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Throwing a children's birthday party is really easy! Especially now that there are a lot of party packages available to make the whole process simpler and more fun. And what could be more fun than a Curious George birthday party?

Looking for the best deal on curious george party supplies? Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the kid birthday items you'll need:

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Curious George Party Invitations

A Curious George party is very exciting for the kids and at the same time can easily be organized by the adults. As parties go, the first step is to send out invitations informing the guests of the party details as well as the theme of the party. Invitations can come in any of these forms:

  • Curious George invitations featuring the loveable monkey in front of the card surrounded by colorful balloons. These are available in packs of 8 (envelopes included).

  • Balloon-shaped invitations made out of cardboard paper in bold, solid colors of red, blue and yellow. You can attach colored ribbons at the bottom to serve as balloon strings. If you are handy with the scissors, try cutting the cardboard paper to resemble half-peeled bananas. You can jazz up your homemade invitations with Curious George stickers to highlight the theme.

Remember to send out your invitations as early as possible and don't forget to double check the details in the invitation (time, place and even the date). You can also request the guests to RSVP so that you will be more certain of the number of attendees.

Check out these super creative & printed Curious George Birthday Party invitations:

Curious George Invitations

Curious George Invitations
Price: $3.59

Curious George Birthday Decorations

The centerpiece of any birthday party is the birthday cake. For your Curious George birthday party, well, any cake will actually do. It does not have to be some fancy fruit and walnut torte creation. It can be as simple as a chiffon cake with marshmallow icing or a dark, sticky chocolate cake. You can add a little zing to it though by adding a 4 inch wide Curious George cake topper. It is a plastic cake decor that features our mischievous monkey swinging upside down between two palm trees.

You can surround the party place with solid colored balloons in red, blue and yellow so that it echoes the design of your invitation cards. Remember to allot at least one balloon per attending child and put a 10 percent buffer (in case there will be more children coming). Another indispensable child birthday party idea is the cone hat and blowout combination. Everyone should wear a Curious George TV cone hat and have a Curious George TV blowout...don't forget to take pictures of the monkey mayhem!

Are the old red plastic plates too boring for your party? Try the Curious George TV 9 inch dinner plates. It's sturdy enough for fantastically yummy but oftentimes gooey foods such as spaghetti and ice cream. An excellent child birthday party idea is to coordinate those plates with Curious George TV 9 ounce cups and napkins. This makes for fun eating!

Instead of just plain tablecloth, you can use the plastic Curious George TV tablecloth which makes for a festive atmosphere as well as easy cleaning of "little accidents". If you are working on a budget, you may opt to use the decorated tablecloth for the cake table and use plain, solid colored tablecloth on the other tables.

I also recommend these superb Curious George Birthday Party decorating for kits:

Curious George Birthday Banner

Curious George Birthday Banner
Price: $ 2.99 each

Curious George Cake Decoration with 6 Candles

Curious George Cake Decoration with 6 Candles
Price: $ .99 each

Curious George Stickers

Curious George Stickers
Price: $ 1.99

Curious George Wall Decorations

Curious George Wall Decorations
Price: $ 15.99 each

Curious George Stickers

Curious George Stickers
Price: $ 1.99 each

Curious George Birthday Banner

Curious George Birthday Banner
Price: $ 2.99

Curious George Birthday Costumes

Embrace your inner monkey and dress like the fun loving George! If you are looking for homemade costume ideas for kids, then this is the type of party that you can really have fun with. If they have any clothes that feature monkeys, then that&s an excellent start. Otherwise have them dress up in all brown and throw on some monkey ears or a monkey tail. Include a yellow hat since that is such a trademark part of this show and watch the fun begin. Kids love monkeys and fortunately this is the type of costume that doesn't require much imagination, but every little touch makes it super fun!

Here are some Curious George Birthday Party costumes for your kids:

Curious George Child Costume

Curious George Child Costume
Price: $24.99

Curious George Foam Masks (4 count)

Curious George Foam Masks (4 count)
Price: $3.99

Curious George Party Icebreaker Activities

Act Like a Curious Monkey

Part of the attraction and love of the Curious George is that he is always exploring and into something. That's what makes him so fun and therefore this creates an excellent Curious George party icebreaker. You as the parent set up some really fun areas for your own little monkeys to explore and get into. It's all about discovery so set up different scenes throughout your house at this most fun and excellent Curious George birthday party. You can set up a scene in the kitchen where they can discover and explore how something is made. Then you can set up a discovery area in the backyard for how you would create a garden or how you would play a game. You can really use your imagination on this and the best part is that no matter how simple the exploration, your kids will love the whole act and fun of this.

Jump Around Like a Monkey

All kids seem to adore monkeys, and perhaps it's because of their playful nature. They jump here and there, climb on everything, and are just so fun to watch. Let your child embrace their inner monkey that they all have by acting like a monkey. Here you set up a whole little obstacle course for the kids to jump and run through. Have them climb over a wall or on a jungle gym, then jump on a small trampoline, and then hang from the swing set. The best part of this Curios George icebreaker is that it can be any type of physical activity, so long as it involves running, jumping and loads of fun. If you want your little monkeys to burn off some energy, then this is the game to play and it will get all the kids up and running.

Monkey and Monkey Trainer

When you watch the cartoon you know that this monkey is special and has a very special friend as part of his life. So in this Curios George icebreaker you let each child take a turn at being the monkey and then at being the trainer. This is fun because they can get dressed up as the part, be sure to include the yellow hat of course. No matter what, kids will love to play the different roles and play dress up. You don't even have to create activities for them to do in this game—just the dressing up and playing the two different parts is enough to let them have hours of fun.

Monkeys, Monkeys Everywhere

Everybody loves a good game of hide and go seek. This is a different twist and therefore makes for an excellent Curious George icebreaker. Here you hide stuffed monkeys all over the house, inside and outside, up and down….just be sure that they are everywhere. Then you let each child get their own monkey catcher and let them take turns at catching as many monkeys as they can. They will have so much fun uncovering the monkeys hidden throughout and this makes for a really fun way to celebrate a Curious George birthday party.

Curious George Party Foods

Aside from the usual Curious George birthday party favorites, you can delight your guests with a jungle inspired menu by adding snacks like Amazon Ants (chocolate covered raisins), Jungle Jiggles (gummy snakes, worms, etc.), animal-shaped chocolate lollipops and animal crackers. For dessert, you may add frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate.

To continue with the Curious George birthday party theme, the kids can enjoy watching one or two episodes of the Curious George TV series while eating. This will definitely keep the kids glued to their seats.

Curious George Birthday Party Games

The most exciting part of a birthday party is playing games and what could be more exciting than having Curious George-themed games? Let the master of ceremonies for the games wear a yellow ensemble just like Ted in Curious George (or at least a yellow hat like his)! This will put everybody in the mood.

You can put a twist to the classic birthday party game called Hot Potato and turn it into a Curious George game. Ask the children to form a circle and pass a beanbag from one child to the other while the background music plays (maybe something from the Curious George soundtrack?). As soon as the music stops, the child left holding the "hot potato" is taken out of the game. The music resumes and the "potato" is passed around until the music stops again. This continues until there is only one child left (the winner). In keeping with the theme, a monkey beanbag should be used.

Another Curious George birthday party game is Monkey See, Monkey Do. Let the Games Emcee be the lead monkey and go through a series of actions which the children will try to imitate and follow. Those who cannot follow correctly will be taken out of the game. Last man (or in this case monkey-child) standing wins.

Here's an excellent selection of printable child birthday games you can buy and print out right away:

What's a Curious George birthday party without a Curious George piñata? There are two kinds available – the 22 inch pull string piñata and the 3D pull string piñ. Both come with colorful strings attached at the bottom for the children to take hold of and pull. A secret opening is located on the piñata to enable you to fill them up with goodies like candies, coins and small toys.

Here is the super creative Curious George Birthday Party pinata for little guests:

Curious George 3D Pull String Pinata

Curious George 3D Pull String Pinata
Price: $ 22.99 each

Curious George Party Favors

To cap off a day of fun and games (and food!), prepare a loot bag filled with party favors for each child. You may use a standard party favors bag and fill it up with a Curious George bubbles toy and some Curious George sticker sheets. Or to make the job easier for you, try the Curious George party favor box. It is a colorful box containing a sticker sheet, a party blowout, a clay cookie cutter, a mini gumball machine and a monkey beanbag. Make sure to follow up the favors with a Curious George thank you card mailed within two weeks of the party so guests know how much their presence and their presents were appreciated.

Also check out these wonderful Curious George Birthday Party favors:

Curious George Favor Set

Curious George Favor Set
Price: $ 4.39 each

Curious George Favor Boxes

Curious George Favor Boxes
Price: $ 3.99 each

Curious George Party Favor Kit

Curious George Favor Kit
Price: $ 4.99 each

Your Curious George Party Ideas

Lots of visitors from around the world have contributed their Curious George Party Ideas to this site! We'd love for you to take a moment and submit your own curious george party photos & ideas.

Some of our visitors have gone the extra mile and written up their complete birthday party story with photos and everything they did. We call these stories "Party Tales" and they serve as a great inspiration!



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