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Coolest Disney Birthday Party CollectionAs classic as Disney itself, having a Disney birthday party for a child is a time honored tradition in many families around the world. One of the reasons that these childhood favorites make awesome party themes is because Disney is known for their creativity, inventiveness, and a wide breadth of characters. So, you could have a different Disney party every year and still not run out of decoration options.

Some families may start with having a Disney fairies party for their small child and progress over time to a Disney Cinderella party and maybe even on to a Disney Tangles party as they begin to approach tweenhood. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Disney parties!

We've already collected the most creative ideas that you can use in disney birthday party:


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If you don't believe it, here are plenty of Disney themed ideas and tips that you could use for a lifetime of children's birthdays:

Mermaid Princess Party

Disney Clownfish Party Candy Disney Party Sebastian Cupcake Recipe

Mermaid Princess 20 Party by

Clownfish candy and Sebastian Crab cupcakes make delicious and colorful additions when trying to find Disney princess party ideas that would make Princess Ariel the proudest mermaid princess under the sea! I like that the clownfish are made using dried apricots, which is a cool way to include some fruit into the festivities. It might be great to have a limbo contest to Sebastian singing his Caribbean songs!

Disneys Cars Birthday Party

Disney Party Tow Mater Cupcake

Disneys Cars Birthday Party by

Tow Mater makes everybody smile and any cake where he is the star will be sure to give a blast of happiness for the guests at a Disney Cars birthday party. These little party cakes are super cute and simple…just like the real Tow Mater! It could be great fun to have a contest for kids to recite their favorite Tow Mater quotes from the Disney Cars movies.

Silly Old Bear

Disney Party Food Ideas

Silly Old Bear by

Super sweet and fun to eat! Hosting a Disney birthday party for a little child can be a honey of a time with a bit of Winnie The Pooh thrown into the mix. Taking Pooh's favorite food, "hunny", and integrating the look of honey pots that kids can handle, along with "Honeycombs" cereal is just awesome! To add a little learning into things, have the kids count their cereal and the first to reach a certain number, like 5 or 15 wins a prize! I would caution that it might not be best to use ceramic planters if you think the attendees at your child's Disney birthday party won't be able to handle it. If that's the case, go with yellow plastic pots!

The Party Times

Disney Pirate and Princess Party Disney Party Loot Bags

The Party Times by

Instead of just going for a pirate party, turn this into a Disney Pirate and Princess party and it could be "arrrgh"-uably the best themed event that kids will ever have the chance to attend! If you are hosting both males and females, then this may be the way to go to make every little pirate and princess happy.

You have to have a plethora of skulls and crossbones everywhere or else and, of course you will need an abundance of tiaras lying around should any princess need to switch while being chased by a pirate! The loot bags are a nice touch and would be perfect for the boys or girls because they contain necklaces for girls to wear and gold coins for everyone to flaunt! Just be sure that you include some fun dance activities which is par for the course for any Disney birthday party!

Disney Cars Party

Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitation

Disney Cars Party by

Now, that's just the ticket for the most phenomenal Disney Cars birthday party that has ever rocked your house! These personalized Disney Cars birthday party invitations will include your child's name. For a 2-year-old, this will be an amazing "tribute", but it could be used for any age. Set up a little "movie theatre" area and keep the personalization going by including a video montage of your child before you play the actual movie. That will bring a bit of magic to this Disney birthday party for your child and his friends!

The Best Superman Party

Disney Birthday Party Caps

The Best Superman Party by

Every Disney movie has a hero or endearing character. Why not celebrate those favorite Disney characters at the next Disney birthday party that you host with these cool capes? Instead of just red, you could make them white for a Disney Cinderella party because it would be in celebration of her Fairy Godmother. You could give everyone little wands also! Disney princess party ideas often include the basics, but with these capes, you can take your guests and their fun to new heights!

Disney Princess Party

Disney Princess Tes Party

Disney Princess Party by

For those that want to give their little princess the best Disney Princess Tea party on the planet, you could take your cue from this fabulously decorated event. Real napkin rings that will get tons of attention and brightly hued bags and décor are sure to get lots of gasps of glee from the princesses that will attend. The only thing that I would say is to be sure that the party is FUN and not just pretty. So, plan some Disney Princess party games that will get those little sweeties moving around and having a ball!

Frog Prince Maggie

Disney Princess Frog Theme Party

Frog Prince Maggie by

The mix of patterns seems to turn the décor into real eye candy. This blend of looks and textures could work for any Disney birthday party. Disney princess party ideas could include using The Princess and the Frog story as the theme and using lots of greens and pretty blues like they did here. But you could also use this frog theme as a part of a Disney Jungle Book groove party! In addition to the patterns, I would inject more color into the decorations.

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Disney Party Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake by

The details in this cake took my breath away and will surely do the same for any little sweetie that is lucky enough to get this one for their Disney birthday party! If you are into cake design, you can recreate this one with these step-by-step instructions. Use this Winnie The Pooh cake as the centerpiece for your Disney birthday party, and one of the best parts of this cake is the use of figurines, and your child will have these as a reminder after the party. You can get extra figurines and play a hide and seek game with them.

Sunny Bright Elmo Birthday Party

Disney Christmas Party Ideas

Sunny Bright Elmo Birthday Party by

Disney birthday parties always seem to have a mesmerizing affect on children. That would be even more true if you used tons of dots as a part of your Disney event. This cute stylistic element could be used for a Disney birthday party or even a Disney Christmas party!

One of the sweetest parts of this party's menu is the cake balls, which are embellished with sparkling sprinkles. That is sure to catch the eyes of any guest, young or old, that see these delicious additions. For a Disney Christmas party, you would simple use holiday colors of red, green, and gold. For a Disney Fairies party, you may opt for just green and gold, and maybe the cake balls could have little miniature fairies on them!

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Toy Bowling Game

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas by

When I saw this, it seemed like a terrific activity that could be transformed, just like those famous Disney characters, into a magical game for a birthday party. It's called Toy Bowling and it would be excellent for the entire world of Disney birthday party themes. For a Disney princess party game, you would use princess figurines.

For a Disney Cars birthday party, you would use the Cars character figurine, and with this being a very inexpensive game, you could even reduce the amount that you have to spend on Disney Cars party supplies. The list could just go on and on! This game is played with just a regular ball and plastic toys, and because everything is lightweight, the guests should be super safe playing this game.


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