest page has been approved.
  2. You will be able to receive all of the updates, comments, and congrats for people that visit your page.
  3. You to find out if your entry is among our Coolest PARTY CONTEST WINNERS! Without your email, we won't be able to contact you to inform you as to whether you are a winner, even though your entry will be included in the judging.


Submit Your Coolest Party Ideas Here

Sending Up to four party photos: You can use this form to enter our contest and to include up to four photos and/or files. To add more of your coolest pictures and ideas, you can email them, along with your relevant contact information, to: coolestpartyideasATgmaildotcom

Enter the Name of Your Party

Please start with the word "Coolest" and add the Age Group in the title. For instance, "Coolest Dinosaur 5th Birthday Party", "Coolest 40th Over-the-Hill Birthday Party", or "Coolest Hawaiian Luau Party For 21st Birthday", etc. Thanks!

Tell Us About Your Party (At Least 300 Words...)

IMPORTANT! - Sometimes there may be a little glitch with a submission, so if you have any issues with this form, you can also submit your creative party theme ideas and pics, and, of course, your contact information, directly via email.[ ? ]

Upload Up to 4 Party Photos Here.[ ? ]

Add a Picture/Graphic Caption (optional) 

Click here to upload more images (optional)

Author Information (optional)

To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.

Your Name

(first or full name)

Your Location

(e.g., City, State, Country)

Submit Your Contribution

Check box to agree to these submission guidelines.

(You can preview and edit on the next page)

Creative Party Theme Ideas Submitted by Visitors

Click below to see Party Photos and Write-up by creative people like yourself.

Prince yellow, blue and white baby shower. Not rated yet
This baby shower was all about the prince about to be born.We came up with doing that since it was a boy( obviously, who would use prince for a …

Click here to write your own.


Submission Deadline:
The Stroke of Midnight, October 31st, 2012
Don't put it off - Submit Today!

(Make sure to follow the submission
guidelines above






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