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A Darth Vader Halloween costume won't be the easiest one you've ever put together, but the good news is that you can have a lot of fun doing it.

Get creative with your supplies and use these tips to morph yourself into one of the world's best loved villains.

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Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader Halloween Costume HelmetThe helmet and face are quite technical in nature, so don't look for perfection here! The more creatively you tackle this task, the more striking the result will be. Here are a few suggestions for pulling it off (or putting it on, rather!)

Turn a black baseball hat backwards and pin a black scarf or scrap of cloth to the brim to create the hooded appearance.

Cover your head with a black ski mask. Spray the nose area with silver spray paint to duplicate the metallic piece that sits there. (Complete this step when you are not wearing the mask.) Alternatively, paint your face black with face paint.

A pair of dark safely glasses will cover your eyes and add to the sleek, plastic effect.

Darth Vader Body Suit

The best way to do this part yourself is to dress in all black. If possible, wear a black turtleneck shirt and keep the neck fully extended. If it's too hot to wear a turtleneck or if you don't have one, use body paint to color your neck black. More dedicated Darth Vader fans may want to invest in an actual body suit.

Darth Vader Cape

The flowing portion of the cape is easy to make with a black sheet. To make the stiff chest piece, use cardboard that has been painted black with silver accents. Cut it to the proper shape using the pictures as a guide, then use a heavy stapler to attach the cape to the front portion.

Darth Vader Chest

Recreate the electronic panel on your Darth Vader Halloween costume by making one from a piece of heavy black paper (or paint cardboard black). Use small objects such as colorful building blocks to give the appearance of buttons. If you have access to a baseball player's black catcher's pad, it would make a great chest cover for your costume. If not, attach the computer panel directly to the shirt you will wear with the costume using a stiff needle and clear thread or fishing line to sew it in place.

Darth Vader Sword

During the Halloween season, large plastic swords are easy to find and quite inexpensive. If you'd like to make your own, one way to do so is to cut several identical sword shapes from cardboard. Stack them on top of one another before taping them heavily, wrapping the tape in a spiral pattern so the entire surface is covered. Spray the sword with red, black, or silver paint.

Boots, Gloves And Belt

Basic black boots and black gloves will complete the look perfectly. Add a belt over your clothes with black boxes at each side of your torso. Paint pudding mix boxes (or other small containers) black and thread your belt through them.

Putting It All Together

Darth Vader Costume PhotoWhen you're ready to head to the dark side, it's easy to put the pieces together.

1. First, get dressed in your black clothing or body suit. If you have the catcher's chest protection pad, slip that on now.

2. Next, add the belt.

3. Slip the cape over your head and position the chest plate.

4. Pull on your boots.

5. Assemble your helmet or head pieces last.

6. Finally, grab your laser sword and you're ready to head out into the darkness!

For Star Wars fans, building the costume will undoubtedly be just as much as donning it. You'll have a blast putting together a Darth Vader Halloween costume of your own!



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