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Every birthday party is an once-in-a-lifetime event, so don't let another one of these milestone moments pass by unrecorded.

Put an end to tepid party photos!

Engage memories so that they leap from the pages of your photo album and bring a smile to your face!

Imagine the pure delight on your child's face as he proudly shows off "photos from my party" with cherished excitement.

If you want creative, vivid party photos that truly look like no other, you're in the right place.

Learn how to take incredible pictures, and then turn them into crafts and keepsakes that your guests will treasure, with these digital photo tips. It couldn't be easier!

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Don't Follow The Crowd

Birthday Party Photo

The birthday parties above
are by Johnny Blood.

Yes, group shots are great, but after one or two they all tend to look the same.

Try this instead:

For a very creative way to capture the whole scene, wait until guests are relatively still (such as when they're eating) and create your own panoramic. Start at one side of the party and take a photo. Without moving your feet, quickly shift your field of view, overlapping the edge of the first photo slightly.

Try not to change the vertical aspect. You want the same picture, just off to one side.

Take a second picture and turn from the same position until, again, there is just a slight overlap in the view.

Continue this way until you've captured the whole room. For best results, take photos in rapid succession.

Once you have prints, create a funky, edgy display by piecing the photos together to make one big scene. The photos will not line up precisely, and that's part of the fun.

Line them up, overlapping similar objects, without regard to the physical edges of the print.

Make a game out of looking for guests that managed to end up in more than one picture. There's no better way to have a full 360 degree view of that special day!

Get Up Close And Personal

In an effort to capture every detail, you might end up without any detail at all.

For example, rather than trying to capture your child, the birthday cake, and every guest in the room, get down to the level of your child's face instead. Position yourself directly in front or precisely off to one side and snap a picture just as his cheeks puff out to blow out the candles.

Kids Blow Candle

Here is another example...

Kids Birthday Party Shoot

Another one of digital photo tips is to put this idea into action is when your child is unwrapping gifts.

When you know she is about to open that gift that she's been waiting for, zoom in to capture the wide-eye gasp of elation written on her face. After all, years later you may not even remember who some of the kids sitting around her were, but you will always treasure that expression on her face.

Like this one...

Kids Open Gift Photo

Highlight it! Don't be afraid to zoom in for the memorable shots, but take care not to zoom in so much that an unexpected movement from your target will cause you to miss part of the shot.

(Don't) Say Cheese!

Some of the greatest digital photo tips you'll ever take will be when the subject isn't looking, and this is certainly true of party photos. When guests pause and wait for the camera to flash, they lose the momentum of the moment.

One of the very best digital photo tips is to capture the unexpected, from the silly to the sweet.

This is where your zoom tool will come in handy – it's easier to remain unnoticed!

Look for little moments, such as a face wearing a smile…and lots of icing. Snap photos of smiles and laughter, of play and determination. Wait for a small child to tip a drink cup up or try to maneuver a fork into his mouth and take a close up.

During party games, try to focus in on one child at a time. Sometimes the expression of a spectator is priceless, so don't overlook them, here is a good example:

Girl At Party Game

Try to get at least one great photo of every guest. You'll need it for crafts or just to share your thanks.


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Fun Activities with Party Photos

Now that put these digital photo tips into action and you've got all of these fantastic party photos, it's time to do something really special with them.

If you can print photos during the party, spread them out on a table for guests to look at and choose from. Be sure to make extra copies of pictures with more than one person in them (ideally, print one for each guest in the picture). Then put one of these easy craft ideas into play:

Just Hanging Around

You'll need a hole punch, clear packing tape, ribbon and scissors. Using the scissors, cut out the subject of each picture to shape. On the back, write the name, date, and occasion. Then very carefully cover the picture with tape on both the front and back, leaving plenty of overlap around the edges.

Cut the shape out again, leaving a border of tape all the way around to seal the picture in. Punch a hole in the top, thread the ribbon through, and it's ready to hang!

You've been Framed

You'll need construction paper, scissors, glitter or decorations, glue, tape, and markers from these digital photo tips.

Cut construction paper so that you can place the picture on it and have a one-inch surrounding border. Center and tape the picture to the paper. Allow guests to decorate the visible frame with markers and glitter. Write "(Name)'s (age) Party! (Date)" on the frame.

Making A Scene!

You'll need scissors, construction paper, crayons or markers, and tape.

Give each child a piece of construction paper and ask him or her to draw a picture of their favorite part of the party. When the pictures are complete, use scissors to cut out photos of each child to shape. Then have children tape themselves into the party scene. Label the picture with their own words for a very personal memento that kids and grownups will both love.

Special Thanks

If you are unable to provide pictures at the party, then do the next best thing: include them with thank you notes. Search your party photos for the best picture of each guest, using zoom and crop tools to enhance shots as needed.

Include the photo when you send out thank you cards. Even if guests did not come with a gift in hand, send a thank you note to show your appreciation for helping to make the party a memorable one.

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